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Southampton Village releases some secondary employment information

If the PBA sues over this, IMO they will be whacked for attorneys fees and punitive damages. Chief Wilson's form regarding secondary jobs specifically states that the information is public and may be disclosed (assuming the article above has reported this correctly).

The officers with second jobs have signed off on this as far as any privacy issues are concerned. Chief Wilson is in the clear to release the documents vis a vis the PBA.

The PBA may have a theoretical privacy issue to raise, but the signed consent (by the officers with second jobs) obliterates the PBA's theoretical argument IMO.

Plus, does the PBA really want to sue and lose on the merits? When is their contract up for renewal? Note that the new EH police contract rolled back some salaries I believe, and capped cost of living increases. Does the PBA here want to put the next salary negotiations on the table over PUBLIC documents? I think not.

Once again, so much money being spent to hide OUR documents behind closed doors in secrecy.

If some kind of dirt is exposed by this FOIL request, heads (and jobs) will likely roll." Mar 4, 10 4:52 PM

Southampton Town Board candidates face off in final debate

When Southampton Town and most of the local municipalities in this country are forced to declare bankruptcy over the next few years, you can all get the payroll figures from the bankruptcy court. Payrolls, benefits, retirement packages, etc. are WAY over the top IMO, all while local municipal revenues are declining. The curves WILL cross.

It is probably going to get worse. Pensions will be wiped out due to past excessive union demands and overtime.

Back-peddle to see The Big PIcture.

Fasten seat belts.

PS -- SWAT teams may find their funding cut too, absent a real emergency on the East End (like VP Biden shopping on Jobs Lane in Southampton last fall -- good use of the SWAT heavy metal! Where was the Secret Service?)." Mar 8, 10 7:57 PM

Southampton Town Board work session canceled

Here we go again.

The first Town Board meeting after the swearing in on New Years was also canceled. I seem to recall that Anna and Nancy were both out of town. Correct me if I am wrong.

Both that meeting and this one were on the agenda weeks ahead of time.

There are no issues to "work" on at present time?

Anna and Nancy, you owe us more than this. You work for US. Please stick around and attend previously scheduled meetings.

PS -- This announcement comes on the eve of the special election! What message does this send to the voters about your priorities, and which candidate you would like to see elected?

PS2 -- This announcement was by a "memo" from ATH according to the article. Why is there no press release (PSA) on the Town website? What happened to government for the people?" Mar 8, 10 8:17 PM

PS -- Why was it necessary to cancel the meeting? If the other Board members could attend the work session, is this just Anna (and Nancy?) making sure that nothing gets discussed while they are out of town?" Mar 8, 10 8:23 PM

East Hampton Town councilwoman could face charges for interfering in arrest

And the Oscar for East End melodrama goes to . . . . . " Mar 9, 10 6:03 PM

Bridget Fleming wins vacant Southampton Town Board seat

Congratulations to Ms. Fleming. Now is the time for all citizens and Town Board members to work together to fix our problems, and we have plenty.

The first step will be for the Town Board members to attend ALL scheduled work sessions and Town Board meetings. Tomorrow's work session was cancelled by ATH just a couple of days ago, and there is still no press release on the Town website announcing this. [The work session "agenda" is the ATH memo.]

Shameful attendance record IMO, similar to the first Town Board work session after New Years (also cancelled).

Let's go folks, you for US!" Mar 10, 10 7:26 AM

Mr. Hughes's shock at losing by such a wide margin shows how out of touch he is with the public's dissatisfaction with the old Republican men's club order in Southampton.

Mr.Hughes may have been great in the military, and a good police officer, but as the PBA ad in the Press said last week, "there is no letter 'I' in the word 'Team' ."

Top-heavy directorial management styles have no place in Town government. Teamwork is what we need.

Let's all pull together going forward.

The voters have spoken loudly and clearly." Mar 10, 10 7:32 AM

PS -- Last sentence should say "you work for US!"" Mar 10, 10 7:34 AM

Southampton Village police chief rescinds internal rule governing secondary employment

Kudos to Chief Wilson for releasing the documents requested by The Press under FOIL. Well done.

Chief Wilson, however, is also obligated by law (as he and Mr. DePetris are presumably aware) to retain all paper records for a number of years under various laws and regulations. Any second job records which were not part of The Press's initial FOIL request (especially the latter part of 2009 and 2010) MUST be retained under current document retention laws.

ALL second job documents for 2010 are still discoverable under FOIL, and I expect that The Press will request them ASAP.

If any of these documents go missing because Chief Wilson changed the rules this week, it will come back to haunt the Village IMO.

Thanks once again to Chief Wilson for releasing the FOIL documents appropriately." Mar 10, 10 5:09 PM

Bridget Fleming wins vacant Southampton Town Board seat

Thank you Terry for your productive posts here. Please see new comment below." Mar 10, 10 6:26 PM


Thank you for your productive and intelligent posts here and on other article message boards.

Is your full name Terry Flanagan per your 2/26 post (2:09 PM) under another article here, and were you ever associated with Mr. Hughes's campaign?

