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Rumba Discussion Continues, Reluctantly

who is really pushing? do you live there? do you often travel on Canoe Place and have almost had several accidents because of the traffic?
" Jul 24, 13 5:51 PM

Southampton Town Approves Annexation Of Land By Village; Kills Political Ban For Regulators

This is precisely why the Town of Southampton government will never truly improve their practices. The patronage is so out of control it is at the expense of a competent government. I am still amazed that the conflicts of interest requirements that most political subdivisions of the State of NY, of which Southampton Town is one, aren't followed in this town. Why not?

I also don't understand why a public hearing wasn't allowed - the denial of that just begs the question. Even a smart politician would take an action to avoid the appearance of impropriety, a concept that clearly flew right over the heads of Malone, Nuzzi and Scalera. Pretty foolish - makes you wonder if they are acting on their own "expertise" or taking orders from the SH Town Republican Party Chair.

At the very least, we should all call on them to state exactly why they refused a hearing!

The issue isn't in what party you are enrolled - it is if you are an elected party committee person - big difference. Of course it isn't appropriate to serve on an appointed board, especially boards that are actually performing the job of the local government (i.e., land use, planning, zoning, etc.). The irony here is that the Republicans in SH Town are always quick to decry anything or anyone from "NYC" corrupt or worse, but even in NYC government this crap would never be allowed. The conflict of interest rules are very numerous in that political subdivision and there is a very rigorous board and department of investigation that regulates this.

As to the claim that Council Member Fleming is "grandstanding" and being "opportunistic" I don't see the facts behind that. On the other hand, unlike most of the town board members, she has deep government experience, including heading the welfare fraud unit for the Manhattan D.A. She is doing exactly what we voted for her to do - to bring her deep experience and success in implementing government reforms to bear in Southampton Town, which is still very corrupt. I'm glad that I voted for her and we are lucky to have her. Now we need to get more like her elected.

I also find it odd that the Southampton Town Board refused to have a hearing on a proposed provision that East Hampton Town already has in its code. Read more:

(3) No person shall serve as a Town of East Hampton Town Board member and at the same time hold the position of chairperson or vice-chairperson of the Town, County, state or national committee of a duly recognized political party or any subdivision thereof. No person shall hold an appointive office on the Town of East Hampton's Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Architectural Review Board, Board of Assessment Review, Community Preservation Fund Committee or Housing Authority and at the same time hold a position as a committee member of the Town, county, state or national committee of a duly recognized political party or any subdivision thereof. For purposes of this section, a person holding the office of chair, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer or any other officer of any of the aforementioned committee(s) shall be deemed to be a member of such committee(s). Persons holding such political offices and elective or appointive Town offices at the time of enactment of this statute may continue to hold such offices and perform the duties thereof until the completion of their existing terms.[Amended 12-15-1995 by L.L. No. 15-1995; 5-19-2005 by L.L. No. 17-2005]
(a) Any person who is a member of the aforementioned political committee(s) shall deliver to the Town Clerk evidence of his or her resignation from said political committee(s) within five days of taking the oath of elective office or within five days of his or her appointment to one of the aforementioned appointive entities, whichever occurs first.
(b) Any person who is currently an elected Town official or a member of any aforementioned appointive entity and who is currently a member of any aforementioned political committee(s) shall deliver to the Town Clerk evidence of his or her resignation from said political committee within 20 days of the enactment of this local law. Editor's Note: "This local law" refers to L.L. No. 15-1995." Sep 30, 13 2:25 PM

As False Alarm Charges Mount, Homeowners In Southampton Town Feel The Sting

I understand if the Town has evidence that the majority of fined homeowners have ignored the fines because the amount was low enough not to bother.

However, I take issue with two statements credited to the Comptroller: “It’s a lot of out-of-town people, and they don’t fix the alarm, so they go off over and over, and they don’t realize they’re getting billed. At the end of the year, it just goes on their tax bill, and they still don’t notice it,” Mr. Marchese said. “There is an appeals process to the Public Safety Commission, and they do get reversed from time to time.”

I don't believe that the majority are "out-of-town people." Locals have alarms too because of unsafe neighborhood practices like share houses that aren't enforced, etc. I also don't believe that people don't notice the fines - that would suggest that they don't receive their mail. In addition, the appeals process is a black hole and the phone number on the fine letter is never answered because the office isn't sufficiently staffed.

The program also doesn't take into account when the fine is out of the homeowner's control - like when the alarm company screws up and calls the wrong number or in cases when you don't get to the phone in time and when you call the alarm company back they can't stop the call to the police since there is no way to call that department and there seems to be a firewall between the customer care department and the dispatch department at the alarm company. If you can get a letter from your alarm company admitting that the fine was their error then there needs to be an easier process for that fine not to count against you in this compounded formula. Again, the appeals process is a black hole. How about an online fine pay/appeals process with the ability to upload a document? What a novel concept!!! That's how most governments handle staff shortages these days. Why does the Town have so few online services?

It's also not fair to pay a fine for a false alarm that is out of the homeowner's control when; the police have not actually responded, have responded after over an hour's time after the call from the alarm company, or in my case went to the wrong home because they didn't look close enough at the house number signs - assuming that on every street in SH Town they go in order - THEY DON'T!

