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East Hampton residents rally for health care reform

I believe we need Health Care Reform. BUT the Government is only going to screw things up. Let's look at the track record.... War in Iraq? War on Drugs? They have already proven they can't run a health care system, aren't Medicare and Medicade already bankrupt? This is just another scheme for the Government to control your life. If you bleeding heart liberals want to give lazy, freeloaders health care that's fine. You can give up YOUR paycheck to give these people health care. Just keep your hand out of my pocket becuase I have to pay my own way and would rather give my money to my family instead of 20 illegals, or 15 crackheads... The real funny part is the liberals are using drunk Ted Kennedy to push health-care. If he wasn't a Kennedy he would have died in jail!!!! I love how you liberals look the other way at a man's character and fall in love with the marketing of a person..." Sep 8, 09 9:18 AM

SUV flips in Montauk crash Sunday

does anyone know the name of the tow company? I'm looking for a job and I'm sure he just lost his." Sep 28, 09 8:56 PM

East Hampton looks to create climate change action plan

Funny how they make it sound like FREE MONEY. It's wasted tax dollars, on a project nobody needs. If you want to be an Al Gore flunky, raise your own Green, and keep you hands out of my pocket! Do all the studies you want, when Hugo or Katrina hit Long Island, Montauk will be an island, and all your studies will go out to sea with Nappeague, Fire Island, and Dune Rd.

People make plans, and God laughs..." Feb 13, 10 8:27 AM

Sag Harbor house busted for group rental second week in a row

So, as I see it, the problem here is that they advertised it. FACT IS, the Hamptons are full of houses, filled with 20-30 people renting out rooms. These people may all work together, be related, or just be here illegally, but the fact is these houses operate and this is the first I've ever heard of it in the News! Drive down your street and if there are more cars in the driveway than windows in the house, you've got a winner!!!" Jul 2, 10 4:06 PM

Reluctant plea deal for Lester brothers

Effin BS is right. These guys are doing everything within thier rights as baymen. The DEC can make up the rules as they go, they're the government, thats what they do. The Lesters are living by the rules that were set hundreds of years ago...kind of like the Constitution. But the White House has turned the Constitution into Charmin so I'm sure the state of NY, has no problem overlooking legal documents so they can fines more fines, make more money, and take away Freedoms granted to us by our forefathers." Sep 23, 10 7:10 AM

From what I read, yes. Any landowner can be a complete A-Hole and over fish the area, sure, why do you think we don't have buffalo anymore? This is an indictment on EVERY homeowner in East Hampton. This is not just a Lester-Bennett-Bonacker issue, this pertains to all the residents. IF the court was to recognize the Dognan Patent on this issue, it would set precident and be used to keep the rich-oceanfront landowners from absorbing the beaches for their own. Again closing down a major section of fishing beach.
I guess by your logic, we should just bow down and be thankful the DEC let's us have what they do. " Sep 23, 10 4:08 PM

....as long as the trustees say so. The DEC has NO SAY in this matter
" Sep 23, 10 4:47 PM

Family fights to keep last bit of a legacy: Seeks new lease for Montauk blockhouse

You reap what you sow. Ms. Lindley wanted to preserve the land and she signed a 35 years lease. BOTH ends of the bargain have been held up. IF the government decided to reduce the 35 year lease it wouldn't be fair, so what aboout extending it makes it fair. If she would have left well enough alone, she would have a miilion dollar oceanfront spot for her family to enjoy for years or to sell and make money but she wanted everyone off the public land and now 35 years later her wish will come to fruition. " Sep 28, 10 12:59 PM

Police: Burglar photographed himself with stolen laptop

HEY!!!! I've seen this guy, he works in the deli, washes dishes in town, hangs out at the train station, meanders the town parking lot, he is a land scaper, and handyman" Sep 28, 10 1:12 PM

Shinnecocks want three casinos on Long Island

Greedy??? Look at the United States Government who STOLE 99% of America from the Indians, and now have the authority to tell Indians just "how Indian" they are. Nobody complains about McDonalds greed, Chevy's greed or your neighbors greed but these Indians should be told again by the white man how to run his /her life.
Granted, most of the Shinnecock "Indians" are more Riverhead hoodlums than Amercian Indian, but that's the system that is in place. I'm a Cherokee but since my Great-Great Grandfather refused to sign Cherokee lands over to the Government his name was stricken from official Government records and now these 1/2 ass thugs can lay more claim to Indian Heritage than people like me. It's all a bunch of bureacracy and governmnet BS to give people jobs and scam money from Indians. But I'm all for a Hamptons Casino, saves me the trip to AC or Vegas." Sep 30, 10 7:33 AM

Anyone who claims crime as a reason to not bring a casino to the Hamptons must have turned a blind eye when passing the Southampton 7-11, or the EH Train Station, these people aren't Neighborhood Watch." Sep 30, 10 12:55 PM

East Hampton Village hears another earful on noise law

GREAT IDEA.. restrict the hours a commercially liscensed business can operate and give the illegal immigrants another shot at running all the rest of the tax-paying Americans out of landscaping jobs. " Sep 30, 10 1:04 PM

Shinnecocks want three casinos on Long Island

Been to Vegas lots of times and never ever felt in fear of my life while walking the streets or inside casinos. I bet you can't find anyone who says they feel safe walking the streets of Riverhead, local residents included. you don't like Indians, I get it." Sep 30, 10 1:12 PM

west of the Appalachians, central Kentucky down to northeast Tennessee. Where are you from? How'd you get here? Your families been in America for 100 years and you are going to tell me how it is and how it was? I don't think so." Sep 30, 10 4:57 PM

so if your friend has an idea to open a legal business, say a 7-11 and make a lot of money they are smart business people. But if the Indians decide to open a legal casino which there is no guarantee will turn a profit they are greedy. How does this logic work.
Driving around in Mercedes probably never crossed my ancestors mind either, but the Shinnecock do. I don't think all Indians live on the same moral plain, just like any other group of people. The LI Shinneock and the Midwest Sioux live very different lives. " Sep 30, 10 5:09 PM