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Southampton Village denies request for police records


"Who cares?"

Perhaps the tax-paying and other residents (who pay property taxes indirectly) have a right to know the details of who is working for US, and how the Southampton Village PD is handling their officers' other jobs?

Plus how our tax dollars are being used?

They all work for US, and we deserve to know the details.

Kudos to The Press for seeking out The Truth!" Feb 18, 10 8:10 PM

Southampton Village Police pursue suspected DWI driver before dropping chase

See this week's Press Police News column (and here) for the Village PD.

Car impounded, etc.

Hope to see an updated story next week." Feb 18, 10 8:15 PM

Southampton Village denies request for police records

Yes, police officers should be able to work second jobs, within the parameters of the laws and regulations which govern this activity. As OUR employees, however, they should be required to disclose the details of the second jobs publicly, so that we can check up on them.

Second jobs? Fine by me. I have had my share through the years (although I am not in law enforcement just to be clear, in case you wondered!).

Confidentiality about the second jobs? No way -- we have a right, indeed a duty, to make sure that our tax dollars are paying the salaries of people who are following the rules about second jobs. This includes the Chief -- we have a right to know if he is enforcing the second job rules uniformly and appropriately.

Public job = public disclosure. If this is not acceptable, take a job in the private sector. You work for us.

Of course, this last comment raises the issue of whether the personnel jacket of publicly employed police officers should ever be confidential. NO IMO, and the unions have pulled a fast one on this, but that is another issue! Hornets' nest opened!

PS -- Chief Wilson can fight this all he wants, thereby costing the Village more tax dollars, but sooner or later, the information sought by The Press (about second jobs only) will come out IMO. This information is by no means about the officers' PRIMARY employment (as LOE's), which arguably should be confidential." Feb 19, 10 12:38 PM

Southampton Village Police pursue suspected DWI driver before dropping chase

Yo Terry, read my comment again, Sherlock. I said "hope" an updated story is coming. Take a deep breath and relax maybe?" Feb 19, 10 1:35 PM

PS -- and you are welcome for my adding the information about the updated police column!" Feb 19, 10 1:36 PM

PS2 -- Terry, would you like to reconsider your "doo doo occurs" post BTW?" Feb 19, 10 1:39 PM

Southampton Village denies request for police records

Bottom line:

The Press will prevail in its request for a FOIL release of the documents regarding second jobs held by all Village PD officers (including the Captain mentioned above and Chief).

The Village and Chief Wilson can fight this all they want, thereby costing us more wasted tax money. That is their choice.

Reminder -- the FOIL request is VERY limited.

The documents sought should see the light of day IMO.

PS -- If the Village's refusal to release the documents is seen to be arbitrary and capricious, and without any reasonable legal authority, the Village (that is, we the taxpayers) could also be hit with paying The Press's attorneys' fees, plus punitive damages. Nice move against the struggling taxpayers?" Feb 22, 10 2:03 PM

Local leaders speak out against MTA service cuts

Any hope that the MTA can be reformed to include our East End needs seems myopic and naive IMO. Indeed, the MTA has "dissed" us for decades. THEY are going to change?

"Why ask the fox to keep guarding the hen house, when all the chickens are dying, and fox has fowl blood drooling from his lips?"

[Yeah, now there's a quote for you!]

We need a total change of transportation leadership here IMO. Even the MTA has hinted that they want to be rid of us.

OK, let's do it!

Peconic Bay Regional Transportation Authority -- PBRTA -- sounds good." Feb 22, 10 2:18 PM

Faith in the MTA's ability to change is misplaced in my opinion. Just look at its "track" record.

Dreadful !!!

Time for a change.

Cut bait." Feb 23, 10 4:17 PM

Westhampton Beach Mayor refuses to return two previously suspended officers back to active duty

Thank you to the Mayor and Chief for obeying the law, in all its permutations.

Trustee Tucker et al. might wish to re-think the wisdom of their obstinate, immature and ludicrous position on this IMO.

When is the next WHB election?" Feb 23, 10 7:30 PM


If a majority vote of the Trustees said to kill some ethnic minority en masse, should the Mayor and Chief get out their guns and start shooting?

You are joking right?" Feb 23, 10 7:33 PM

Southampton Village denies request for police records

Mr. Broich's credibility is not the issue here.

The Press (and we the taxpaying public also by the way) has a right to see the documents requested.