While I understand the intent of the fines and that they also make a good revenue source, I don't think they are fair without the proper infrastructure behind the program." Sep 30, 13 3:14 PM

UPDATE: Police Correct Identity of Woman Found Dead Along Penny Lane

what the heck is going on in Penny Lane? This was a quiet street, half a street, the continuation of Wakeman Rd. and now there has been a major drug bust and now a brutal murder. The drug bust was at 4 Penny Lane, a property with until recently, empty summer cottages for rent, and is now a year round rental place with electric heaters. People come and go at all hours of the day and night. The apt. complex at the opposite end of the street where the murder took place today is supposed to be a transient motel, according to the SH Trustees - the septic is only approved for that. However, the owners have been all booked up with year round tenants for 3-4 years now. Apparently they have a contract with SH Hospital for their staff. Something needs to be done about these motwl units in Hampton Bays. A task force should be established!" Nov 1, 13 4:13 PM

what does updated mean when not a word of the article changed and the police were gone by 4pm?
" Nov 1, 13 5:03 PM

@But I'm a blank - there weren't any updates for awhile so your comment was based on a later update and not germain to my comment. It was also nasty and unnecessary. @HB90 the brutal murder comment was based on an early rumor by a retired police officer on the scene. look at the time of my first comment." Nov 7, 13 1:43 PM

Southampton Town Board Debates, Adopts Politcal Guidelines For Board Appointments

not to mention her campaign's fervent and aggressive production and pursuit of a video supporting Councilwoman Fleming's original resolution. The hypocrisy knows no bounds...
" Feb 26, 14 10:27 PM

Southampton Town Justice Censured By State Commission On Judicial Conduct

I have to take exception to your comment HH as Judge Kooperstein has been tremendous for the Town, especially with her commitment to the Drug Court which she brought here. Also we are very lucky to have Judge Schiavoni's leadership with the Veteran's Court. Neither of these judges are how you've described them. They are most certainly of the highest quality!" May 28, 14 9:45 PM

Summer Exodus Leaves Rental Trash In Its Wake

i've found garbage in my private carter's garbage bin on a regular basis!
" Sep 18, 14 11:12 AM

I think this summer had an increased amount of out of state renters with no regard or respect for our area. Keep up the good work Alex!" Sep 18, 14 11:13 AM

Police: Two Charged With Robbing Man In Hampton Bays

Does anyone know the location of the home? Was it a private home or was it the motel/cottages at the head of Penny Lane? Ever since the landlord of this previously vacant sprawl put in heaters and started renting there has been crime on Penny Lane! This isn't right." Nov 12, 14 12:12 PM

Southampton Town Will Tap CPF To Buy Hampton Bays Motel

I wish they could do the same with the property on Penny Lane that has been the location for a few criminal arrests since the absentee Manhattan landlord put in electric heaters and started renting these substandard tiny cottages year round! This property is on Penny Pond. We could use more open land in that area too!" Nov 14, 14 5:55 PM

UPDATE: Funeral Services Set For Tuesday For Respected Shinnecock Elder, Elizabeth Thunder Bird Haile

Tremendous loss. My heartfelt condolences to all of her loved ones. She was such an important member of our community and leader. She will be sorely missed." Aug 21, 15 10:39 PM

Jay Schneiderman Defends Residency In Southampton

The facts are that he isn't violating the code requirements. if there were grounds to challenge this it should have been done during the petitioning process. This is exactly what gives our town a black eye - gratuitous nastiness and mud slinging of hard-working people who are willing to serve the public. I would rather focus on what the candidate has accomplished for us in his current role and where he stands on the issues that are most important to our community. Jay has my vote. Let's get out of the mud and focus on what really matters: affordable housing, protecting our environment, better policies and practices to improve our water quality, and keeping our government financially solvent and our taxes down." Oct 21, 15 9:29 PM

Hampton Bays Property Values Would Increase If Hamlet Becomes Village, Study Finds

Let's use all of the great energy currently exploring this incorporation to focus instead on changing what isn't working in the government of Southampton Town. Another level of government at the expense of the taxpayer, who already pays an extremely large portion of their property taxes to support three schools in a district that could be sharing administrative expenses with neighboring districts, is not the answer. The answer is to actually go to the polls and vote. Speak up and get involved in electing members of the Town Board who will improve what isn't working in the Town government and code that has resulted in unhappy residents in Hampton Bays. Speak up for combining administrative costs in the school district with other districts to lower the burden on the tax bill. Speak up for codes that will address issues unique to Hampton Bays. Don't add another layer of government bureaucracy in a hamlet that can't afford more taxes unlike Sagaponack.

I also don't buy the property value argument. Hampton Bays has lower property values than Sag Harbor and Southampton probably due to the extreme glut on the market of homes for sale. When that goes down our property values will increase. They are already starting to climb back up." Oct 22, 15 12:45 PM

OLA Hires First Paid Executive Director

Fantastic News. Congratulations Minerva and OLA!" Feb 11, 16 12:52 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Residents Concerned About Ice Cream Truck Approval

I'm not a child and I love Mr. Softee and it is cheaper than the treats on Main Street. I live 2 1/2 miles from my village's Main Street and I'm glad the ice scream truck comes through our local streets and often more than once a day. Sometimes.even too fast for.me to get up from what I'm doing and get my wallet and run to the street. Why can't he compete in the areas where the shops and concession stands are? Ice cream truck = same neighborhood more than once a week and very slow driving. Ice cream=not just for children. Commerce=not just for Main Street vendors paying real estate rent. Got it?" Jun 9, 18 4:49 PM

Ah so wouldn't the better thing to be concerned is the stranglehold some landlords have on merchants needing a storefront? I'm more concerned about after season ghost towns with empty storefronts or stores with prices too high because there is no regulation on landlords." Jun 9, 18 4:56 PM

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