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Hampton Bays Citizens Group Targeting Another Illegally Converted Motel

I agree that this is a problem but those tenants are living there for a reason. There is a lack of affordable, legal places to rent in the area. I don't see this group concerned about helping these tenants get into a better situation." Apr 29, 15 9:43 PM

Concerned Citizens Group Sees Limited Success Three Years After Its Formation

What Sister Mary Beth is saying is that eliminating illegal rentals will not fix the problem. There is still a need for cheap labor in Hampton Bays that will never go away.

In a side note, does anybody find it crazy that the school can give a bunch of random community members the list of all its rentals? What if non-registered child molesters wanted to know that information? Or violent racists?" May 25, 15 9:52 AM

Blue-Green Algae Found In Mecox Bay

Can we still eat the shellfish/crabs?" Aug 19, 16 7:30 PM

Sixty-Unit Workforce Housing Complex Being Considered On County Road 39 In Southampton

I appreciate people taking interest in providing affordable housing opportunities on the East End. I grew up in Southampton and love it for the way it is. Houses have a little land with them, you're not right on top of somebody else. Low taxes, great schools. My husband and I would love to buy a house here but the market has priced us out. There is nothing for sale under $499,000 right now. I believe leaving the zoning the way it is and having a company construct 6 affordable houses to sell would be a wonderful idea. It will give local people like myself and my husband a chance to actually stay in this beautiful area and grow a family." Feb 9, 19 4:07 PM

Second Southampton Press Sessions Event Focuses On Affordable Housing Crisis

I think that it is great that there is a discussion happen. My only complaint, why was it held during the day on a work day? These discussions need to include actual working families and low-income families!" Oct 10, 19 10:21 PM