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School officials want county bus stop moved

This move is very bad for bus riders. Now only the 10B and 10C serve the village, and they run very infrequently (once every 2 hours) compared to the S92. I still dont understand why the school felt transit buses, with highly experienced, trained drivers were a danger to the students. Perhaps it has more to do with subject people deny, discrimination. They (the school) didn't want their students coming in contact with people who take the bus, many of which are of lower income and of color.
Suffolk Transit should have refused to remove the bus stops, but they are poor advocate for their riders. MTA would not back down like that.
It is true alot of illegal day laborers ride the S92, but I find it quite amusing that those that hire these men, dont want them by the school. What happened here is an example of everything that's wrong with this part of Long Island.
And it's the poor, seniors, and disabled that suffer, because some rich snobs dont want to deal with the mess they created (by hiring illegals in the 1st place)." Sep 6, 09 10:41 PM

Public Transportation set to be improved

And yet they remove a bus route from the Village of East Hampton (S92). How is bus service improved by just getting new buses, when it's the frequency of service and routes that need to be expanded.
Here in Nassau, there have been dramatic improvements in our bus system since the MTA took over management of the LI Bus system. At the County level, Suffolk is inept with public transit needs. It's time for the MTA to take over, thats the only way we're gonna see improvements (such as Sunday service which is all talk but no action from Suffolk county)." Sep 6, 09 10:45 PM

Southampton Town Code Enforcement Uncovers Violations In Flanders Home

I sure hope if the individuals in the building were illegal aliens they were deported. Keep the RAIDS coming!" Mar 10, 11 1:00 PM

UPDATE: Suffolk County Crime Stoppers Offers Up To $5,000 Reward For Information Leading To Arrest Of Hit-And-Run Suspect

Another fine example of illegal aliens committing crimes against the people of the United States, while the police and government look the other way because the rich and powerful, like Mr.Zaro, want them here for the cheap labor. Meanwhile we have to deal with the crime and our communities being turned into foreign countries. If Justice actually still existed in this country, Mr.Zaro would be charged with harboring and employing illegal aliens, which used to be considered a major crime in this country!" Jul 20, 12 8:28 PM

Motorist Beaten By Three Women In Bathing Suits During Traffic Jam

Summer on the east end is no longer relaxing and safe thanks to these Bennys (what people in S.Jersey call rude ppl from the city). They come in on Jitneys, trains, and of course by luxury vehicle. They talk on the phone while driving, and seem to pay no attention to the road or what's around them. It really is time us Long Islander's come up with our own "Benny Go Home" movement! Dont they have beaches and stores in the city? And dont say the economy was bad before they came, I remember a much cleaner east end before it become so popular with these Citiots (another term for these ppl). " Jul 27, 12 10:46 PM

Yup, people on the Jersey Shore deal with the same king of crowd. Just Google Benny Go Home." Jul 27, 12 10:47 PM

The Hills At Southampton Golf Course Application Deemed Complete

This development will have a very large negative impact on the Pine Barrens, and how Southampton can even consider this is just unreal. "As of Right"..I'll tell what's "as of right" that this land be purchased with the powers of eminent domain for preservation, that is OUR right. I find it very interesting that Mr.Water, oops, I meant Richard Amper, is nowhere to be found in this piece. Actions (esp lack of) speak louder than words Mr.Amper." Feb 12, 15 1:03 AM

Environmentalists Say East Quogue Development Would Further Damage Water Supplies, Waterways

It is blatantly obvious that development on this land is going to have a tremendous impact on the environment. The only option here is purchasing this land for preservation, to protect the Pine Barrens and our Drinking Water. If the owner refuses, it can be seized by use of Eminent Domain laws. " Mar 7, 15 8:31 PM

Southampton Town's Conservation Board Says The Hills Project May Hurt The Environment

Couldn't have said it better. However, New Jersey has done far more to protect and preserve their Pine Barrens than New York has for us. A much, much greater portion (over 1 million acres) of NJ's Pinelands have been preserved and protected from development. That cannot be said here on Long Island. The state should have made the Pine Barrens Core Preservation area much larger than it actually is. Then developments like the Hills would have been dead in the water. While parts of New Jersey are no doubt some of the most polluted places in the Country, other parts are more pristine than anything you'd find on Long Island. Their Pinelands are actually much healthier than ours because they're less fragmented, and experience a more regular fire cycle, something essential for Pitch Pines. It explains why LI is being hit harder by Southern Pine Beetles, even though the average temperature in NJ is higher. " Nov 30, 17 8:56 PM

Southampton did offer to but the land but the developer refused. The Town hasn't been serious about stopping this development since Day 1. There is clear and warranted use for eminent domain to acquire this property and stop development here. Drinking water for people in the area is essential, so is the Pine Barrens. So much has already been lost that it should be made illegal to clear any Pine Barren habitat. Yes the developer will sue, let them, we need a town that will stand up for the environment instead of bowing to the demands of a greedy developer. The town should immediately seize the land using eminent domain, period. " Nov 30, 17 9:01 PM