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Engineers To Collect Traffic Data In Southampton Town This Week In Preparation For County Road 39 Blinking Light Program

Sunrise Highway was supposed to go to Montauk Highway as a minimum according to the original plan in the 60's. It should have been extended to Montauk originally. Now its too late and expensive to do so. No one wanted the road so now you have to deal with the consequences." Apr 11, 16 10:58 AM

Wickapogue Pond Contaminated With Blue-Green Algae Blooms

What do you think is applied to farm land? Fertilizers are used there too. The nitrogen and phosphorus feed the blooms as they develop and grow.

Runoff from the road is more likely to contain salts and oils from the traffic." May 3, 16 9:26 AM

Court Grants TRO Allowing Hampton Bays Wildlife Center To Continue Helping Injured Deer

Rehabilitating wild animals and habituating them to humans is never a good idea for the animals, further the deer population is excessively high. Adding more mouths to compete for the limited food on the island is why the deer do not grow to full size there. They starve. The most humane thing that can be done is to promote the healthy deer population is the euthanize the ones who become injured or sickly. Creating and or treating them as pets is never a solution, it only makes humans feel better." May 19, 16 9:22 AM

Teen Petitions Boys Scouts To Let Girls Join

This is a horrible idea. There is already a coed program in Boy Scouting called Venturing which has in it several ranks the highest of which is equivalent to the Eagle Rank. This is more of a comment of what Girl Scouting lacks. Our girls left Girl Scouting because they didnt do things the Boy Scouts do. My sons are also in Boy Scouting and the youngest will hopefully reach Eagle in a few weeks. I am also a Scout and Venture leader. There are many differences between girls and boys and how they learn. As they become teens this is especially noticeable and social aspects complicate things. Venturing addresses these issues. There is also Exploring and Sea Scouting as well.

There is no discriminatory policy in the BSA regarding girls but an honest understanding that boys and girls are different in social and their learning methods. There is already a group for this girl. I encourage all to learn about the Boy Scouts and learn about their current structure. It has changed alot in the past ten years.. " Jul 22, 16 9:14 AM

UPDATE: Peaceful Black Lives Matter Rally Held In Westhampton Beach

Hate to get the facts in the way of your blathering Dee but the forst Republican governor was the 61st governor elected in 1992 who served until 2000 followed by a Democrat governor. From 2004 the governors office has been occupied by the GOP. So youre wrong about MS.

Youre wrong about WVa too. Its had a Democrat governor since 2001, as well as senators too.

Try reading up on the real history not what the Clinton camp wants to spoon feed you.

We ought to make America great again by forcing drones to read." Aug 18, 16 8:33 AM

Zeldin Calls For Public Pleas To Army Corps

The coastline is a naturally moving object. To throw money into the bottom of the ocean is an incredible waste of money to protect a few structures that shouldnt have been built so close to the ocean. Feds should pay to relocate those structures or buy them to tear them down but not to throw money away every four years." Aug 19, 16 9:17 AM

UPDATE: Peaceful Black Lives Matter Rally Held In Westhampton Beach

So when you say police are more likely to shoot black people thats not calling them racist?

How about the "its people like you" generalization? Is that not applying a racist stereo type?

Its people like you SH_Res who make it extremely difficult for black people." Aug 24, 16 8:26 AM

Southampton Assistant Football Coach Has A Big Heart For His Kids

Be a leader and admit you broke the rules and face the consequences. Teaching the students that they should be excused from the rules is not a good lesson to teach. A two week suspension will go by fast and it is not an indictment of his character just that he had an incident of poor judgement and is a man enough to face the consequences." Sep 8, 16 9:07 AM

Developer Files Pre-Application For 137-Unit Subdivision In East Quogue, Backup Plan To 'Hills'

The NIMBY talk above is exactly why I moved and raised my family here in SC and VA. Every year you strangle development and the economy it becomes harder to live on LI. I was ready to return and work as a professional after college. I saw the need to commute into Nassau or NYC as well as housing prices in the early 90's and just said there has to be another way. Family ties are only good for so long and high taxes cannot be tolerated once they get too high. Almost all of us have moved now and aren't coming back. Good job." Nov 15, 17 11:00 AM

With A Dearth Of Viable Public Transportation, A Private Group Is Stepping Up For Emergency Trips

“It is not a luxury—it is a right to get to the critical pieces of your life.”

The bus system should be tailored for the few who need it because its a right? Dont worry about the taxpayers floating the costs of operating the busses.

Then the article has the gall to quote:
“We only have the money to last through the winter, so for now we’re going to be the little organization that could.”

