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Schurek Named Captain Of Southampton Town Police Department

The PBA doesn't like the promotion but I bet none of them has ever turned away a promotion . The new salary is a bit over 168k a year. some in the PBA make more than that after milking the OT . And all have the same benefits .
28 years of of public service is a long time with many sacrifices and deserve recognition and compensation
Look at your tax bills and how much you pay to the police department and tell me if some of you don't spend that much on a dinner out . Now take a look at you volunteer fire department taxes and tell me where you think your money would be better spent . " Nov 14, 13 10:58 PM

The population in the town has grown dramatacky in the past years but yet the police department has shrunk . All of you complainers about how much a policemen makes . Look into howmuch overtime you pay because you don't want to hire new cops to cover the demand . On the other hand any new hire requires new benefits and that would cost more money . So what would you rather have? one officer more money to work harder , spend more time making sure you're safe but less time home with his familly , or another officer to take his place where you have to provide him with a salary and benefits?
" Nov 17, 13 3:20 PM

Father Says Son Injured During Hampton Bays Football Locker Room Incident

Great idea btdt when are you making the donation to build such complex or do you want the town to build another in the middle of nowhere again and have a private company run it and profit from the children with the parents who don't work and able to drive them there and not the children who really need it such as in Flanders or Hampton bays where accessible by public transportation .
Kids do stupid things , accidents happen and boys will be boys . Better parenting and better supervision may reduce the chance of another incident , but I can guarantee you it will not be the last . " Nov 17, 13 9:35 PM

UPDATE: Police ID Pair Charged With Stealing Fire Chief Car

We forgot to thank the hwy dept that piled the snow that finally stopped them . " Jan 27, 14 6:25 PM

Westhampton Beach Police Officer Suspended Without Pay After Stalking Arrest

Not defending anyone ! But he hasn't been convicted .
The village can't fire him for an allegation . I agree with the suspension pending the outcome of the criminal charge . " Jan 30, 14 11:15 AM

Southampton Youth Bureau Schedules Club Night; Plans To Expand Offerings

Good idea , can't say great but good . The kids need a place to go and things to do other then stare at their phones or laptops . And since no one can get to the so called "southampton youth center " located in the middle of nowhere I consider the idea a good one .
ms. Lynott , maybe figuring out a way to transport the children from their schools (not only southampton school district) to the youth centers would be helpful as well .
The children need a place to go to on a regular basis .
" Feb 23, 14 1:51 PM

Police Task Force Busts 'Hollywood' Heroin Ring In Riverhead

Released on their own recognizance ? For felonies?
Does that mean they are released because they are well recognized drug dealers?
They got caught in the act and walk away free to raise more money for their defense by selling more drugs .
What a joke .
" Feb 24, 14 5:04 PM

Female Police Sergeant Files Discrimination Lawsuit Against Southampton Town

Why can't we just all agree that the most qualified person for the job should be hired or promoted regardless of gender or race ?
But I guess it's easier for some to file a lawsuit hoping to get a settlement that may be better then just putting in an honest days work .
These lawsuits are nothing more then blackmale . The press should educate us as to why the complainant believe she is more qualified and more suitable for the promotion then others if it is listed in her lawsuit . Not only that her superior requested to meet on the job to chit chat . Or that the town board decided there Wes someone else more suitable for the position then she is .
By the way why was the Sargent made an acting luetenant by the formal chief?
Was there some sort of preferential treatment there?
If protocol dictate that the town board approve promotions why was the boards decision put aside by the former chief? " Apr 30, 14 1:28 PM

Evidently the town board and the chiefs with the exemption of wilson didn't think so ." Apr 30, 14 2:35 PM

Thirty-Foot-Tall 'Walking Girl' Statue Causing A Stir In Westhampton

I think it's a great publicity stunt by the developers .
I haven't seen that much interest in any other future development in the hampton with the exception of their other property (CPI).
I wonder howmany people visited the site since the article's publication . " Jun 19, 14 10:54 PM

Suffolk County Asks Westhampton Beach To Provide Police BackUp

Although I don't agree with the mayors argument of jurisdiction and the ability of his peace officers to enter into an agreement that is lawful
I agree with him on the issue of safety to the residents and visitors on dune rd when an emergency takes place and a patrol car is speeding down dune rd .
BUT doesn't an ambulance responding has to do the same thing ? Or is there an ambulance and fire department in WHD that I don't know about ?
Maybe the mayor should consider creating a police department instead . " Jul 17, 14 8:03 PM

Police: Scott Disick Had $4,000 Cash Stolen From Briefcase In Kardashian Home

Head detective Sgt?
Where was Lamar ? Speaking of drug issues
Thirdly did I read a promo in the article with the name of their store ?
Was that a ad or a police news article ?

