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Cuomo Seeks Hunting Regulation Changes; Deer Hunting Areas May Open Up

Not such a great idea at all - everyone should be aware that hunting merely spurs reproduction! After so many years of hunting, hasn't it occurred to anyone why deer populations haven't decreased (except in the immediate aftermath of a hunting season)? According to a peer-reviewed scientific study by Richter & Labisky (a study that state wildlife agencies are quite aware of, and manage deer accordingly for MSY) - this study showed that hunted herds produce twins/triplets at the rate of 38%, while in non-hunted herds that number drops to only 14% - do the math! In fact, the study was done in Florida,but it was noted that the number is higher in other areas of the country. Wildlife agencies do not manage wildlife, they manage game, specifically geared for their only clients, hunters - hunting has become big business. Deer are not hunted to reduce populations, they are hunted to increase and keep populations high just to satisfy hunters, serving deer on a sliver platter, as they expect!" Jan 28, 14 12:48 PM

No need to resort to nastiness and snide remarks, which is so typical of those who don't understand, nor are willing to learn the facts on wildlife reproduction and mismanagement by wildlife agencies. I love Chicago, but, sadly, do not live there. I have every right to be concerned with NY state's deer mismanagement because the same bovine excrement is practiced in every state that "manages" game for hunters' pleasures!" Jan 28, 14 3:19 PM

As you may have read, that is exactly my point!
The state wildlife agencies manage exactly for that purpose, hunting ad infinitum!" Jan 29, 14 8:29 AM

No one is trying to take venison out of the mouths of those who "might" rely on it for sustenance, and you know it - if you don't, please read details!
Aren't we living in the 21st Century? The people who hunt for sustenance are far and in-between! For example, a hermit living in the backwoods or back-country and whose hunting isn't exactly managed by a state wildlife agency wouldn't even get a license and/or deer tags - wouldn't be a threat to causing compensatory rebound, would they? The majority of hunting in the US IS trophy hunting! Yes, it also depends on which state - some are very rural where a hunter may actually save one deer for the freezer, while other populated states allow hunting even in backyards! " Jan 29, 14 9:30 AM

Hunting is not a sport!
A true sport involves consenting teams or individuals who agree to a set of rules or customs when engaging in a competitive activity. Do animals have a choice?
Only psychopaths grin from ear to ear while posing with their victims for those memorable trophy shots!" Jan 30, 14 12:02 PM

Hunters And Residents Continue To Butt Heads Over Deer

What is a land/homeowner who doesn't want hunting in the neighborhood to do
when it is allowed on adjacent properties? Would everyone at least be notified and informed which homeowners participated by allowing their land to be hunted?" Jan 29, 15 10:38 AM