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Appeals court favors woman suing Southampton Village Police

No reasonable suspicion that she had drugs? She was found with the stem, seeds, butt, and pipe! The only thing missing was the rolling papers!!!

She committed a crime, and she should have to strip down and bend over just like every other criminal who gets caught." Oct 10, 08 11:52 AM

Northsea - I saw the part where she _alleges_ that only females were strip-searched. A simple check of the policy and jail records would show one way or the other. But I do agree that if the policy only applies to women, the cops should pay. And, having the seeds is illegal, just like growing the plant is. She's a criminal, and she got the criminal treatment.

RonDo - I think the argument that her car had the marijuana is completely ridiculous. What are they gonna do, arrest the car??? It's in her car, and she admits that the cop may find some in her car. It's hers, she broke the law, and she should be punished accordingly.

Monica888 - Obviously what I'm talking about here doesn't apply to you. I think what happened to you is unbelievable, and I hope you take them to the cleaners!" Oct 15, 08 10:34 PM