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Deer-Culling Opponents File Suit Against East Hampton Town, Village Over Planned Cull

Hunters For Deer LLC. has a comprehensive plan utilizing hunters, combining less stringent regulation by the NYSDEC and more hunter access to precluded properties, which would solve this problem for the long term, unlike the short term proposal by the USDA. They have had meetings with Town Supervisors and various organizations garnering support, but are deadlocked because Joe Gergela of the Long Island Farm Bureau would not return calls. It appears that the farmers and some local governments would rather use taxpayer funds to promote a deer massacre then to create a viable deer management plan, which is already on the table. Hesitation from local governments come from land owners and farmers, who do not want west end hunters in the area. The failed programs run using resident only hunters did not produce the numbers desired, due to not enough bodies to fill stand locations on a regular basis, as well as, resident hunters not taking does and just trophy hunting, during hunting seasons and during nuisance hunts. " Dec 21, 13 10:25 AM

The white-tailed deer is native to the United States and does not transmit disease. The white-footed mice are the critical hosts for black-legged ticks, which carry and spread the bacterium that causes Lyme disease." Dec 21, 13 1:23 PM

The culling of our deer by the USDA sniper teams will cost over $300,000 and have very little impact of reducing car accidents, lyme disease and narrowing of the herd. We should use the money to put in place a real program, utilizing hunters, who would use the meat to feed their families and friends, instead of wasting it. Using NYS Hunters, who buy licenses to take organic game, is the only long term solution. I hope Joe Gergela will come around every Christmas, with his Santa bag filled with grant money.

Some conservative-republican you are Phil, waste a resource instead of feeding families. The truth is the USDA will pay for the animals to be butchered, but they will never reach a dinner table and thats a fact.

Double standard, I can set you and anyone else on this site, with a responsible, respectable hunter, that would love to harvest the deer on your property for FREE.
Maybe you too will like venison." Dec 22, 13 7:42 PM


Where do you get your information from... the Enquirer? Shopping in the fiction section at Borders will isolate you from reality. Back up, your statements. Where are the starving deer, the ones I see look pretty healthy. If they were starving then, you suggest, we shoot them to put them out of their misery? What a humanitarian you are. What disease do they transmit...(insert your own word here)? Obviously you sir, have been infected. Nice try with the doom and gloom synopsis, now lets focus on the facts. Give hunters the tools they need to manage the deer on Long Island, more land access and less stringent regulations. Don't let George talk you into putting "Massacre in front of Management."" Dec 27, 13 6:40 PM

Deer Kill Faces Permitting And Funding Obstacles

Sorry but I can't hold it in……TOLD YA SO, JOE. The deer will end up in dumpsters if the USDA comes in, because not one butcher in New York State will process the meat, at our request. Want the problem corrected, help Hunters For Deer make the politicians change the Hunting Regulations in DMU 1C, giving your support. Farmers better smarten up and back the Hunters before we pull back the olive branch." Jan 8, 14 10:13 PM

Protesters Gather In East Hampton Village To Oppose Deer Culling

There is no plan, so don't try to spin it. Joe Gergela of the LIFB wants to use NYS taxpayer dollars to kill deer because our politicians gave he the funds to do it. That money can be used for any General Agricultural purpose, but he choses to divide communities and take our resource. Farmers made a huge mistake on this one." Jan 21, 14 7:42 PM

You're a true patriot!" Jan 21, 14 7:44 PM

New York State Plans To Cull Or Capture All Mute Swans By 2025

KevinLuss is 100% accurate. Feel free to go to Hunters For Deer's website and click on USDA DEER KILL PLAN link. The proposed budget given to Joe Gergela was $505,490.00 to kill deer in rural and suburban areas ++++++ the $300,000 need to butcher the meat and give it to Island Harvest for the hungry. What a great service Island Harvest is providing, too bad they degrade people more by only giving them sleeves of chop meat and not steaks, which could be accomplished burring butchering process at same price. Get your facts straight Nature." Jan 23, 14 3:56 PM