So Taxpayers should float the costs for busses they cant fill with riders or ride enough to keep them economically viable.

This is the best and they certainly have it within their power to fix this:
“Since Trump, there is a rising fear of being on the roads.

Maybe if you obeyed the laws of the nation you wouldn't have to be concerned about law enforcement. Do we owe this new group of immigrants a pass? Seems to me the past Polish, Italian and Irish that made up very large groups who settled on LI did it legally and have prospered. " Feb 8, 18 9:21 AM

Costly Montauk Dune Reconstruction To Start Next Week

FEMA has a grant program for repetitive flood losses which should apply here. The Federal monies should be spent buying these properties and tearing down the buildings to let the coastline change as it needs to returning the land to a natural condition. Bulkheads, revetments and other hard improvements to prevent erosion make the erosion worse in the long run. This is the third time this has been addressed here according to the article. Buying these properties in the long run saves taxpayers money. " Apr 11, 18 8:17 AM

Outpouring Of Support For East Hampton Sommelier Detained By ICE

When you have 20 years to get your legal status taken care of dont wait until youre a drunk driver damaging property and driving away from the scene.

What would all of his supporters said if he drove away to hit and kill someone in the same car a mile down the road? " Apr 18, 18 8:39 AM

Southampton Town Moving Toward Lobster Inn Purchase

"Officials hope to use the property as a combination of a public marina, shellfish hatchery and preserved space, but possibly leaving room for a small privately owned restaurant."

The Town shouldn't be in business and especially shouldnt be creating a situation that the town sponsored businesses are at a competitive advantage over private businesses." Apr 20, 18 9:13 AM

Fear, Anger Grow In Wake Of More ICE Detentions

Adults ARE responsible for their immigration status and the status of their children.

How is it that the hundreds of families that came to LI a hundred years ago legally but now the recent immigrants are entitled not to obey the law?" May 2, 18 8:36 AM

Stop feeding your kids soy lattes and they may actually want to do labor outside. Before Illegals undercut the cost of labor on LI teens did their jobs. Many teens had more than one job. This is only changed in a generation as we tolerated huddling crowds around 7-11s to be picked up daily, and as the SHPD did nothing to prevent it. How about a Deportation Hall instead of a Hiring Hall?" May 2, 18 8:42 AM

So the contractors are to blame? Maybe if the PD and the public insisted that the illegals wandering around in the town or village were deported like they are legally supposed to do the contractors would hire citizens. The cost of hiring a citizen is too high for some with the required increase in minimum wages and all of the other overhead expenses as well as spending money on the record keeping. Most contractors make little profit and are forced to look for cheap labor. Should they stick to their morals and not break the law or go out of business? Thats a decision they have to answer for individually." May 3, 18 8:56 AM

Southampton Baseball Takes Series Over Rival Hampton Bays; Baymen Steal Game Two Thanks To Protest

Nice title editors. If the game was called wrong and it was protested reversing a decision is not stealing of a game. Officials are bound to enforce the rules correctly to their best ability. When they don't they should be corrected." May 3, 18 8:58 AM

Eastport Community, Lawmakers Vow To FIght 'Monster' Poles Until They Are Removed

Historic District? The Triangle, Olish's Farm Stand, old Post Office, and new strip mall in the historic district? If you include bad construction from the 70's and early 80's is that the historic district? Is the electrical substation near the old Cappys considered historic too?
" Jun 28, 18 2:17 PM

Because you're not paying attention I will educate you, (what a condescending opening) Utilities have the right to build what they want in their easements.

They are not required to gather the communities permission.

They are not required to spend millions burying lines because you dont like them.

The same people who are complaining about the lines not being buried would be the same people complaining about the roads being cut open to bury the lines and the disruption to their daily lives.

The only thing that will have beautified Eastport was a comprehensive rezoning and land planning about 40 years ago. Time has past so you get the hodgepodge mess." Jul 2, 18 9:15 AM

Quogue Homeowners Pitch New Beach Reconstruction Plan, On Their Own Dime

Save your money and either move or raise your house with the money. Renourishment will be needed again with the next big storm comes long before anything is paid off. If you do move dont move near an airport and complain about the noise." Aug 23, 18 8:55 AM

Erosion Exposes Montauk Sandbags In Summer For First Time

I love it when people who are ignorant take cheap shots like the one above. " Sep 13, 18 7:26 AM

Talks Continue Regarding Erosion Control District In Quogue

Buying properties is a better use of tax money. Let the beach return to its natural state and make it a public beach. We all win." Sep 25, 18 2:18 PM

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