" Jul 17, 14 8:12 PM

Police Chief Search Continues In Westhampton Beach Village

I'm really hoping that the search outside the department is only to assure the residence that the village board and the mayor have done their due deligance in their search to hire the most qualified candidate .
Everyone knows that it is always best to hire from within just ask the southampton town board who made that mistake a couple of years ago when they hired whom they thought is an experienced police chief from a neighboring department and what a fiasco that was . I'm sure that was one of the bigest flops any of the yes voters on the southampton town board will have on their record if not on their conscious . Your next in command has been running the department for months and everything Has been running smooth . Including if I may add the overtime and budget issue that almost every department on the east end faces .it would really be stupid if they go outside of the department . " Dec 4, 14 6:50 PM

Sag Harbor Village Board Terminates Building Inspector Jose Escalante

Are you people nuts ? How long is going to be now to get a permit ?6 months ?again ? That's what it was before mr Escalante come on board . I advise anyone applying for a permit and is waiting months again to directly contact the village board whom I'm sure will just tell you that the building department is short handed ." Dec 4, 14 8:37 PM

Proponents Continue Push For Plastic Bag Ban In Southampton Town

Why don't we start with banning the town's own green plastic bags that we need to dump our trash at the town transfer stations?
And to the stop and shop manger and other managers of local supermarkets , try leaving boxes at the entrance to your store and alert people to their availability . You'll save the environment , save money on bags ,and save on dump fees from disposing of the boxes. " Dec 5, 14 7:09 AM

DWI Tasks Force Nets Four Wednesday Night

The average police officer in southampton makes about $52.00 per hour . 6 SH police officers on the task force for 8 hours that's a total of 48 man hours at $52 per hour that is only $2496 . To all of you thinking about the cost to save a life . Thank you chief Pearce for forming the task force . " Dec 5, 14 8:22 AM

Westhampton Beach Offers Police Chief Job To Wilson; Rescinds Offer Six Days Later

Why is the board looking outside of the department for a new chief ? Again, I'll remind the board of what took place in the town...The hiring of a chief from outside the department caused nothing but problems and at the end the chief just left and the town board thought its best to hire from within . Why is it that the village board is looking outside of the department to hire someone to lead it ? Is there a problem now after chief Dean left ? From what the board indicatesin recent articles the person leading the department now has been doing a great job .
I can understand and I'm sure most village residents would understand if there were a problem with the department or if Lt. Gonce has not had a successful record thus far. However, it is to the contrary.
Save yourselves the embarks ment sh town board(prior) experienced and hire the person best for the job who has been minding the shop . " Dec 8, 14 9:41 PM

So we know that former chief wilson was one of the candidates for the position . Does anyone know who the others are ? I understand that the village trustees and the mayor will ultimately have the last say but shouldn't the. Residence participate in that process by voicing their opinion ? " Dec 9, 14 12:16 PM

Riverhead Man Rescued From SUV In Shinnecock Bay After Water Overtakes Vehicle

Mr Andriole is certenley at fault , he should'nt have gone around police barricades and definitely not drive through water that deep . I hold the town responsible as well for not securing a barricade that extends the width of the road . I don't think Mr Andriole would have gotten out of his car to remove it just to go for a drive on dune rd . especially in the rain .
" Dec 10, 14 11:18 PM

Westhampton Beach Board Taps Gonce As Next Police Chief

Congrats to now chief Gonce .
A police commissioner ? Are they kidding ? This is what the board said "The report issued by the board promises a cost savings to the village, stating that the combined salaries of the commissioner and chief would be less than that of Mr. Dean and Chief Gonce."
Well , the board is the police commissioners , the department isn't big enough that they need a comisioner to let them know what is going on . The cost to have a commisioner would be better spent on hiring more officers and to add as chief Gonce indicated new technologies to the department .
The residents of the village would be better served if the board does their job and monitor the police department and to add more officers for the same cost to better serve the residents .
And when I thought they did the right thing appointing chief Gonce to the position they come up with such a ridiculous idea as a commissioner position .
" Dec 12, 14 10:26 AM

Southampton Town Board Approves CPI And Canal Development Project

What's next condos where Oaklands , Sundays, and hampton lady is now . I'm sure that condos are far more valuable then the restaurants revenue .
Both banks of the canal should have public access . Doesn't the town own and maintain the canal? I wonder if there is a right of way on both banks that reach beyond the bulkhead " Jan 13, 15 6:35 PM

Princess Diner Owner And Manager Indicted And Charged With Withholding Wages From Employees

Does it really matter what their expenses are?
The worker should be paid.
I'm sure Nys Dept of taxation is investigating as well.
I'm not sure why the manager was charged though. He's just another employee.
The owner is responsible for paying.

" Sep 21, 17 2:46 PM

Former Hampton Bays Friendly's To Host Modern American Restaurant And Market In Spring

I’m not grasping the concept thus far. Is it an overpriced deli/market like Citeralla?
What the community needs is not another salad bar or hot food buffet like all the rest of the delis in town but maybe something to replace the diner or pancake cottage which is what I thought the original concept was.
Maybe the diner is coming back? Hence the reluctance to do a breakfast place?
I love Centro. Great food,decor, atmosphere and staff. But is that really a great idea? Salads and hot takeout? " Mar 4, 19 6:16 PM