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Southampton Town building department records decline in permit applications

No surprise that electric permit renewals increased 1265% y/y given the Department's nice little scam of hiding old permits that may or may not have gone through the entire process to FINAL and CofC issued. It's a complete scandal that these very old and "open" permits didn't exist when new homeowners checked to make sure there were no open permits in their property file upon purchasing their homes only to find out years later that there were indeed open permits from the previous owners. The response, "Well, when you asked us if there were any open permits you didn't specify electric!" What else, I wonder, can the Buildings Department do to make their processes more difficult for the average homeowner? Talk about the cost of doing business being high and inefficient in Town government - just go to the Buildings Department and see the cost of an individual trying to deal with the process themselves. Expeditors shouldn't be needed for small jobs! Homeowners shouldn't have to pay their contractor to handle the permiting process on small jobs! More of the process should be handled online. The Department should know what all of their hands are doing. They shouldn't have the homeowner tell them that electrical was certified in order to complete the building CofC process. It's just plain disgusting." Mar 12, 10 5:18 PM

County Road 39 to see minor widening project in the fall

and then can we raise the speed limit another 10 mph? please?" Apr 1, 10 4:14 PM

Officials want to use Southampton Town's Community Preservation Fund to save Stony Brook Southampton

I'm disappointed that the Town Board would come out in favor or something without asking the actual taxpayers and the homeowners whose purchase money supplies the CPF. I am not in support of letting SUNY off the hook. Stonybrook is using Southampton College as a game with the SUNY parent to try and get some funds restored. Let's not play into this!" Apr 23, 10 12:02 PM

SmartBoards make excellent tools in classrooms

OMG! Schools have been using these tools for over 10 years!!!!!" Apr 29, 10 4:53 PM

Southampton Town officials revisit idea of charging clubs for additional police presence

"but also that the town should be sensitive of the financial benefits that the popularity of Neptune and the Boardy Barn bring to the town as well. “We have to remember that some of the revenue that is generated by these establishments, as difficult as they can be, is still part of our local economy here,” Mr. Nuzzi said." Where is your analysis of the "revenue" generated by these clubs? It is very easy to do the analysis to show the impact on Town spending from dealing with these drunken idiots. How about the impact on our property values from the noise and havoc from these clubs and add The Beach Bar to this list. I have no peace or quiet on the weekends from the blaring dance music crap. And the horrible experience my guests have to experience taking the LIRR home on a Sunday at HB station! It is disgusting to deal with the "young adults" who come to HB just to see how much cheap beer they can drink in a few hours. This is how we want to represent our town to the world? Everyone knows HB is the place to come and get drunk and be disorderly. It is sickening to drive into town on the summer weekends to watch these people, who have absolutely no regard for our town, vomit in the street and urinate behind the Chase bank. Stop the madness! Stop cowtowing to this alledged and undocumented extra revenue brought in by these drunken party-goers! Focus on improving the QOL of those who live here and we will spend money to make up the revenue!" Jun 4, 10 12:52 PM

Southampton Town code enforcement slaps landlord with 50 violations at six houses

If you don't want to deal with adhering to the code in Southampton Town don't build here! I'm not justifying the Building Department's ways by any means, having my own unjustified hassels with them. However, you don't build pools without permits! You don't ignore Cof O requirements. Period. His humanitariasm is great but is no justification for the nature of many of the violations. There are so many people in Southampton Town who think the regulations and law don't apply to them. And who suffers? Their neighbors. I am glad that there is a crackdown. I know of so many cases where certain homeowners have been allowed to get away with so much crap and code enforcement officers who looked the other way. We need to keep focusing on following up with significant violations. Code Enforcement also needs to do a better job of following up on homeowners who ignore notices of violations as well. Why are there still so many out-of-control share houses and homeowners who think they can turn their homes into weekly rentals? Where's our right of enjoyment of our own homes? Is Code Enforcement checking Craig's list and Facebook and busting down share houses? I'd like to see an article on those statistics." Jun 4, 10 1:02 PM

