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Community Split Over Potential Closing Of Neptune Beach Club

I'm sure Nature has spent more time reading the local police blotter and other local news publications than he/she has ever spent inside of one of the above mentioned establishments. Of course there is going to be drugs/DUIs/fights. It happened 20 years ago when groups of young people got together to have a good time and it will happen 20 years from now and after you are long gone. Those establishments have also acted as a great place for people to make great friends and have memories (some clearer than others) that they'll always have.

Nature, I wish you could have experienced it yourself. Way more fun and relaxed than sitting behind a computer getting into arguments with other locals about town politics. " Oct 30, 13 1:34 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Residents Concerned About Ice Cream Truck Approval

st had every right to call the police when she felt necessary, whether it be her 'private PD' or not. Just because the dude is driving a Mr. Softee truck doesn't mean he can't be casing the neighborhood. If st saw the same landscaping truck, pool truck, tennis court truck, or the geek squad round her block that many times i am sure she would have felt the same way. See something, say something its your right to feel comfort in your own neighborhood.

As far as competition, Mr. Softee is hitting a different crowd IMO. Those who want to get ice cream in town do it with intention. They are either coming back from the beach or enjoying it post dinner/show at the PAC. Mr. Softee gets the kids playing in the pool in their backyard or the occasional home owners getting that sweets break during yard work.

Personally, I have never been intimidated by someone with a truck full of ice cream. But hey, if it makes someone uncomfortable, who am I to judge?" Jun 21, 18 2:32 PM

Southampton Could Combine With East Hampton To Create One Large East End Football Team

Always entertaining to read through the comments section of these articles. People, whom you would believe to be adults, take an article about HS football and turn it into an illegal immigration argument and when they become frustrated (because they're arguing in the comment section of a 4th rate local publication) they start insulting each other. Great entertainment while enjoying my morning coffee. Thank you icecreamman, Fore & Fred S.

As for the article, it would be great to see the programs merge. My years playing Varsity football at WHB, Easthampton was always a strong team with a lot of tough kids. I am sure there are a handful of kids at EH that still want to play and could likely contribute, glad to see they may get a chance. " Feb 7, 19 8:26 AM

Sorry, maybe I confused a personal insult with an insult of 'just their ideas'. Constant references to icecreamman as 'Mr. Softee'. I got a slight chuckle out of that one. clever stuff... " Feb 7, 19 9:55 AM

Southampton Town Board Approves Additional $225,000 For Ponquogue Beach Facility Revitalization

The sub structure of this building is in such terrible shape that it should have been completely demo'd and rebuiilt. $3.16 Million to make it look great on the outside, but in 5-7 years the weight of all new hardwood on the deck will take its toll on all the rotted piles and girders below the surface...

With Ponquogue Beach being one of the biggest draws for the town in the summer, i am sure they just wanted a 'quick fix' rather than take a chance at not having the space open come summer." Apr 12, 19 9:31 AM

There is no doubt that the structure needed to be renovated. There were noticeable failures through out the timber foundation. The north west corner of the deck was almost 3" lower than the rest of the deck because of a deteriorated pile. that was just noticeable because it was a corner. imagine what the interior looks like. " Apr 12, 19 10:39 AM

State Remains Silent On Determination Over Shinnecock Nation Billboard Work On Sunrise

I am sorry for being blunt, but didn't you choose to live in your home knowing very well it was on the highway? " May 16, 19 7:29 AM