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Bishop fields questions on health care reform

NYS has over regulated the health care insurance business. The business needs to have the avaiable forms loosened up, deductable options increased, and the like. The Fed. Gvt can enable this without taking over the administration of the insurance buainess. Step one is, of course, Mal Practice Tort Reform, something Mr. Bishop absolutly refuses to do. " Aug 26, 09 4:12 PM

Betty D. Fox of East Hampton dies at 76

A very nice lady, she will be missed." Sep 2, 09 2:09 PM

Bishop holds town hall meeting on health care reform

The NYS Insurance Dept. regulates ALL INSURANCE sold in NYS, and has for over a century. Insurance is one of the most, if not the most regulated business in America.

The regulations that required that ALL health insurance in NYS provide basic coverage, be without age differentiation, imposed limited territory rating and required that pre existing conditions be covered after one year.. So the prices soared, and continued to do so for years and years. N OW, substantial deductables have been permitted, and the costs for health insurance has come down if you take the higher deductibles far more than the annuad additional premium.

Go to e-surance and check it yourself!

H. R. 3200 is the only bill presented to the public, and is, if you care to read it, ultimately , nationalized health care. If you lose your health insurance for any reason, you SHALL get the "gvt. option" if your coverage is deemed inadequate, you SHALL get the gvt. option, if you decline to purchase, you SHALL get the gvt option. Cost cutting "gvt. boards SHALL be formed and SHALL determine the appropriate medical treatments. As these are cost cutting efforts which cannot be appealed past the board itself, and youi require millions in treatment (and are not named "Kennedy" or "Bush" or "Cuomo") what do YOU rthink the odds are the procedures would be permitted?

Oh, and once you are in the public "option" , you may not purchase from the public sector again. Sure doesn't sound like an "option" to me.

You xcan keep your Doctor? Well, no, as many will "retire" because they refuse to practice with medicare/cade payment schedules. That is a 6 month and more wait for payment and a 20% to 50% payment schedule on the billed service. Some will go to those overseas "clinics" that are springing up to treat heart patients and the like.

Saddly, this "health care" is more about controling your life than providing improved health care.


" Sep 2, 09 2:46 PM

Waiting game continues for McGintee

The comingling of funds has been illegal for longer than the age of anyone currently alive. It is something that every financial officer or financially responsible elected official is familiarized with BEFORE they take office. There is no mechanism that I know of that would make it "legal" to move preservation funds to the general fund.

Note that last I saw, the money moving has left $2,000,000 unaccounted for as the NYS Auditors required. Add to this that Bill is a former career Law Enforcement Officer makes it completely unacceptible. Bill needs to resign." Sep 16, 09 1:41 PM

McGintee resigns as East Hampton supervisor

Well, Bill has openly admitted the comingling of funds. That is against the law in almost all cases. So, at best, it was a grossly unprofessional and currupt. At worst, it was a criminal felony EACH TIME he did it.

Last I read, the books were in such poor order that as much as $2,000,000 was not accounted for! Nothing in Bill's experience quallified him to be Supervisor and his obvious narcissism doomed his administration. The Town Board shares the blame. They were unwilling to hold Bill to the requirements of the law concerning finances, went along with destructive hiring praxctices and the awarding of unwarranted raises and bonusees. Such as the $10,000 that Pete H. gets/got for being the Asst. Supervisor.

The idea that an Admin. that left a few millions surplus is responsible for this Admin.'s debt of as much as $30,000,000 is preopsterous. Cognitave Dissonance anyone?" Oct 6, 09 2:06 PM

McGintee remained defiant on use of CPF in comments to auditors

Sorry, the funds, CPF monies, were NOT to be comingled. Mr. McGintee defied the law, and did so. Several times, in fact, while the Town was in defecit. In rthis case, there were no funds available to return. Except with borrowed money. Mr. McGintee was not authorized to borrow money and give it to the CPF. Yet, he did so.

Everyone on the Town Board , in the end, after being politically and verbally "roughed up" votes for McGintee's defiance of the law. Should they be "looked at" by the D.A., sure. they should have stood their ground.