If swans produced honey, I bet they would be safe. I have been stung by many bees, and it sure does hurt. ouch." Jan 23, 14 3:59 PM

Strange Bedfellows In Opposition To Deer Cull


What are the ACTUAL numbers of deer on Long Island? And do not give me the estimated numbers that the NYSDEC has provided (25000-30000). If the numbers are inflated, how did East Hampton calculate 3200 deer in 2008 and 887 in 2013? Sounds like the numbers are falling. Where is the statistical data from the LIFB to show the numbers of crop devastation suffered by the farmers? I for one am not going to take Joe Gergelas word for it? Show me the data that you refer to, fact is you can't, because it does not exist. " Jan 24, 14 6:01 PM

Cuomo Seeks Hunting Regulation Changes; Deer Hunting Areas May Open Up

Hunters For Deer is thankful that Governor Andrew Cuomo has taken the steps to initiate an archery setback plan that surrounding states have utilized in their hunting regulations for over a decade, providing more access to hunting areas that have become safe havens for deer. Although, we are appreciative of the setbacks being cut from 500' to 150', we fear that this measure is dwarfed by deer management policies that fail to recognize the difference between Long Island deer management and upstate New York deer management. Wildlife Biologists and Politicians are claiming that Long Island, DMU 1C, has an overpopulation of deer that is becoming epidemic and Governor Cuomo answers that with "language" in his budget, that changes setbacks STATE WIDE. Upstate New York and Long Island have completely different needs. What is even more amazing, is that Governor Cuomo was successful in taking away the rights of gun owners, almost overnight with NY's Safe Act, but can not push through a responsible Deer Management Program for Long Island, when taxpaying residents and politicians are begging for a solution. We are not impressed by this small step.

One of our members, Cyndi McNamara, recently pointed out that, "The budget item referenced is a Memorandum in support...NOT an appropriations bill….The Legislature is NOT required by the Constitution to act on these “language bills” nor is it limited in how it can alter or amend the Governor’s proposed language (or non-appropriations budget) bills."

We have seen this in the past, as is the case with Assemblyman Fred Thiele's Bill #A06428, which requests that the five eastern towns of Long Island, be able to adjust (NYS Environmental Conservation) regulations, regarding the management of deer in their respective areas. Assemblyman Robert Sweeney- LINDENHURST, who chairs the Environmental Conservation Committee, blocked that bill stating that there were "language" issues. So forgive us for not celebrating just yet.

Hunters For Deer will continue to push for less stringent hunting regulations for DMU 1C, more land access and a deer management plan that is specific to the needs of Long Island taxpayers and residents.
" Jan 28, 14 2:51 PM


The data that you are referencing to support your position, refers to "CULLING" not HUNTING…FYI...Just like you choose to interpret "hunting" as being more of a business catering to clients, you also fail to acknowledge that deer hunting is an important part of many American families outdoor heritage.

According to the NYSDEC White-tailed Management Plan 2012-2016;

"Deer hunting continues to be an important activity for many New York families, providing a valuable source of food, a means of shared recreation and an opportunity to pass-on family traditions and reverence for nature. Additionally, deer harvest through regulated
hunting remains the most effective and equitable tool for
managing deer populations across the state."

Data from the principles of New York’s deer management program are based upon the North American Model of Wildlife Management, which shows that hunting opportunities are concurrent with deer population changes and adjusted accordingly.
over the past century" Jan 29, 14 2:00 AM

Southold Cull Begins After Lawsuit Against Town Is Thrown Out


Good observation on the court issue, your hypocrisy has no bounds. I, Michael Tessitore, never made mention about criminality, that was quoted from someone else in the article. " Feb 28, 14 8:26 PM

Sure he did, what did "their" refer too? - Dnice


BTW my guys have permission to be on that property from the owner, so they weren't trespassing. There also isn't any warning or posted sign, alerting people that a sniper with a rifle is in the area. If you are going to type my name, make sure you get your facts straight." Feb 28, 14 9:32 PM

Deer Slaughter Under Way In Southampton Town

The STPD were unable to file harassment charges because there was no case against Chamberlin, but on the contrary, shooting from a public roadway and riding in the back of a moving vehicle with a loaded gun on a public roadway does merit some charges filed against the USDA. The USDA has permission to kill deer on private properties only and are not considered to be HUNTERS or exempt from acting in a responsible and safe manner.