Taxpayers approve Hampton Bays Library's $1.89 million budget

Just because the reporter says the majority of the increase goes to salary doesn't mean anything. Read the budget breakdown before making disparaging comments. To another nasty poster - the employees aren't government workers. They don't come off the county's civil service list. They are from a pool of private library workers and they make peanuts. They don't receive the "sweet government pension and healthcare bene's" that you bemoan. The HB library is terrific and an essential resource to the community. Mind your own business is you don't live in Hampton Bays!" Aug 12, 10 4:27 PM

Community activist from Northampton announces plan to run for Southampton Town Board

I'd like to add to the sentiments congratulating this announced candidate for selflessly spending his valuable free time, while working full-time to make ends meet, in order to educate himself on all of the issues facing the entire Town of Southampton. We are lucky that people like him are willing to run for office when they are subjected to such hatred and gratuitous animus from some of the residents. Thank you Brad Bender!" Aug 26, 10 5:19 PM

Hampton Bays civic leaders make their own redevelopment pitch

I'm not quite sure what bb is referring to as half-truths. As to the wacky assertions about the United group. It was just one meeting. There are several groups in HB who have been meeting for over a year on this issue. It's not just 14 people or "old people," which is a very insulting comment. The United group is just the executive committee members of all of the HB associations. It's a shame that Mary Jean stepped down. She did a lot of work on this issue. The Rechlers can't build what they really want - more condos in HB that will not all sell but that will terrorize the rest of us with weekly and monthly rentals - or else they wouldn't even be talking to the Town. The bigger question to me is why isn't Canoe Place Inn a landmark? Why doesn't the Town have a Landmarks Preservation process any more? I'm opposed to any new developments in HB until the current ones sell and are viable. Also how can anyone build facilities so near the canal without proper sewage control? We should all be concerned about that! I'd also be very sad to see North One Steakhouse go. It's really good and it's definitely needed in HB." Aug 26, 10 5:47 PM

Mary Jean Green steps down as civic president

That's a real shame! Endless thanks to Mary Jean for all of her tireless efforts and good work!" Aug 26, 10 5:56 PM

New proposal for religious boundary on public roads spurs questions in Westhampton Beach

Wow you are all so ignorant and insulting. How dare you comment on a religion that you are not knowledgable about? An eruv hurts no one! How can you possibly equate it with a mosque. It's just s freaking string that most people won't even see at normal eye lines. An eruv is not illegal or against the Jewish religion. It is allowed by it. However, because of the Town code it has to be approved. Approve it and get on with it. The opposition to this makes me ill to live here." Aug 26, 10 6:26 PM

if you are correct then why is the WHB Village Board even involved? Why isn't it up yet?" Aug 30, 10 7:01 PM

hmm. very interesting nbeem. thanks for posting this useful comment that informs but doesn't gratuitously impose any nastiness on the posters to this blog!" Aug 30, 10 7:03 PM

wow! and you don't think you are a bigot with this comment: "Its what it represents, and the fact that it will turn this beautiful town , into an orthodox jewish town. " That's an awfully large leap too! Basically you are saying that we can't accommodate a religious group with something that won't negatively impact the residents. How does that turn an entire town into "an orthodox Jewish town?" I haven't read anything about asking everyone else to move out. And as barnbabe told me - that I'm not entitled to an opinion because I live in a hamlet in the same Town - but not WH - Really?" Aug 30, 10 7:07 PM

didn't know about the dots instead of the string. Again, another useful clearly and fairly stated comment to this blog. Thank you DasK. I hope LIPA approves and we get the WHB village Board out of it." Aug 30, 10 7:10 PM

what is the precedent and what other religious requests? As ZBAs love to tell neighbors - there is no such thing as a precedent for other neighbors if we approve one residential owner's request - every request for a variance is reviewed on a case by case basis. Calling this a pandora's box issue is just hiding behind a bigoted statement." Aug 30, 10 7:12 PM

