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Cuomo Seeks Hunting Regulation Changes; Deer Hunting Areas May Open Up

Leave deer alone, and their population will stabilize. Many studies
have proven this.

Since hunting causes the reproduction rates of a deer population to
double or triple, hunting is not a solution to a problem, but a
commitment to a permanent problem.

When towns kill deer, they convey a message to our children that
killing is the way to solve our problems.
" Jan 29, 14 8:14 AM

To Michael Hunter...Are you saying that because hunting is an important part of America’s outdoor heritage from the days when there was no other food source for settlers that the same should apply to living in the 21st Century? You refuse to acknowledge that hunting spurs reproduction, whether it's modeled on twinning/tripling (according to R&L) or the NAMWM nor that state wildlife agencies always manage for MSY! You're absolutely correct, they DO adjust to changes in populations - but those changes are not to reduce numbers, but keeping them at a steady number or more at all cost!
Just let your fingers do some walking; you will learn how many calls there are to raise deer populations because hunters want more, NOT fewer! Hunting/culling - same thing as far as "managing" herds; mere semantics!" Jan 29, 14 11:03 AM

Hunters Take 72 Deer In First Month Of Cull In Remsenburg

When my grandson was 13, he wrote,"It shouldn’t be hard to notice that hunters use weapons and equipment that the animal would never be able to use, while the unarmed animal has to wait and die." " Nov 12, 14 5:20 AM