There is no legitimate governmental interest (or contractual either) in denying disclosure of the requested -- narrowly limited -- items." Feb 23, 10 9:50 PM

Bridgehampton Historical Society moves forward with renovations to Rogers House

Has a thorough budget been developed and approved for the entire project? No point in starting a renovation which will become The Money Pit IMO. It may not be fiscally prudent to renovate a building like this which may be "too far gone."

Is the framing sound? Are there pockets of rot, and how extensive? Has there been an engineer's report on everything?

Lots of questions TBD, and I doubt if the new Town Board wants to sign on to an "unknown" budget.

If the renovation is going to be historically correct, it could be real expensive in the details. For instance, will the replacement windows have true divided light insulated window glazing? Very expensive, just to start here with one line item.

Is there a time line for the project? Does it depend on the rate of contributions? If so, in this economy the going could be real tough IMO." Feb 24, 10 12:33 PM

Southampton Village denies request for police records

Newsday article was from 2007, correct?" Feb 24, 10 4:36 PM

Car that fled police impounded; driver unidentified

Thank you to the SVPD for:

-- stopping the high speed pursuit when it became dangerous
-- following up until they ran out of leads and cooperation

Well done.

And thank you to the editor and Ms. Reynolds for the follow-up article." Feb 25, 10 4:13 PM

Southampton Village asks attorney for opinion on releasing cops' secondary employment information

Thank you to the Mayor and Mr. Robinson for taking this next step.

Hopefully Mr. DePetris will give a green light to the release of the requested records, and the wasteful and misguided spending of our tax dollars (resisting the FOIL request) can be arrested now.

Time for a more open government IMO, or a change of those who govern in secrecy behind closed doors." Feb 26, 10 12:14 PM

Southampton Village denies request for police records

See new article at link above." Feb 26, 10 12:15 PM

Southampton Village Police pursue suspected DWI driver before dropping chase

New article update -- see link above." Feb 26, 10 5:07 PM

Southampton Village asks attorney for opinion on releasing cops' secondary employment information

Yes, everyone should see the video -- democracy in action !!!

The video URL is here I believe:


This is not a "Broich" issue, it is an issue about:


Wake up folks, the people on this video do NOT want you to have the information.

Freedom will prevail.

PS -- Check the end of the video -- Chief Wilson's Broich-related anger has no place here. " Feb 26, 10 10:48 PM

Good news posted by Editor Shaw above -- the Village has agreed to release the documents requested.

Freedom prevails." Feb 27, 10 9:50 AM

Southampton Town Board candidates face off in final debate

After reading most of the comments here posted ostensibly by supporters of one "side" or the other, I am inclined to vote for:

"None of the above."

What happened to kindly, informed and intelligent debate on the factual issues amongst gentle people?" Mar 3, 10 12:38 PM

In case of emergency: East End SWAT teams

Everyone might be putting the SWAT debate cart in front of the horse.

This debate will be more productive IMO based on the FACTUAL content of the article which will be out in The Press tomorrow.

No one, not even HHS as I understand him, is suggesting that SWAT teams are not necessary. Indeed, in the worst of human conflicts at the local level, they are much needed and appreciated, and the officers involved do put their lives on the line.

How about we all give this debate a rest for the night, and then base further polite, informed and rational discussion on what is ACTUALLY contained in the article, rather than the wanderings of our incontinent minds?

Everyone might be surprised at the dollars spent to gear up local SWAT teams in small municipalities right next to each other. In this tight economy, perhaps there is a more cost-effective, and cost-protective, solution? Let's get the facts straight first.

Sounds good?" Mar 3, 10 6:19 PM

Southampton Village releases some secondary employment information

The point of the Press's FOIL request will be made clear AFTER Chief Wilson and Village release the PUBLIC documents. As the editorial from last Thursday's Press made quite clear, anyone requesting documents under FOIL by definition does not know what the content of the request is. That is the point of the request!

Please read the editorial, which Brenday O'Reilly posted last week. The Press is serving us admirably. It is their right AND DUTY to ferret out dark documents.

Freedom Shall Prevail!

In the meantime, the taxpayers will continue to foot the bill for public officials hiding The Truth!" Mar 3, 10 6:41 PM

Southampton Village asks attorney for opinion on releasing cops' secondary employment information

New article on redacted information. See link above." Mar 3, 10 6:44 PM

Southampton Village denies request for police records

New article -- see link above." Mar 3, 10 6:44 PM

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