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Rollover halts traffic on County Road 39

For what it is worth it does sound a little cold. Mr. Suffolk states "perhaps our emergency personnel should pick up some accident strategies that keep in mind that moving traffic is also important, and a public-safety concern, as well.” I hope you never find yourself in a similar situation as this woman did yesterday. Someone’s life may never be the same for them and their family and you are worried about getting home on time for dinner? I think the local emergency personnel are hardworking, dedicated and very well trained individuals. Every situation is different. No one accident is ever the same. It is the nature of the beast living on an island without many alternative routes to detour motorist around the scenes quickly; it is usually all residential areas with single lanes and many stop signs.... The first and foremost important factor at every incident like the one yesterday is emergency personnel safety! And if it means inconveniencing motorists for a little to ensure they all go home to their families after Volunteering their time to help those in need, so be it. Please take a look at the two links below just to get the point across. Although they are in different states it can happen here and will, if we are not shutting down roads. It is human nature for most passing motorists to want to see the action when they drive past the scene and do not pay attention to the roadway and the firefighter crossing the street which may result in someone getting hurt or even killed. http://firefighterclosecalls.com/fullstory.php?71315 or http://firefighterclosecalls.com/fullstory.php?71023" Oct 10, 08 12:00 PM

Tuckahoe Superintendent Would Rent District-Owned Home Following $95,000 Renovations

It is hard to believe that this house at 515K purchase price can be listed as “uninhabitable” From the looks of it from the exterior it looked rather good. OH, I FORGOT TO MENTION THAT THE HOUSE HAS ALREADY BEEN GUTTED AND THE SECOND DUMPSTER ALREADY ON SITE! With no existing evidence of the interior structure or it contents left it is hard to determine if it was in fact in need of repair. I have a hard time believing that we would need to spend 95K to repair the house.
Someone does not have to bring an existing house up to current codes unless specific work is being performed with in the structure. So do not just fall for the board’s explanation that they had to do the work to bring it up to code that in itself is not true. Now that they already gutted the house it will most likely make it true and the Town would require current compliance on a few items.
I have a 1200 sq ft house and I installed new kitchen cabinets and counter tops, replaced existing bathroom vanities and fixtures with new and installed a new laminated floor and painted it throughout and even added new base board trim. It cost me about 8k and the interior looks like new.
“Mr. Rogers said the house is currently uninhabitable, but that the restoration would be minimal, involving upgrades to the interior finishes and electrical and heating systems, as well as finishes for the floors, walls and ceiling. The house currently has one full bathroom but, after renovation, would have an additional half-bath, he said.”
If they upgrade the electric service with new smoke and co detectors it would cost about 3k all new wiring add about 7k, New Kitchen from Lowes 3k, Bath and a half renovation 2k, nice laminated floors throughout 5k, new boiler or furnace with all new pipe or duct 6k. interior doors and frames 2k, interior wood trim 2k, building permit 1k, new sheet rook throughout and painted 8k so at 36k what is making it 95K? Even if I am a little low on my numbers it can’t even come close to 95K. Double my number and its 72K.
And the house most likely did not need a full gutting.

We the tax payers always pay no matter what. We paid the high school tax to make them even have the 95k available to even talk about. If we spend it we will need another 95k later for something else and we will not have it. This will make us pay again and include a tax raise.

They say the state ed wanted us to buy property that became available around the school and we did to prepare for any future building increases to the existing school. Now knock down the house and wait to see if you want to build on to the school or increase the playground or soccer field in the future. Better way to spend 10k. now to remove it and we would not have to do any up keep or have the liability in renting school owned property to individuals. What if in 2 yrs the super is not the renter, now what?

There is no long term plan. Just the now plan and no plan B or C. That s bad management!

Do not renovate it and make it a 610k investment that if you sold after it is completely renovated would only be worth about 515k if you are lucky in this failing market.
Anyway they are already doing what they want by gutting the house, now they will need to do upgrades…… A bad move and abuse of authority if the community was not involved in the decision marking and approval process on moving forward on gutting the house and approval of the board to do it.

I can not make tonight’s meeting but if you read this and agree please help me get my voice heard.
" Dec 13, 10 12:10 PM

It sounds like Grisnik is up to his usual tricks. He has mastered the art of "puppet Master". Notice how the other two board members look at him for guidance as if they are afraid to say what they are feeling on the issue.
Vote on the 21st "NO" and after the final tally is in regarding the vote and shutting down the proposal. We will watch Grisnik at work and do what he wants again and not listen to the people. He did the same thing as Fire Commissioner. The people said no to the purchase of the North sea Road property after a public vote. But they (the fire commissioner which included Grisniks input) went ahead with it anyway because they raised taxes over the next 2-3 years and made a unappropriated reserve fund which allowed them to spend it without the taxpayer approval. They went out and purchased the property located on North Sea Road anyway.
If they fail to listen to the voters in this upcoming vote, please just remember which board members went against our decision. This way when they are up for election in the future we vote their A** out of office and put someone in that gives a da** about our kids, our hard earned money and our opinion.
Bye, bye Grisnick and anyone else that goes against a vote’s decision made by the people of the community.
" Dec 14, 10 1:24 PM