There's plenty of blame to go around. Reminds me on that Nast cartooon of the Tweed Gang, standing in a circle each pointing to anther in the circle saying it is the other's fault." Oct 14, 09 7:13 PM

East Hampton Town Board discusses staff cuts in closed session

Starting with the McGintee hires, the Town's payroll needs to be cut back. The unearned bonuses and pay raises to the "chosen few" need to be ended.

Maybe the salvage of deposit cans and plastic bottles should be put out to bid? And the metals at the recycling area? I'm sure a COMPETENT salvor could pay the Town some money and remove enough tonnage to , in effect, "earn" the Town a worthwhile sum.

And that's a bare begining......." Oct 14, 09 7:28 PM

East Hampton Village Beach serves as focus of new conclusions on rip currents

Rips are seen from shore by getting back and looking a little down at the ocean. The water is "roilled" and slightly "muddy", where it heads for deep water. Frequently, if not always, the outer bar has a "gap" there. RTeally, a spot where the water is slightly deeper than the outer bar in the area. The circulation is along the beach to the "roilled" spot, then out past the outer bar, then counter to its direction along the shore. These currents along the shore in EH are normally from west to east.

For decades I've thought that an artificial reef of plastic kelp firmly anchored to the bottom running along the beach either just behind (seaward) or just in friont of the outer bar would be of great benefit in preserving the beach and lessening the effect of rips. Not to mention make the fishing MUCH better.

That is what I've observed as a swimmer, SCUBA diver and Surfer starting in the late 1950's" Oct 30, 09 8:37 PM

Turkeys in East Hampton: Friends or food?

Ah, the Turkeys were reintroduced to become game. And thwey shoukld be. There is a culling that shoukld take place, and it is not, as there are few predators, exceopt us, who are here, now.

The VOLUNTARY tax on guns, ammunition, fishing equipment introduced long before the modern "envionmerntalist" was even born along with private sportsman/hunting organizations have made this possible." Nov 18, 09 2:00 PM

Source: Bernard will be tapped as budget officer in East Hampton Town

Known Len for 20 plus years now. He has been an honest , pleasant man with an ambition to help the Town and its' citizens. No Empire building, no self serving, but an honest concern for the Town. A refreshing change to look forward rto." Dec 9, 09 8:29 PM

Shinnecock Indian Nation wins preliminary federal recognition

This will be a disaster for the east end. The Shinnecocks themselves will not make the "BIG" money, The "businessmen" who build and operate will make the hugh incomes.

The idea that there is a casino without "sex workers" anywhere In this US of A is....unrealistic and incorrect. The idea that these "workers" won't have "managers" is additionally unreqalistic. That's "crime" by any definition.

Yes , money will flow in to a few , disproportionally more will flow out. " Dec 15, 09 7:48 PM

Casino gambling has been a day one issue, at least with the member of the Pharoe Family I used to talk with at the health club's sauna. This, he was certain, could be controled by the tribe

As no tribe has been successful in this, why should this one be? .No, we'll get a Casino that benefits a few local people, many "investors", brings hookers, pimps, loan sharks, drunks, gambling addicts, card hustlers, frauds, thefts and assorted hustlers.

Star Island had a functioning Casino until 1949 or later. Does this mean that the Montauks should get theirs, too? Bad idea , wrong place, wrong time. Federal recognition will eliminate any locAl of State limitations." Dec 17, 09 1:08 PM

Loewen and Mansir reflect on public life

The "truth" is that the entire board and supervisor lost sight of their responsibilities. As a direct result the Town spent $10 million in "surplus" and $20 Million more, raided funds, comingled funds,, hired cronys, with no one saying NO! STOP! The honorable thing would have been resignation of the lot.

And the TAXPAYER is now stuck with double didget % tax increases two years in a row, with the light we see at the end of the tunnel being a few more such increases to bring the town's finances down to a managable level..

Someone please tell me why they do not appear to be the least bit sorry they were paet of the creation of this mess? The only thing that they seem sorry about is the loss of their jobs." Jan 1, 10 4:16 PM

East Hampton Town harbormaster arrested for marijuana possession

This gentleman, with business in court, a known vendictive opponent was foolish to engage is any illegal activity as all, and may be paying a price that he cannot afford. It is the "Man in the Mirror" who made the mistake, not the cops.

