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Officials want to use Southampton Town's Community Preservation Fund to save Stony Brook Southampton

To use the CPF funds for this purpose is an egregious abuse of power. While I appreciate the intentions of our legislators to work to keep the campus open, it is entirely inappropriate to use CPF funds in this manner. The attempt to claim this is to protect development rights is simply disingenuous. If they want to use CPF funds for this purpose they should seek approval from the voters. The excerpt below is from the April 2010 CPF Project Plan. How can the use of CPF funds for this be justified via the mission statement?

The Town’s updated Community Preservation Project Plan builds upon these past initiatives, as its principal goal is precisely the same as that of previous Town conservation endeavors: to protect and preserve the Town’s unique open space, natural areas, farmland and historic places, and to provide park and recreation opportunities for residents and visitors alike." Apr 23, 10 8:48 AM