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Southampton Students Protest Failed Merger Vote

As a parent of a child in SHS I believe the protest is more about the first vote failing. This was not a vote on the merger per se, but rather the first of a state mandated three vote process. This vote was to get the support to start putting harder numbers together. People who keep using the term "not ready for prime time", in reference to the lack of hard numbers, just shot down the possibility to get to that point. There were 2 more chances to kill the merger after this vote but too many people had a knee jerk response. I applaud the kids in being smarter and more conscientious of the process than "the Adults"" Nov 1, 13 12:48 PM

Again, you are not only opining on the kids protest but also giving your opinions in several areas. Again, my post explained what THIS vote was about and why I give value to the kids protest. More information is needed by all to make an informed decision. If we do not see the exploratory process to the end, how do we make informed decisions about possible investments into the future of our town." Nov 1, 13 2:09 PM

See my previous posts." Nov 1, 13 2:16 PM

Southampton Town Faces Opposition From Uber, Cab Companies Regarding Proposed Taxi Rules

Level the playing field? That's hilarious! What about construction workers who have to pay the license fee, all the insurances, all the taxes,,do all the right things, then the town turns a blind eye to unlicensed, uninsured, possibly illegal workers! Not just working for cash but getting subsidied with free food, oil, health insurance, clothing etc. because they don't "show any income" making it impossibly to compete at twice the price." Mar 24, 16 7:02 AM

Schneiderman Skeptical On Approval Of Tuckahoe Center Proposal

Once again you have an issue that impacts the slowly dying Tuckahoe school with no consideration for the tax payers in that district. Maybe the super market isn't the best idea, maybe it is, but consider any impacts in the tax district it belongs. The town board is also the board for Tuckahoe. Once again the village is looking out for itself and running the town board. As far as closing yet another road at Shinnecock golf course (remember when we had access to St. Andrews road?) lets use that as a negotiation point for the ongoing betterment of our school." Feb 2, 17 1:06 PM

Southampton Town Considering Buying Part Of Tuckahoe Center Property With CPF

Great point, and if I hear one more time how, many years ago, Tuckahoe voted to stay as their own school district, I'm gonna scream.
Also, don't forget about the road they want to take away from us that goes through the golf course! As a resident of Tuckahoe, that road is a way to go between neighborhoods.This change would only help the members of the golf course (mostly village residents) and the hoards of people from "up west" who come out here to work in construction and are looking to beat traffic, most of which are working without proper Southampton Town home improvement licenses. If you want to keep down local traffic ENFORCE the licensing laws.
BTW, there is a rumor that they are going to create a "temporary"
road to circumvent the road going through the golf course for the open and then just make it a permanent change.
If the Village (which ACTUALLY runs the town) wants these changes, I say fine but not until you merge the schools and even out the tax burden." Oct 13, 17 3:39 PM

Seriously? That property could eventually easily generate tens of thousands of tax dollars for a faltering school that could desperately use the income. " Oct 13, 17 3:46 PM

USGA To Provide Shuttle To U.S. Open From Village; Big-Screen TV Will Be Set Up In Park

Somebody remind me again why we need this. It costs millions in lost productivity for businesses not involved with golf or hospitality. My biggest gripe is how there is NO benefit to Tuckahoe itself. School district in dire need of money gets no help. Remember this is a golf course that pays very little in taxes because its a golf course( like the 3 others we have in our district) and using a college for parking , merchandise tents, etc that pays NO taxes because its a SUNY school. This isn't some small town in the middle of the country that's star stuck, this is the Hamptons in the summer!" Jun 11, 18 8:22 AM