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A fight in East Hampton over catchment basins

I dont know what kind of arguement lingers between Mr. Loewen and Mr. Penny but I hope the town is prepared for this deadline because $37,000 a day fines are no joke! Attny Scarlato might be in for more than just yelling and memos too." Aug 26, 09 2:05 PM

No new progress in Empire, Alliance talks

I feel the reason people pursue municipal posistions is because of the stability they offer. They may be able to make more money in the private sector but take public jobs for a steady paycheck and acessable health care for thier families. This dynamic is changing.
So for the townships in our area, as well as the county and state, the lazy workers are going to continue to come to work. Your brighter and more motivated people will find better jobs. The benifits just wont out wiegh less money anymore.
The last several contracts between Empire and the hospitals has gone expired without agreemment. In recent years local governments have been shocked by premium increases at buget time and often feel they are handcuffed when they decide to pay them. I often cant believe what doctors and hospitals have to charge either.
I am not in favor of public health care. The five east end towns and its villages should get together and go shopping. Empire Blue Cross should be kicked to the curb " Sep 1, 09 5:42 PM

Lulubelle perhaps refering to anyone as lazy was wrong of me. The point I was attempting to make was that this mess is going to have a negative effect on health insurance policies offered to the towns. Thus, making these jobs less attractive." Sep 4, 09 5:45 PM

East Hampton residents rally for health care reform

I think health care reform is due and lets hope politicians can be patient with this and get it right. Its gonna need debate and discussion....lots. Maybe this will begin with the current adminastration but it will be tweaked and trimmed for ever.
josephene11968 Let me guess.....your white" Sep 4, 09 8:06 PM

lulubelle I do agree with you. My little comment regarding skin color was in reaction to Josephine11968's statement which I guess was pulled off the air before you had a chance to read it. I am not racist" Sep 5, 09 9:17 AM

Ok lulubelle I dont know where your going but your gonna go there without me. Now your giving me the creeps. You make some good points but I seem to bother you. Im going to the beach" Sep 5, 09 10:44 AM

Supervisor Kabot will fight DWI charge, stay in race

I was an allternate jurior a couple of years ago for big DWI case at the county courts up in Islip and although I did not deliberate I must say it becomes dificult to find BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that someone is guilty of DUI. Mainly because of a lack of evidence. If this goes to a jury trial, the only evidence will be police testimony and the DA will probably avoid running a parade of cops to the stand. She will probably not testify, especialy if she has a prior, so as not to incriminate herself. It is posible that a portable breathalizer was used during the field tests but that is inadmissable in court. In my case we did'nt see or hear about any video so I don't know about that. When the judge read the instructions to the jury, he did mention that a refusal to blow can be seen as as an admiission of guilt. That did not affect this particular jury however. They found this person not guilty.
One more thing...Most cops, especialy after midnight, are gonna ask you if you had anything to drink that day. If you say yes they have to check you out. That does'nt mean you should lie. PLEASE DONT DRINK AND DRIVE. ITS VERY DANGEROUS" Sep 12, 09 10:45 AM

The South Fork bike path

What a great idea. The Group for the South Fork has changed in recent years but I wonder if thier inerest can be re-sparked. It would be a shame to lose a grant previously applied for and approved." Sep 13, 09 1:15 PM

Refusal of breath test could make prosecution more difficult

Chances are the officer is going to suspect you have had more than one. Are you saying that if someone tells an officer they have had one beer, the officer should believe them and let them go? I think the cops have to check you out if you say you have had ANYTHING to drink." Sep 16, 09 6:27 PM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

Are the cops in this union? If not, are they looking at a freeze as well? I honestly don't think the police force settled for a 2% raise last time around. 2% is far below any increase in cost of living numbers (CPI) you could find. " Sep 21, 09 3:35 PM

As much as these workers have been getting a raise, the money has not kept up with the cost of goods and services. Not up the island or here locally. Are all the unions that the town is in contract with being asked to do the same thing?" Sep 24, 09 7:49 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Kabot, attorney give first interview on DWI arrest

really cool photo ratboy. Maybe I am getting away from the subject but who is glo? " Sep 27, 09 12:16 PM

Southampton Village replaces Crown Victorias with Chargers

The town of Shelter Island actualy took a Camry they ceased from a DWI and converted it into a unmarked detective vehicle. Apparently that department was also asked to get more life out of thier patrol cars as well. I don't know how long they keep them but the patrol cars all seem to be Durangos. Its a small force over there I think." Sep 27, 09 6:55 PM

Judge issues injunction, blocks fishing license enforcement

Memorabilia on auction. One NYS saltwater fishing license. Never used-mint condition. No reserve." Oct 1, 09 3:36 PM