To use barnbabe's comment, again, "Really, Jean?" We should tell an entire sect of Judaism that they shouldn't exist. Wow? I don't even know what to say." Aug 30, 10 7:14 PM

So what that the Rabbi asked. The store owners don't have to say yes and he is free to ask whatever he wants. It's insulting that you think an eruv for a mother who needs to push her stroller to synagogue an asinine request. IS it possible that you can learn a little tolerance?" Aug 30, 10 7:17 PM

IF that is true then the Rabbi, in my opinion was wrong. However, that doesn't have anything to do with what is a reasonable request for an eruv." Aug 30, 10 7:19 PM

Okay so a mother with more than one young child who can't yet walk should carry both of them in her arms all the way to the synagogue because you think she is being "lazy" and shouldn't be allowed to use a stroller? Why is this even your business? Are you Jewish? Are you an orthodox jew? Do you belong to this Synagogue?" Aug 30, 10 7:22 PM

Hampton Bays civic leaders make their own redevelopment pitch

they are proposing a septic system that is inadequate. The Rechlers aren't proposing a system that any environmental scientist would be suggesting or that would adequately protect the waterways from this type of development so close to the canal. We need to be even more careful given the red and brown tide problems that we are having." Aug 30, 10 7:26 PM

by "your age?" Are you telling me that I am what you called "old people?" Far from it!" Aug 30, 10 7:27 PM

Go down to Town Hall and look at the zoning map. Most of the homes in RWB zones aren't directly on the water including my own and I am in an RWB zone." Aug 30, 10 7:29 PM

Debate over Jewish religious boundary begins to heat up

From the article: "The chairman also said an eruv would “change the character of the neighborhood” by turning the area into an “enclave of just ultra-Orthodox Jewish people” and lower property values. He said anti-Semitism was not at the heart of the opposition to the eruv."

Taking a position that something would definitely happen, without any evidence, and then stating that a group of people will "lower property values" is bigotry. Targeting your statement about "a group of people" to "Jewish people" is antisemitism.

I love bigots who go out of their way to insist that they aren't bigots by continuing to utter words that cement this.

Even though the local governments need not be involved, if they won't allow Verizon to do this without their permission, and, Verizon won't do it without the their permission, local governments need to be involved. If any of the local governments deny this they are sealing the fates of their villages and towns to be permanent homes to bigotry: Elected officials should be crystal clear on that outcome." Sep 30, 10 6:42 PM

Shinnecocks get final word, become 565th recognized tribe

Congratulations to the Tribe! A well-deserved, rightful and outrageously overdue victory! Too bad the Feds had to pass judgment when you were here first! The Tribe should pass judgment on the Feds!" Oct 1, 10 5:37 PM

Rechlers pick up demolition permit applications for Canoe Place Inn

How about we speak up for all of the homeowners behind and around the CPI location who suffer from the current nightclub use? Where is their right of enjoyment?" Oct 1, 10 5:41 PM

who are you directing your comments to? I don't own a house there. But I've heard from everyone who does. Why are you so nasty?" Oct 4, 10 5:39 PM

Despite Objections, Southampton Town Board Appoints OTB Official To Top Management Post

Wow! what a black-eye for Southampton Town. This position, one of the highest paid (non-police) positions, was supposed to be eliminated for cost savings and redundancy and out of NO WHERE three of five Board members secretly appoint someone? When was the position advertised? Who else was interviewed? What about a civil service list? I demand proof that the answers aren't never, no one and exempt.

Tell me how this smells of anything but POLITICAL PATRONAGE. Then Mr. Nuzzi has the nerve to boast that the Supervisor "screened" Mr. Kratoville two years ago. Two years ago?! I can't imagine it was for a position that very much had a warm body in it! Nasty!

Why is CPFO certification being touted? (governmental accounting, auditing and financial reporting, investing, debt management, budgeting and risk management). These are the Supervisor's and the Comptroller's duties. Or is this Step One in the Republican's Cabal to introduce a referendum to eliminate the Supervisor's position and make Southampton Town an appointed manager led government with part-time political council members?