As for crop losses. "Long Island farms are efficient with their limited acreage – they produce sales of $7,249 per acre, more than ten times the NY state average of $616 per acre" and damage by deer attributes to less than 2% of their gross.

" Apr 2, 14 9:21 PM

East Hampton Town Website Unveils Deer Management Page

It is good to see that the local hunters are included in the management program. That is a great step forward." Apr 8, 14 4:59 PM

Remsenburg Residents Consider Hiring Bow Hunters To Thin Deer Herd

Private communities being proactive in deer management and at no cost to the taxpayer?... Good job Remsenburg. In the near future, hunting on Long Island will be viewed more as a management tool than a sport and hopefully the hunting regulations will reflect that." May 6, 14 5:52 PM

It would be effectuated on private property in accordance with NYS hunting regulations and season dates." May 6, 14 10:20 PM

East Hampton Village Preservation Society Donates $100K To Deer Spaying Program

East Hampton and other east end towns will continue to have deer population problems, as long as they continue to deny hunters access. Local hunters predominantly hunt private lands. Create a program that gives non resident hunters access to town owned properties via a fee paid parking permit. Sterilization money will dry up once the "powers that be" realize it's limitations and effectiveness. If you own property and want a hunter, contact Hunters For Deer. " Sep 4, 14 3:41 PM

West Hampton Dunes Trustee No Longer Lives In Village

West Hampton Dunes PC do not patrol Cupsogue, which is in Brookhaven, Suffolk County Parks Police patrol it. In fact, SC Parks Police requested that WHDPC stay out of their jurisdictional the beginning of the summer. FYI" Sep 19, 14 2:06 PM

Southampton Town Drafting Comprehensive Deer Management Plan

It's not about the number of deer Spike, it's about where they are a nuisance or come into conflict with people. " Sep 20, 14 9:30 PM

Turkey Bridge,

Culls simply do not work and culls done by the government and White Buffalo are too expensive. What my organization has promoted is the giving NYS licensed hunters access to private properties, where deer are coming into conflict with people and causing a nuisance. We also wish to gain access to town properties, where deer might be funneling into the roadway, causing accidents due to an exclusion issue like fencing. We also believe in managing the deer population in a long term consistent manner, rather than a quick obliteration of the species, as to avoid pushing the population into a compensatory rebound effect situation. Deer will conceptually regenerate themselves from the hunting pressure. This year bow hunters will see a less stringent hunting setback of 150' and we will see the season continue through January during the special firearms season, as well as weekend hunting opportunities. The biggest hurdles for hunters are access. That is why we created our HFD Need-A-Hunter program, which provides property owners with vetted, certified hunters, who have proven to be proficient and effective on a 3D archery course, and have taken the time to realize the goals of property owners." Sep 22, 14 3:03 PM


Case in point, the $250,000 USDA-WS cull performed recently, which was sponsored by the LIFB through a NYS grant, was a complete failure. Out of the 5000 deer they wished to kill, the USDA-WS only managed to take 192 deer, using federal sharpshooters which cost $1302 per deer- roughly. The sharpshooters used tactics that hunters and farmers are denied by state hunting and state penal laws. I will not get into facts on "compensatory rebound effect", as you are very knowledgeable and probably already researched the term on Google. Do check "Solon deer" as a search phrase,as well as Reddington Ct, and Cornell. Nothing in the NYSDEC Deer Management Plan 2012-2016 suggests evidence that the deer are a nuisance evenly throughout the county, in fact, deer are a nuisance in residential and farming properties and not evenly throughout the township. There has not been a Citizen Task Force (CTF) set out by the DEC in 10 years to reach out to the squeaky wheels. Southampton town is the only town on the east end to compile accident data of deer vs. MV, a step most towns should include in their Deer Management committees. I can go on, but if you wish to discuss further, I can contact you." Sep 23, 14 2:18 PM