A fee to put a boat in the water probably is next. Or maybe a bait and lure tax. Lets not give them any more ideas." Oct 2, 09 12:39 PM

McGintee resigns as East Hampton supervisor

I was going to ask him to hot rod the the old check book one last time and award me and my fishin buddies some sort of bid-free contract. We were gonna come up with a strategy to fight this DEC fishing license." Oct 5, 09 7:24 PM

East End transportation study will cost millions less than originally expected

We do need a faster way to shuttle people up and down both forks. If the purpose of this study was to explore ways to connect the north and south forks, I would not pay the bill. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line." Oct 5, 09 7:40 PM

McGintee resigns as East Hampton supervisor

Perhaps there is some merit to what springsgirl is saying. It appears this website has also pulled a article regarding EH's past financial practices. To call us all ignorant and stupid however just exposes a abusive personality." Oct 6, 09 12:28 PM

I am wrong. I just found the article regarding the state audit. Maybe thats been modified as well." Oct 6, 09 12:31 PM

Dune Road neighbor arrested for trespassing; claims he was protecting feral cats

A bench trial for springing a cat free and "Steve" continues on his merry way. Selective enforcement in Westhampton.
My guess is Mr. Young is found guilty of trespass and let slide on the criminal mischief. Lets go to the video tape. " Oct 10, 09 9:16 AM

East Hampton Town Board members walk out on budget talks

This is sort of frightening. A budget has to be passed...by these people...who represent the good citizens of East Hampton. We need to get these board members together and put the politics aside. If any of them trully care about what they are responsible for they will realize that this is important. I can only hope that the 2010 budget can be managed by the next administration." Oct 24, 09 12:20 PM

The more I think about this it really bothers me. Evreybody get back in the room. If there is a concern that someone is showing up drunk, you don't deal with it like this. You deal with it though, you don't walk out. Job cuts suck. I think they are TALKING about vaccant posistions first, they never got that far. If I am starting to blame one side more than the other, I should not. The fact is they all need to be held accountable. They are now against the clock and need to work hard to get good results. The mistakes made today could linger for years to come. Please put your diferences aside and serve us in this very important way. " Oct 24, 09 1:40 PM

What is going on with this situation. I took the time to check the towns website before commenting and found that a special meeting was scheduled for both tuesday and wednesday of this week. Unless I am wrong these meetings seem to have not taken place.
I saw Mr. Loewen in the news this week with his fishing industry concerns and he seems to be well. Is everybody else ok?
I imagine payroll had to be processed this week. Town board must have got togetherr to shift funds around in order for that to happen. What about next years budget?
OH MY MONEY!!! " Oct 29, 09 6:30 PM

Kabot's court date is pushed back to December

In this country we have the right not to incriminate ourselves AND defend ourselves in a court of law. Sounds like bla bla bla. It is something we take for granted.
Having said that. It is my opinion you dont "blow" in order to avoid jail. A felony DWI, a fatality or multiple convictions.
I am going to try to look beyond this when I decide who to vote for because it appears it is her first DUI and she is not convicted as of yet. There is plenty else to examine. Does this candidate show a true pattern of bad judgement if you leave this charge out of the picture?" Oct 30, 09 7:13 PM

Loewen and Mansir reflect on public life

I could be wrong but Mr. Loewen managed to secure himself some sort of posistion on the town payroll dealing with the fishing industry." Dec 27, 09 10:27 AM

New Town Hall, finances, top early East Hampton Town Board discussions

What a mess. It may be irresponsible of the State Legislature to allow this disfunction to continue. East Hampton has been a great playground for so many but as a township it may never recover. Legislators need to be made aware of of the many instances of financial ignorance. This town has swaggered through deacades spending more and more along the way. All too confident its wealthy taxpayers would not bat an eye at the bill. It became too routine to borrow money for one project and spend it on another. How many times do you think this has happened? The public is only aware of the few that have occured in recent history." Jan 10, 10 11:32 AM

East Hampton to let Surf Lodge keep live music

The seasonal economy of the east end needs to have places like the Surf Lodge. People have also paid above market value for 2nd homes out here in order to escape the noise of the city. Thats where they make thier money and bring it on out to "us".
I hope the shell can provide sound concentration for the club and maybe they will be able to operate at a lower volume. If they spend upwards of a hundred grand on this shell, I imagine they will need to have live music more than just Sundays." Feb 8, 10 5:46 PM

Weather service predicts a foot of snow; many closings announced

What no high tides for the surrounding area?! Just kidding P Matt, thanks for the info. It sounds like a mess. I guess they throw some salt around, then plow, then plow again, then maybe salt and sand. After that there will be drifting snow so I guess plow. Then wicked cold and wind so throw more salt and sand. Hope for sun by friday?" Feb 9, 10 6:14 PM

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