Tuckahoe School Board Sticks With Referendum Plan

Can someone check and see if the single family house falls under the State Education Department or Local Building Department. If it is not governed by the SED it is still under the control of Southampton Town Building Department. In order to gut the interior of a house down to the studs throughout, they would require an interior alteration permit. I did not see a permit posted on site when I looked. If governed by the SED they would also need to be advised........ Do they have a permit? Or did Griznik say the hack with them, I don’t need no permit.

Sorry, I cant make it to the town hall to foil the information myself during the week. " Dec 16, 10 9:45 AM

Firefighters Respond To South Main Street Fire

A fire with no fine. This is because the incident was an actual fire and not a one of the years 500 alarm malfunctions that occur when a device activates for no reason at all sending equipment for no actual emergency." Dec 21, 10 12:17 PM

Tuckahoe School Board Sticks With Referendum Plan

Photo slide show is no longer working for me, can you please check it out for us SH Press." Dec 21, 10 12:28 PM

Gas Main Leak Shuts Down Part of Ox Pasture Road in Southampton Village

Members out of shape? Couldn't stand there?" what are you talking about because it makes no sense. The SFD was on scene for 5 HOURS! NSFD was called in at the end to assist in relieving SFD staff that was on scene the whole 5hrs in attempt to put fresh firefighters in service. This is a standard practice among all mutual aid departments, including NSFD. Thank you for all your continuous support!" May 31, 11 10:43 AM

Mercedes SUV Crashes Into Bridgehampton Carvel

Just to clarify. This call is in Bridgehampton in which is served by the Bridgehampton Fire Department and not by the SHFD and SHVAC as mentioned above. " Jun 16, 11 9:44 AM

East Quogue Man Whose Body Was Recovered In Shinnecock Bay Was Avid Waterman, Family Says

I had the pleasure to know and work with John. A great guy! My thoughts and prayers are with his family during this difficult times. I will miss him. " Jan 24, 12 1:06 PM

UPDATE: Water Mill Man Charged With DWI After Police Chase Ends In Single-Car Crash

Complete disregard for the law, community and fellow motorist. A selfish  act by a potential intoxicated individual could have ended the lives of a family driving home from school. For what????? Great job svpd for getting this man off our streets!  Great job by the individual that observed this guy and called pd. Throw the book at this guy and put him away before someone innocent gets hurt by him. " Jun 5, 12 10:14 PM

UPDATE: Police Identify Man Who Drowned After Jet Ski Accident In Mecox Bay

girls are ok,the incidents are separate." Aug 6, 12 12:39 PM

Surf Camp Causes New Conflict At Picnic Area Beach

The lead instructors are rude and drive recklessly on and off the beach. A few weeks ago while fishing I noticed a large group of people walk on the beach from the heliport access road and walk to the break near Gary Mcs Way. After thinking it might be a large sponsored surf tournament or whale washed up. I walked down to see what was going on. To my surprise it was a surf school, I was in shock on the amount of people in attendance. I counted about 100 children holding hands and standing in a large circle warming up prior to the start of the water sessions. This circle was made up of KIDS, not instructors or young adults acting as instructors. I do not agree that 30 instructors are on scene during the class, but I have no facts just my own observation. I wish children the best in learning how to surf. It is not an issue with the kids wanting to learn the art of surfing but rather the business, owners and instructors that do not conduct themselves at times in a professional manner and use Public property as their job site to run a profit making business.
I guess Southampton is the only place to go now that Easthampton banned the surf schools from operating on town/village beaches.
Private Surf Lesson for the website states: $150 per person per lesson x 100 students = 15,000.00 in one morning session. Oh, but a group rate maybe applied.
I do not know but with that many students (children) do you need a Suffolk County Health Dept permit for operating a children’s day camp? If so, do they have one?
Close down commercial business’s like these from operating on Town and Village Beaches.
" Aug 22, 12 12:54 PM

Found this in Southampton Village Code online:
§ 80-1. Regulations enumerated.
[Amended 1-29-1982 by L.L. No. 1-1982]
It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to engage in or do any of the acts hereinafter set forth on the ocean beach in the Village of Southampton, which area is more particularly described as follows: bounded on the north by the general line of the top of the first rank of the ocean dunes, on the east by the easterly Village boundary line, on the south by the low-water line of the Atlantic Ocean and on the west by the westerly Village boundary line:
A. Commercial activities. To sell, peddle or solicit, or to carry on, engage in or promote, in any manner whatsoever, whether directly or indirectly, any business activity, advertising program, promotional scheme or any commercial enterprise. (This prohibition shall not apply to the bathing beach concession at the municipal bathing facility at Cooper's Neck Beach. Editor's Note: For additional regulations relating to Cooper's Neck Beach, see Ch. 86, Permit Parking, Art. II. )

