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Hampton Bays Residents Sue To Stop Shinnecock Canal Projects

I am so tired of looking at the CPI every morning driving to work, it looks like SH*@T! There is no historic value left, replicate it now. We need to put some charm back into that part of town. The town house issues can be worked out while some progress is being made to better Hampton Bays. " May 15, 15 8:57 AM

Goldman Sachs CEO Sued By Contractor After Working At Bridgehampton Estate

DIRTBAG! Perfect example of why contractors insurance & workers comp rates are so high. If he didn't feel safe why didn't he rectify the situation...LAZY man looking for a hand out!" May 15, 15 9:37 AM

Hampton Bays Man Cuts Down Hundreds Of Beetle-Infested Trees

First of all....There are 3 separate parcels owned by Salvatore. 59, 61 and 63. I can only assume he is preparing to develop those 2 cleared pieces and I believe there are clearing restrictions that would require him to reveg. If this "meadow" is to become part of the 63 Newtown parcel will the said separate parcels still be held single and separate? Good luck with that can of worms you just opened for yourself. On a different note....If you look at google maps there are not many pines on those 2 pieces and I hope that he removes the "infected trees" bc the eggs can cause huge problems for surrounding property owners. Do whatever you want with your property but just do it by the book please. " Aug 31, 15 3:07 PM

Southampton Village Residents Not Sold On Development Aspect Of Proposed Sewer District

The vacancies are caused by high rent and apartments/condos that people are considering building after the sewer system is in will be outrageously priced as well. There are other ways of protecting Lake Agawam and there are self contained sanitary systems that can be installed...some people in this community are just laying the ground work for a bigger bank account. " Dec 4, 15 4:50 PM

UPDATE: Former Hampton Bays School Board Member Pleads Guilty For Looting Scholarship Fund

It is a very sad situation all around but stealing from the fund has nothing to do with his job performance at the water district. " May 6, 16 9:10 AM

Bill And Hill Might Sleep Here

If elected, our infrastructure is not designed to accommodate her. I can’t begin to imagine the traffic, must be nice to have a couple million to drop on a home you will visit once a year." Aug 15, 16 7:26 AM

Montauk Homeowners Sue Over East Hampton Town Demands To Inspect Artist's Studio

ok....let us look at both sides. how many people in SH and EH towns are allowing their single family residents to be used as multi-family residents? The courts would be flooded w applications for search warrants. its very simple....all accessory structures should be subject to inspection every 3 yrs, the homeowner schedules their appointment and we all go on living happily bc its at their convenience. " Apr 26, 17 8:49 AM