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Southampton Town Receives $1 Million In State Funds For Riverside Revitalization

agreed!!! The property owners should foot the bill and clean the blight not tax money!!! Also...why are they using tax money to build! I think the government should get out of the real estate business!!!
" Mar 29, 18 3:25 PM

UPDATE: Police Offer No Leads In Thursday's County Road 39 Fatality

Thank you for your response...not everyone out here lives in paradise!
" Apr 5, 18 2:25 PM

in the snow too?" Apr 5, 18 2:26 PM

Southampton Town Taxpayers Responsible For Police Overtime Associated Presidential Visit

maybe we should ask bill and hillary for reimbursement too...they came many times!
" Aug 29, 19 4:13 PM

Just republicans?
" Aug 29, 19 4:14 PM