" Aug 23, 12 3:50 PM

UPDATE: Man Rescued From Bay Doing Fine

Some hero's go through life unnoticed. That's just the way they want it. They do because its the right thing to do. Not to get their name mentioned on a news paper website. In this incident, no names are mentioned. They all are emergency responders including the good samaritins and it was a group effort by all that saved this mans life. Great job by everyone involved!" Aug 25, 12 1:53 PM

UPDATE: Charges After Partiers Are Rescued From Sandbar

Yes, all responding fd units can communicate to coast guard by the normal channels and or any other agreed upon channel. " Aug 26, 12 6:28 PM

UPDATE: One Airlifted, Several Others Injured In Three-Vehicle Crash; Montauk Highway Reopens

If head trauma is obvious to the doctor or emt in such a short time period from onset. I believe protocall is to get the patient to a trauma facility were best care can be given. That's what I would want for my family. I would be more upset if I went to southampton because the doctor said I looked ok only to do a scan and find out I have fluid or swelling...... Causing me to be shipped out later.... A doctor or emt can not tell what is going in their body completely until at a hospital.A conclusion at a scene 5 minutes after it happened with a serverly damaged vehicle and a huge hematoma is chopper time. Maybe the rudeness was do to the doctor giving orders but not wanting to take the responsibility of patient care which would be required if the emt deviated from protocall. I believe the doctor refused taking over patient care thats why I mention it. If you say bad things you need to know both sides of the story and if you are not a trained emt or doctor I would not expect the general public to know protocalls that's their job." Aug 28, 12 7:42 PM

Study Says Fresh Market Would Not Cause A Significant Impact On The Environment Or Traffic

A clean new building and site as you leave and enter the village. Many new jobs and a competitive market place with variety. Increased tax revenue from the property comparied to the existing building and previous tax role. Traffic is always an issue here all year round it seems, so what’s the difference. I do not see anything wrong with it." Sep 5, 12 9:30 AM

Tuckahoe Finds Voting Irregularities, Re-Piping Project Put Off

Instead of using old school metal pipe to redo the school steam piping they should also look into redoing the steam pipe using commercial grade pex with approved adapters. This will save some big money as well in labor and material. It is approved for use in commercial and steam piping. But I do not know what the existing boiler specs are. They should look into it.
" Sep 12, 12 3:19 PM

Southampton High School Junior Takes His Own Life On Monday Night

My condolences to the family and friends.
"Committed suicide" although it may have been what you were told by Police, family or friends. I feel it should have been worded differently. We all could have read between the lines even if it did not say it. Feel free to change the tile and delete this post if you agree.
" Nov 27, 12 1:14 PM

Around Town Hall: Septic Rebates On Horizon; Board Reports $4 Million Surplus In 2012

Sorry for not knowing this, but is the funding through a grant or is this 5k only town tax dollars being spent to found other peoples projects? If you just wait the owner will do a renovation, addition or new house on the property and the health department will tell them "its time to upgrade" anyway and at owners expense. Or like the oil tanks that you stated. The insurance companies came in right after the program and said replace that underground tank or loss coverage, also at owners expense. Now lets say you do the new septic and spend 10k, get 5k rebate and then watch the town wack you on your taxes for capital improvements which was done to help the enviroment. This is the same thing when you do solar.... " Mar 25, 13 9:33 AM

Bishop: Nation Missed Opportunity For Tighter Gun Regulations

Enforce the laws that already on the books and you would not need any new ones. Put criminals away for real time instead of plea dealing and good behavior early release. Statistics show these same criminals will likely strike again. And PLEASE stop political grandstanding on this issue! The Governor and anyone that voted for NYsafe Act needs to be removed next election because they failed to listen to their communities and Nation when they altered our rights regarding the 2nd Amendment. The Media also failed the people greatly on this issue as well by reporting bad facts and choosing a side on the issue instead of doing there job which should always be reporting the truth, facts and not to choose sides." Jun 12, 13 12:49 PM

Southampton Town Deer Management Plan Would Focus Reductions, Promote Public Education

Do not waste taxes payers money on costly programs that do no work and or require you to treat the animals annually. Just open all available CPF, town owned, county owned open land to hunters (without additional permits or fees) with some rules to follow and have the State provide Suffolk County Hunters easier access to multiple deer harvest tags at no additional cost. With these few easy steps and some time the number of deer will be decreased at no additional cost to the taxpayers and it can be done with trackable harvest data so we can see if these efforts are making an impact." Nov 12, 14 3:38 PM