Just curious for the facts, not some slam-down ad hominem attack." Mar 10, 10 6:31 PM

Parts of Southampton Village parks and beaches may become smoke-free

Let's see, Coopers Beach and Agawam Park will be smoke-free. Am I missing something, or are these wide-open public spaces with plenty of wind moving through?

14 days in jail? Don't we have bigger issues to deal with?

No wonder our property taxes are so high!

Hello!" Mar 10, 10 6:45 PM

Bridget Fleming wins vacant Southampton Town Board seat

Or John McGann's campaign for Highway Supt.?" Mar 10, 10 7:34 PM

Parts of Southampton Village parks and beaches may become smoke-free

Now that you mention it, there are other gaseous problems in these public spaces, which should be punished by a minimum of 7 days in jail.

Let's start with flatulence in public (would the real word "f*rting" "pass by" the censors here?), now there is a REAL problem . . .

Of course, passing gas in the meeting room of the Village Board should result in an equally severe punishment -- perhaps 10 days in jail due to the confined space involved? When can we install the sensors? Censors? We might need some in the raised area where the Board sits?

Then there is the "nipple exposure" law on the books. How does one apply to be the areola inspector?

Give me a break!

Does our village board have all the other problems worked out, including grossly inflated payroll and retirement costs? First things first!" Mar 13, 10 2:14 PM

Organizers postpone Westhampton Beach St. Patrick's Day parade until Saturday, March 27

Good call !!!

It is pouring cats and dogs." Mar 13, 10 2:22 PM

Southampton Village police chief rescinds internal rule governing secondary employment

Thank you Mr. Shaw for clarifying the exact nature of the documents released under FOIL in your 12:28 post today above.

An excellent balance was stuck here between the public's right to know under FOIL, and the officers' right to privacy. No second job locations or employers were revealed. Essentially, this was a "data request" and many commentators here seem to have missed that point IMO. Very little "private" data was revealed at all.

Thank you also to Chief Wilson, Mr. DePetris, and the Village Board for finding this productive angle of repose.

As the signs leading into the Village say, in 1640 Southampton Village was "Founded for Freedom."

Freedom has indeed prevailed." Mar 15, 10 6:24 PM

"struck" that is!" Mar 15, 10 6:32 PM

Southampton Village mayor and police chief at odds over officers' secondary employment applications

Now we will find out who is in charge in Southampton Village. Good time to sort out the lines of authority IMO." Mar 18, 10 7:52 AM

Councilwoman Fleming privately sworn in Tuesday; ceremonial swearing-in planned

Welcome Ms. Flemming. Well done on your campaign and election.

Take the reins!

Please urge the Supervisor and the Town Board to attend all meetings previously scheduled.

Please improve the Public Service Announcements timetable to include all changes when available ASAP.

Please initiate an email system so that the Town residents and taxpayers will receive notice for all Board work sessions and Board meetings.

Thank you." Mar 18, 10 6:41 PM

Court tosses out guilty plea from 2003 murder in Water Mill

Here we go again.

For the appellate court to reverse a criminal conviction is a rare event IMO.

Add in the DEFENSE counsel:

"Suffolk County District Attorney Henry O’Brien, said this week that he did not think Judge Weber had been coercive in anyway,"

and you have a prescription for a strange situation IMO.

You can't make this stuff up!

Defense counsel says all is OK and the appellate court reverses -- very rare.

Maybe it is the ground water we all drink?" Mar 18, 10 6:54 PM

Southampton Village mayor and police chief at odds over officers' secondary employment applications

Democracy in action.

Freedom Shall Prevail !

OUR Freedom of Speech and Press was intended by our Founding Fathers to be rough-cut and imprecise. Rooting out possible wrong-doing may dig up some dirt, or not, but "dig we must."

The Press is protecting us all by their FOIL request.

This is by design, don't you realize?

Freedom Shall Prevail." Mar 18, 10 7:04 PM

Councilwoman Fleming privately sworn in Tuesday; ceremonial swearing-in planned

Nice improvement in the Town's Public Services Announcements!

http://www.town.southampton.ny.us/" Mar 19, 10 6:10 PM

Southampton Village building inspector fell short on certification hours

According to the article, Mr. Foster's NYS certification as a building inspector has been valid during this entire time period, and continues to be valid. If I have misread the article, please post specific facts and details indicating any lack of state certification, and for what time period." Mar 22, 10 5:42 PM

Southampton Village mayor and police chief at odds over officers' secondary employment applications

Regarding overtime, you can presumably add in SHV PD officers being part of the ten-municipality, 90-officer presence at the Montauk St. Patrick's Day parade yesterday.


Was a SWAT team in place too?

An article on this has been posted on the web site of a certain weekly paid-circulation newspaper which is published east of Southampton. It is however against the rules here to post a link to that site.

No wonder our taxes are so high." Mar 22, 10 6:36 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Attorney Bo Bishop resigns

A very understandable move by Mr. Bishop.

The residents of WHB better take back control of their village from the Troika of obstruction and obfuscation!" Mar 24, 10 2:47 PM

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