Oh, and as I have known "pot heads" since ancient history I can let you know none have resorted to armed violence. The "gun possession" issue holds no concern here. " Jan 7, 10 10:39 AM

Bernard returns; Adams will be new East Hampton town attorney

We have here a new administration that was part of an administration that left us with a $10,000,000 surplus. A surplus the outgoing administration spent and darned near another $30,000,000 over the income recieved. This will not be a day one cure, but we now have a program with which a return to a balanced budget is the goal. Better, it is a real posibility.

Mr. Len Bernard will do his usual good job to help reach that goal." Jan 7, 10 11:00 AM

President declares South Shore beaches a disaster area following November storm damage

Wave action and set at the shore need to be reduced. Build a reef from Montauk west just below the surface at the outer bar. Add artificial kelp to hold the sand. This would create a lagoon between the reef and the beach, a good marine habatat, new surfing spots in adddition to greatly reduced shoreline erosion.

Everyone wins EXCEPT the hacks we insist on sending to Washington. The chance to bribe LI voters with multi million dreging contracts every few years would be almost eliminated. Therefore, they won't even consider it.

" Jan 7, 10 11:44 AM

East Hampton Town to hold deer summit after wildlife group protests

Bird hunters use a small round shot about the size of a pin's head. Anything over 200 feet and thay are almost harmeless, at 300 feet, they won't even break your skin. There is nothing to fear on Ten Pole.......Oakview Highway.

The REAL activists are the HUNTERS who are taking part in absolutly necessary deer population control. Without adequate population control the deer will disproportionally starve and die in this weather. How is this humane or better policy than culling the field by hunting? Because the "activists" won't see or hear the starving animals?
" Jan 7, 10 12:04 PM

Crash landing closes East Hampton Airport runway

Carbon fiber construction proves its' worth over aluminum." Jan 8, 10 3:32 PM

East Hampton is short more than $1 million for historic Town Hall, says new budget officer

I agree that the layout is a travesty. Unfortunately the Town is too much in debt to spend a few more million fixing the mistake. We will have to live with this for a VERY long time, unless some billionaire deciseds to pay for it, and I just don't see that happening any time soon." Jan 13, 10 9:23 PM

Some worry about East Hampton's financial reorganization

Interesting that Deb Foster chose not to run and now has resumed her partizan ways, isn't it? Maybe Deb figured it out a coulpe years ago and left to avoid being caught up in this mess. What did Ms. Foster know and when did she know it? " Jan 28, 10 9:58 PM

East Hampton looks to create climate change action plan

Climate change...21st Century dragon quests, the carbon sequestration the modern search for witches and there magic. Carbon footpint, the troll under the bridge. Over the last 420,000 years there have been four full glacial to interglacial cycles without human help. Explane to me how you could have prevented these cycles or moderated these cycles to the ideal steady state climate, and tell me what the ideal climate might be! After that, we might have an intelegent conversation, Otherwise note that the narcissism of humanity is on display once again.

We had nothing to do with past cycles and will have nothing to do with the next glacial cycle, something that is still about 2,000 years off. Just thank God it has been your priveledge to live in such warm and pleasant times. Go here for the chart and some useful information.....:

http://www.daviesand.com/Choices/Precautionary_Planning/New_Data/" Feb 12, 10 4:28 PM

Sea level goes up about 1.6 mm per year. LI rises from glacial isostatic rebound by about 2.4 mm per year. In 100 years we'll have risen up out of the sea by 8cm more than the sea went up. We're "golden" no matter the cause, nqatural or anthropogenic.

Manbearpig has taken $100,000,000 to the bank since he left office 9 years ago. GET IT? If not go to the contrarian sites and learn the physics of the greenhouse effect that makes life here possible. 95% from water vapot THREE PERCENT from CO2 and on that 3% , 0.28% is from people! Termites generate more CO2! Anthropogenic warming is at best not proved, at worst a fraud scheme to defraud. Jesus urges you to get the key of knowledge and enter in, chiding those who would prevent it. So, don't just accept what you are told, spend the time, learn both sides, then observe the reality and think for yourselves!" Feb 13, 10 10:14 PM

It's over. Dr. Phil Jones fessed up. No "Warming" since 1995. And more. It is an article today from the Brit. paper the Mail online. The true believers won't give up, tho, just watch." Feb 14, 10 9:49 PM

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