This is one of the most glaring examples of what is wrong with Southampton Town government. This is a SCANDAL!
" Nov 29, 10 6:01 PM

I'm very sickened! Good question about Mrs. Graboski! Would also love to know who Mr. Mr. Kratoville's Rabbi is." Nov 29, 10 6:10 PM

Depends if this is an exempt position or not. Where is the salary coming from to pay Mr. Kratoville during the weeks while he transitions with the current incumbent who will still be on payroll through Jan. 1st and then still on the books due to his payout? Here is the resolution for tomorrow. If you agree this is outrageous protest at 6pm, during the public portion of the Town Board meeting! Here is the resolution:

Resolution 2010-1206
Category: Personnel
Sponsors: Graboski, Nuzzi, Malone
Department: Town Council
Appoint Russell Kratoville to the Position of Town Management Services
WHEREAS, the Town Board of the Town of Southampton adopted the 2011 Operating
Budget on November 19, 2010; and
WHEREAS, the Final 2011 Adopted Budget restored the Business Management Department,
also referred to as General Services, which includes but is not limited to the Divisions of
General Services, Human Resources, Audit & Control, Capital Programs & Grants, Risk
Management and Technology & Financial Analyst to the Town Board; and
WHEREAS, the Town Board intends to maintain the position of Town Management Services
Administrator as Department Head of the Department of Business Management; and
WHEREAS, the current Town Management Services Administrator is retiring at the end of
2010; now therefore be it
RESOLVED, the Town Board hereby appoints Russell Kratoville to the position of Town
Management Services Administrator effective January 1, 2011, subject to the approval of
Civil Service, at an annual salary of $107,100; and be it further
RESOLVED, the terms of employment for the position of Town Management Services
Administrator shall be incorporated into the Southampton Town Code along with the duties
and responsibilities prescribed in the Civil Service duty statement previously approved by
Southampton Town Board - Agenda Board Meeting of November 30, 2010
Page 64
the Department of Civil Service; and be it further
RESOLVED, the funding shall be paid out of the restored salary account
01.1610.99.6100.0000 in the Business Management Department, Division of General
Fiscal Impact:
The 2011 source of funding is Business Management Department, Division of General
Services Salaries Account G/L# 01.1610.99.6100.0000 and Employee Benefits various G/L
Codes to be determined by Town Comptroller, for a total amount of $149,457.00" Nov 29, 10 6:45 PM

no. In 2008 the Town Board adopted a resolution requiring search committees for all major administrative positions. This is one, if not the highest administrative position. I'm looking to see if I can find the resolution online.
" Nov 29, 10 7:16 PM

well when you limit the candidates to no one who would know the position was publicly available, to only those who have family who have lived on the East End since the 1600's, and to only those who have been loyal Republican soldiers and are willing to be manipulated by sour grapes and blind partisan control by a small unrepresentative group, the odds get slim for a Southampton Town resident." Nov 30, 10 1:03 AM

Not all civil service positions are "union" positions. One has nothing to do with the other. This is a civil service position. The title is Town Management Services Administrator. Here is the Suffolk County Job Spec for this title:


An employee in this class coordinates and administers a town's management services. The incumbent oversees electronic data processing systems, implements personnel and purchasing policies, administers grant applications and coordinates the risk management program. Supervision is exercised over a professional, technical and clerical staff. Does related work as required.

Coordinates the operations of town government through the use of electronic data-processing systems;
Reviews all contracts and specifications relative to the competitive bidding laws;
Administers town applications for state, federal or other grants or forms of aid available to municipalities;
Establishes uniform purchasing practices, standardizes supply, material and equipment use and maintenance;
Administers, manages and reviews a town's self-insured programs and insurance policies to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of current or proposed policies, and making the recommendations to the Town Board regarding same;
Implements, administers, manages and coordinates a town's risk management insurance policies and procedures;
Supplies and maintains vehicles that are town owned other than those assigned to the Highway Department;
Assists departments in the recruitment of personnel; maintains accurate records of any and all personnel transactions;
Assists in implementing the recommendations of independent auditors and Audit Committee.

