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John Szafranski of Southampton dies at 82

I worked with John at Harry H. Wilde in the 1960's. He was one of the hardest working men I ever met. Cheerful in all weather -- never shirked a task. We will miss him. Rest in Peace, John." Sep 1, 09 5:40 PM

Montauk Highway roadwork in Water Mill will create detour and traffic delays through spring 2010

Yes, traffic is flowing well at this site IMO. The concrete barriers were set up quickly, and new painted lines were done immediately, including the new westbound left turn lane west of the site on to Cobb Road.

Also, eastbound traffic from Cobb Road in the morning will be able to merge on to 27 OK, with perhaps a little less aggressiveness than at the old (now blocked off) merge over the culvert being worked on.

If this work had to be done, it is being handled professionally, and at the right time of year IMO. Lets hope they throw the necessary person-power, equipment, and resources into it, so that winter does not cause unnecessary delays." Sep 20, 09 12:12 PM

Missing kiteboarder found; man had gone home after losing gear

Nice reporting at the end of the week, especially the update late in the day about the safe outcome for all. Thank you for keeping us informed.

Thanks to all the emergency responders for their quick and thorough efforts. Turns out it was a false alarm (not called in by the wind surfer BTW) which happens once in a while. I imagine this event will highlight that the various response teams on The East End are ready to go as one team. Well done, and not a wasted event at all IMO." Sep 20, 09 12:23 PM

Oddone trial to start next Thursday

We don't know all the facts by any means IMO. Tragic results may have started with aggressive actions by bouncer unfortunately. Time will tell fairly soon. Anger solves no problems." Sep 24, 09 5:11 PM

East Hampton couple returns woman's missing wallet ... and $2,400

Looks that way, Frank. Good ending to a news event that was reported real quickly late last week, as I recall, in a very timely manner." Sep 28, 09 7:12 PM

Public questions the need for new firehouse

Let's roll with this -- definitely needed, and modest compared to first proposal." Sep 29, 09 12:54 PM

School officials prepare for possible outbreak of swine flu

Hey, Johnny Nova, don't give up on the plague naming the contributor. Swine not? LOL for sure -- good one!" Sep 29, 09 9:37 PM

Montauk Highway roadwork in Water Mill will create detour and traffic delays through spring 2010

Seems as if the site was empty of workers for a couple of days this week. Hope this is not a sign of things to come." Sep 30, 09 1:28 PM

Town housing officials walk out of civics meeting in East Quogue

LK vs. ATH campaign move IMO.

Time will tell.

PBR" Sep 30, 09 4:15 PM

LIRR trains almost collided in Bridgehampton in August

Ditto -- hope the Press will file FOIA requests to check on MTA documents. Maybe the East End Shuttle concept should be pursued?

Plus, why did the eastbound train NOT pull off on to the siding? Any drug or alcohol tests performed? If not, why not?" Sep 30, 09 4:18 PM

Correction, westbound train was scheduled to pull off onto the siding. " Sep 30, 09 4:20 PM

Linda Kabot's DWI case expected to be moved to Riverhead Town Court

Linda Kabot --

Please answer one question:

Did you poke the arresting officer in the chest?

If so, please provide all details.

If not, please indicate that you did NOT make any physical moves in this regard.

Thank you.

PS - It will not suffice to answer this question after the elections." Sep 30, 09 5:01 PM

Southampton Village installing a crosswalk at Windmill and Jagger lanes

"$500 to install?" You must be joking, Gary, or this is a typo, or the reporter got it wrong. $5,000 if you are lucky IMO. Please keep track of all labor time, material costs, overtime costs, medical benefits for labor, retirement costs (including medical) for labor, etc..

Please include police time to handle traffic during construction, contingencies for insurance issues (negligence during construction, design defects, negligence after construction, etc.), and so forth.

$500?" Oct 1, 09 4:05 PM

Deer hunters gear up for another season in Quogue

Killing off too large a percentage of the deer herd may actually increase the birth rates going forward, due to more food being available for the surviving deer, thus INCREASING the population.

Google "Compensatory Rebound Effect" and check it out.

No easy answers IMO." Oct 7, 09 5:30 PM

Montauk Highway roadwork in Water Mill will create detour and traffic delays through spring 2010

I have not seen anyone working on this site for about a 1 1/2 weeks. Most of these days were good weather -- some rain. Winter is coming. What's up NYS?" Oct 8, 09 5:29 PM

Reports of smoke bring emergency crews to Parrish

Quick FD action, and good reporting on a Friday.

Don't forget to vote today on the proposed firehouse.

Answer the call!" Oct 9, 09 1:11 PM

Proposed change to Southampton Village code would allow archers to shoot deer on their property

I'll buy the deerskin cap and coat.

Mark Epley, feel free to explain what the voice in your head was saying at the time. Do you even remember saying this, or this whole story a joke?

Thanks for making the day amusing, and thanks for opening the door for your ouster.

A very Noble Prize!" Oct 10, 09 1:00 PM

Montauk Highway roadwork in Water Mill will create detour and traffic delays through spring 2010

The job is now active again. See new article and photos elsewhere on the site." Oct 13, 09 4:08 PM

Proposed change to Southampton Village code would allow archers to shoot deer on their property

What a public forum of anger and misperception of what other posters are actually saying!

LocalTeacher has focused on the core issue IMO.

Does hunting deer within the Village WITH BOWS AND ARROWS (!!!) make sense?

Come on!

Convince me, and please subtract your ANGER before you post.

Anger poisons.

Mark Epley, you still have not chimed in here." Oct 13, 09 7:04 PM

Southampton Village Police cuff man, find no weapon

I would be curious to know any additional facts.

Did the police know the caller? Was he drunk? [see comments of Chief at end of article] Did the caller provide additional details not reported in the article?

The responding officers apparently did not see a gun at the residence. They went on to private property, apparently without a warrant, man-handling the victim, searched his car and home, only on the basis of an anonymous call?

WHAT FACTUAL BASIS did the police have for making a warrantless detention of the man, and a warrantless search of the car and house? Were there "exigent circumstances" which justified the lack of a warrant? Or was the anonymous phone call the sole basis for their actions?

This incident raises serious questions about whether our local police are aware of the Constitutional limits on warrantless searches and seizures on private property, especially when based on an anonymous call by an "inebriated" person!

I invite Chief Wilson, and the Village Attorney, to reply with additional facts here, or to Ms. DiNapoli the reporter.

Thank you." Oct 16, 09 11:53 AM

PS -- Did the police trace the 911 call and charge the caller with filing a false report?

Is the 911 tape still available for public review?" Oct 16, 09 11:57 AM

Oddone trial will start Monday

Thanks Michael for updating this story as it develops." Oct 16, 09 12:20 PM

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