If you don't see 192 deer being killed for $1302 as a "complete failure", then maybe your support of turning to government to fix all of your woes has made you habitually disconcerted. In NYS, it is the property owner that dictates if an animal is a nuisance. As for your suggestion that a few posts by wannabe operatives and anonymous bloggers supports the genocide of a species, as well as your position, you are lost again. WE are all citizens and entitled to an opinion, but again opinion is not fact. As for your premonition of costs coming down if the "incentive" is there, I am truly interested in what you might propose. Are you suggesting putting a bounty on deer? " Sep 25, 14 9:58 AM

Deer Cull Takes Place In Remsenburg

This is not a cull, it's a management program, using HFD certified bow hunters on private properties during the legal bow hunting season. The hunters are not using DDP's or nuisance tags. They are using the tags that they are allotted through the purchase of their NYS hunting licenses. The service from the hunters is free, the benefit to them is access." Oct 5, 14 5:53 PM


You are completely wrong. The other programs fail because their hunters are ineffective and placed into the program because of connections. HFD certified hunters are selected based on success rate and have taken close to 40 deer in Remsenburg since Oct.1st. Go buy a buy a bow and try our certification, chances are you will not pass, but we will work with you until you do." Oct 7, 14 7:27 PM

East Hampton Village Preps For Deer-Spaying Program In January

The deer will continue to eat indigenous plants, get hit by cars and transport ticks further distances, once sterilized. The USDA charged over $1100 per deer to shoot them last winter, while WB will tranquilize, operate and release them for _____ ?????? Will they leave the current embryos intact or will them pull them out also?
" Dec 18, 14 7:18 PM

East Hampton's Spay-A-Doe Program Raises Financial Questions

East Hampton Village is getting exactly what it wants...dead deer. They knew what the consequences were of sterilizing the does during this time of the year, when deer population numbers are at their lowest and the female deer are pregnant. EHV played the donors like a fiddle, using their emotions to fund a program that would not only guarantee the annihilation of the female deer populous in the village, but they also created another trophy avenue for hunters, by putting jewelry on the does who are less likely targeted by sportsmen. Oh yeah, all in the name of science. How can the supporters of sterilization cast stones at hunters by calling them murderers, when they captured 114 deer and killed their fetuses through abortion? Why is it that animal activists put animal lives, before a human's life? These sterilized deer will still eat indigenous plants, get hit by vehicles and carry ticks. The purpose of a deer management plan is to reduce the numbers, so that the deer are no longer coming into conflict with humans. " Jan 26, 15 7:00 PM

Where is sterilization working elsewhere? According to the DEC. “Fertility control is often suggested or advocated by individuals and organizations as a humane and cost- effective way to control deer populations or to reduce damages or conflicts associated with deer, especially in urban-suburban areas. However, based on considerable research on fertility control for deer, including several studies sponsored by DEC, this strategy has not proven to be a viable, stand- alone option for managing free-ranging deer populations. Given the limited effectiveness of fertility control to manage deer populations, and inability to quickly reduce deer-human conflicts, DEC does not recommend such programs unless they are combined with some form of lethal control. Direct removal of deer through hunting (including managed hunts with firearms or archery) or culling (including bait and shoot or capture and kill) is still the most efficient and cost-effective way to stabilize or reduce deer populations and alleviate associated damages to private property and natural resources."
" Jan 26, 15 7:50 PM

