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Dozens Rally In Southampton Village For Immigration Reform

(1) They take jobs in construction, in renovation, in demolition, in yard work/landscaping, even in fast food (google Chipotle Washington D.C. immigration) that Americans need and will do. (2) They are willing to work for less, and are more docile in terms of not complaining about working conditions that Americans will not tolerate because illegal migrants often live 10 to an apartment or 15 to a home, and even 6 to a bedroom, sleeping in shifts. An American wants to live at least in his or her own room. The dollar is so strong that the money they make in the U.S. exchanges back to a small fortune in their native currency. Americans end up on welfare and living off family money. I am not disputing that these people work really hard. I am saying that they need to do that in their own countries. Are you a veteran, or do you have an ancestor that died in or served in a war? We have fought for our country. They need to fight to improve theirs. (Nonviolence if possible, but the regimes in many of their countries are deplorable, and nothing will change unless they go home and make the change that needs to happen.) " Dec 10, 13 10:31 PM

There are hundreds of thousands of people in NYC who need jobs, and it might be a better idea to take people from 100 miles away rather than 1000 miles who shouldn't even be here. Google "job prospect lures" and read the New York Times article or view the democratic underground forum thread. 4000 people show up for 200 jobs in November, 2006 when the official unemployment rate was 4.5%. Today, the unemployment rate is double that. But let's be honest, people in Southampton are probably afraid to take blacks and Hispanics from NYC. Well it is not 1970 anymore, or even 1985. It's 2013 and it is time for a new attitude. " Dec 11, 13 1:50 PM

No, actually I bet you are the racist.
" Dec 11, 13 3:28 PM

@Nature: Actually, they did fight, and they won. If you know anything about the English Civil War, then you will know the religion of Oliver Cromwell. So who is ignorant? You look in the mirror. Anyway, I have no trouble with people fleeing religious persecution if they are legal immigrants, or if they are genuine refugees. But 90% of Mexico is composed of central american indians or mixed race persons. They actually have a country where they are the vast majority of the population, and they need to make the effort to change it. Some of them are, and I respect them, think they are courageous, and believe we should help them. " Dec 12, 13 12:34 AM

@Nature, if you want to have a discussion based on facts, look up the religion of Oliver Cromwell, and while you are at it look up the "Ironsides" - and compare that to the religion of the Pilgrims. Some did come here, but most stayed behind and fought to change their country. And that relates to immigration from Mexico... because when you have 7 million of your people who want change living in a different country, those people are not home to help force the change that needs to happen. Illegal immigration is bad for Mexico.

" Dec 19, 13 11:21 PM

Roberto Suro wrote an article back in 2009 titled "She was never about those huddled masses." It will pop right up in a google search. (1) He wrote that the poem was about Jewish refugees from Europe who faced violent mass attacks known as pogroms, and who were 5% of the population in various countries. In contrast, 85% of Mexico is indigenous. They have their own country; they need to make it a better place. (2) He said it's the Statue of Liberty-- the original name was "Liberty Enlightening the World." It's about bringing liberty to the rest of the world,not bringing the rest of the world here! If you bring liberty to the rest of the world, then that's much better for humanity." Dec 19, 13 11:42 PM

@philathome: The 38 months of job creation have not made up the jobs lost in the crisis. Also, the economy needs to create 125,000 jobs per month to keep up with immigration and young people entering the workforce. Finally, google "a job prospect lures" to see an article about the thousands of people desperate for a job in NYC when the unemployment rate was 4.5% in 2006. So your comment really comes from ignorance. " Dec 20, 13 12:07 AM

Because you don't want blacks doing jobs in your community. You'd rather have people here illegally. Anyway it was a perfectly good comeback to your stupid comment. " Dec 30, 13 11:06 PM