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Bishop holds town hall meeting on health care reform

Currently the gov't is not controlling costs. The average "advanced" country is paying 10% of their GDP on healthcare, while we are spending 16% of GDP the cost of healthcare doubled in the past 9 years in this country, the one without controls on costs. If we don't start to control costs, healthcare will bankrupt the country. Yes, initially it will cost more to insure 47 million more people, but something must be done now! We failed to fix healthcare in the 1990's when it cost less than half as much as it does now. We can't afford to wait." Aug 31, 09 10:51 PM

Southampton Village Police sergeant suspended

This is not an average police officer, he is a sargeant with 25 years of experience. The village saves plenty of money by hiring "summer cops" who give out tickets that more than justify their meager salaries." Jul 23, 10 12:47 AM

Bishop Leads Altschuler After Absentee Ballots Counted

I went and polled absentee voters. Of the people I went to see, 80% voted for Bishop, and the reasons are obvious. They were home-bound voters with serious medical issues. They depend on government assistance to live (Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security). They voted for Bishop because he will protect their lifelines better than Randy would, given his capitalist leanings." Nov 19, 10 10:22 AM