Comprehensive knowledge of the principles, practices, methods and techniques of public administration and financing; thorough knowledge of data-processing systems and capabilities; thorough knowledge of the policies, regulations, methods, procedures and laws related to general services and insurance programs and services offered by a town; good knowledge of administration and supervision of personnel; good knowledge of the distribution and supply of materials, equipment, usage and maintenance; good knowledge of statistical concepts and methods; knowledge of inventory control; ability to efficiently meet the needs of municipal departments being serviced; ability to plan, assign and supervise the work of personnel in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale; ability to analyze facts and to exercise sound judgment in arriving at conclusions; ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with town, County, state officials and the general public; ability to express oneself clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

a) Graduation from a New York State or Regionally accredited college or university with a Bachelor's Degree, and six (6) years of administrative or managerial experience in the following fields: computerized data processing systems, personnel or business administration, and public finance. This experience must include at least two (2) years at an administrative or managerial level in each field; or,
b) Graduation from a standard senior high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma, and ten (10) years of technical or administrative experience in the following fields: computerized data processing systems, personnel or business administration, and public finance. This experience must include at least two (2) years at an administrative or managerial level in each field; or,
c) An equivalent combination of education and experience as defined by the limits of a) and b).

RR01/22/03" Nov 30, 10 1:56 PM

According to Suffolk County Civil Service, who administers titles for Southampton Town, this is an open competitive title. See above posting for details.
" Nov 30, 10 1:57 PM

you mean the group of three who continue to violate NYS Sunshine law?" Nov 30, 10 1:59 PM

That's just nasty and no Anna didn't write or set up any of the people that sent in letters or spoke. Please don't spew hate and make up things as facts when they aren't at all true. Also, are you saying that democrats can't be tax payers and therefore don't have the right to protest when procedures and laws are violated? Democrats speaking out at Town Board meetings aren't real? " Nov 30, 10 10:50 PM

He's probably even taking a salary cut. According to seethroughny.com in 2008 he earned $102,375. So with COLAs and such since then he is probably currently making more thatn $107,000." Dec 2, 10 6:01 PM

in the budget the supervisor submitted the people actually performing the duties - not supervising them - were to be reassigned to other areas in order to eliminate the redundant supervision since the government is too small to justify the position. In the majority's amendments they restored the entire department and took some more functions away from the comptroller's office." Dec 2, 10 6:09 PM

Since I was on seethroughny.org I looked up who earns $107,000 and up in Southampton Town wages. 69 people do. Blowes makes $117,000 so at least they downsized the salary a bit for this new person. However, of the 69, the majority are police. Only 7 of the 69 are civilian employees and only 4 make more than what the new person will make. The 7 are Lance Aldrich, Blowes, Ed Deyermond, Allyn Jackson, Bill Jones, Cheryl Kraft and Jefferson Murphree." Dec 2, 10 6:17 PM

Bishop Leads Altschuler After Absentee Ballots Counted

it's so ridiculous it's funny" Dec 2, 10 6:20 PM

Judge Orders That 161 Ballots Be Counted, Prepares Ruling On 1st District Race

then after the 71, how many more contested ballots to rule on?" Dec 2, 10 6:28 PM

Southampton Town Board's Majority Remains Mum On Budget Changes

go to seethroughny.org" Dec 2, 10 6:37 PM

Despite Objections, Southampton Town Board Appoints OTB Official To Top Management Post

First, any individual can request the Ethics Board review a matter. If they make a recommendation that gives them standing to refer the matter to the Attorney General for an opinion which only a municipal body can request, such as the Ethics Board, which acts under municipal authority." Dec 3, 10 1:48 PM

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