Any opinion outside of you own, does not constitute a personal attack on someone. I don't understand why those that support "science' support abortions on humans, as well as animals so easily. It must be very difficult for you to live in such fear, day in and day out, I guess that is why you have so many monikers, it makes you not feel so alone. What I harvest with my hunting license is reported within 24 hours, call DEC if you want my stats.
" Jan 27, 15 6:00 PM


They used tubal ligation in the referenced link above. EHV had the doe's ovaries ripped out, or known as ovariectomy, then they took out the fetuses and stapled the bellies of the does closed. I am sure this snow has caused a few sterilized deer to pop a staple or two.
" Jan 27, 15 6:07 PM

Walter you are so misinformed and clueless how Hunters For Deer works. Our Remsenburg program was made public, mainly because we live and work in this community and we felt that it was important to show other property owners, that it is up to them as to how they deal with deer on their properties. If we were a hunting club, then we would have members and they would not be confined to our restrictions, for instance, you must harvest 3 does before taking a buck on HFD managed properties. What HFD is doing is similar to Quogue's program and is promoted by the DEC to municipalities looking at hunting as a management tool, except we put our Certified Bow Hunters through proficiency testing. Our CBH course teaches our rank and file to be effective hunters in a suburban landscape- and we shoot from target to provide the most real world scenario to train our hunters. Call my cell to get the facts at 631-445-7568 or just quit spreading lies about my organization on the internet.
" Jan 28, 15 10:00 AM

You won't call me because you don't want to hear the truth and you don't want me to know who you are, so you can continue to bash us in anonymity. Out of 71 deer harvested in Remsenburg, 3 were bucks. " Jan 28, 15 3:01 PM

Hunters And Residents Continue To Butt Heads Over Deer

Just posted on NYSDEC website under Press Releases link. FACTS

2014 Marks the Second Best Year for Safe Hunting in New York
New York's Sportsman Education Program is a Key Factor

"The 2014 New York hunting season closed with the second lowest number of hunting related-shooting incidents on record, State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Joe Martens announced today.

"Hunting is a tradition in New York State that continues to be safely enjoyed by many," said Commissioner Martens. "Governor Cuomo's NY Open for Fishing and Hunting Initiative recognizes all the benefits the sporting community brings to New York's economy and commends hunters for continuing their safe hunting practices. I thank our hunters for following the safety guidelines and for making this past year a successful hunting season."

New York's hunting incident rate (incidents per 100,000 hunters) has fallen by more than 75 percent since the 1960s. The past five-year average is down to 4.3 incidents per 100,000 hunters, compared to 19 per 100,000 in the 1960s."" Jan 29, 15 6:33 PM

We were party to the law suit because we did not believe the USDA should come to our area and create a wildlife ponzi scheme, when hunters could be just as effective and at no expense to the taxpayer, if given the same tools as USDA-WS sharpshooters. We never supported sterilizing deer. Now that Judge Asher has dismissed the law suit and DEC has eased the restrictions, HFD is content. Your continuous attacks on hunting and me personally is unprofessional. The only effective way to manage deer populations on Long Island is through hunting. " Jan 29, 15 7:41 PM

Walter Sobchac also goes by the name (aka) Captredleggs in others online posts, i.e.: Suffolk Times Review. He is Jeff Standish, who runs the Southold deer management program and who's family benefits from "public service".
" Jan 31, 15 6:55 PM

Killorans Threaten Legal Action Against Remsenburg-Speonk School District

Every absurdity has a champion to defend it. Christian and his family will open doors for future families when they succeed.

" Jun 10, 15 10:03 PM

I was more disruptive than anyone in my school, accept for one of my friends Jason. He was awarded "class clown".
" Jun 11, 15 9:16 PM

Several Deer From Experimental Sterilization Program Die After Miscarriages

The sterilization program by White Buffalo in EHV is doing exactly what Mayor Rickenback and the trustees want, it's getting rid of nuisance deer, while appeasing the anti-hunting crowd. EHV needs to re-evaluate their plan." Jun 16, 15 10:13 PM

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