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Southold Cull Begins After Lawsuit Against Town Is Thrown Out

I'm all for the cull. I live in Southold and we have way too many deer. I see dead deer corpses on the side of the road all the time. I'm afraid I may be in an accident on the road with a deer running into my car. The deer have torn up my property and eaten all of my trees and shrubs. The woods across from my house is loosing precious growth dues to the over abundance of the deer. I only wish the sharp shooters and hunters were allowed to kill more of them. Before living here I always thought of deer as beautiful animals. Now I see them as a plight. They are destroying the environment here. It is ironic that the vocal opponents are "horrified" at the shooting of deer, but had no problem partnering up with the hunters' groups (who, of course, are against the cull because they are concerned that their shooting prospects will be diminished.

" Mar 10, 14 4:33 PM