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Montauk sidewalk sale cancelled after widespread protest

Once again the Montauk CAC has stymied something montauk merchants. I am sure the town was inundated with phone calls---all from the same five or six numbers. Minority opinions with the loudest mouths. Montauk desperately needs incorporation. Allow businesses to have a chance out here. What a joke the CAC is. Hopefully, the new administration will appoint a more fair--minded person to head it" Sep 8, 09 4:32 PM

East Hampton Town councilwoman could face charges for interfering in arrest

funny how the chief building inspector was given a two week suspension by this Town Board for coming to his son's defense when he was being bullied and then Quigley interferes with justice when her son was committing a crime" Mar 14, 10 11:57 PM

pressguy---i think when building inspector was suspended, he hadn't been convicted of anything either. I like all the conspiracy theorists----think about how the town board just beat down the cops on salary negotiations----put that in yer pipe and smoke it" Mar 15, 10 11:02 PM

Surf Lodge concerns aired before East Hampton Town Board

Mr.Kahn must not having been paying attention over the years---there have been many flagrant violations in MTK restaurants over the years. Leave these Surf Lodge guys alone. They took a low-income year round housing situation and turned it into a cleaned up three month operation. Where were CCOM andGroup for East End when they had 4-5 people in a room year round taxing the septic system? The parking there has been the same for years. Locals dont like them because they where nice clothes, have money, and date hot chicks. Makes them inferior. We need more surf lodgers out here." Mar 15, 10 11:07 PM

Taxes up 10.6 percent in Montauk; Hausman runs unopposed

Montauk uninformed man----First of all, the teachers' union negotiated their contract in good faith and are under no obligation and no responsibility to not take their raise. If the budget is voted down, more cuts will be made at the kids' expense. The problem with budget is all related to the high school tuition. Without the tuition increase, the Montauk budget would have increased three percent, with the teachers' getting four a percent increase. Don't punish the kids. I don't have school age kids but I will vote for the budget. People paid for me and I can do the same. The backbone of society is a strong education----we shouldn't let our pocketbooks dictate what is right.

Second, Hausman is running unopposed but there is a right in campaign for JENNIFER RASI for the school board. Write in her name!!!!" May 15, 10 12:56 AM

Write in JENNIFER RASI FOR SCHOOL BOARD" May 15, 10 12:57 AM

Montauket----you are quite off base as to my association to Montauk school.....if you knew me me you would be quite surprised, your assertions are truly laughable....I am a fair person though.....look, in a perfect world, the teachers' wouldn't take their pay increase. In light of the current economic climate in the US, it would be a great gesture for them not to. But, the contract was negotiated fair and square and, at least from what i know, no guns were put to anyone's head to agree to the contract. And, the teacher's, also have families, bills, living expenses, etc. that they have budgeted for based on the said contract. Voting down the budget will only hurt the kids. I attended public school, so my activities were paid by others. I can do the same for these kids. I wish I was benefiting from the salary increase but I am not. I really wish I was benefiting.

The Mtk budget is up 10-11 percent, roughly, with the high school tuition factored in. Take it out, the Mtk budget would be up 3 percent, with the teacher's raise at 4 percent, meaning the overall school budget actually would have gone down. Of course, EH blindsided the district and here we are.

Also, Montauket, if you are right with your info about board members not being connected with the School, that is another item that should be brought up to all concerned parties. I, for one, I am curious about certain board members and their school connections. From an outsider, which I truly am, it seems quite improper. Just because i am not ignorant, doesn't mean I am associated. I am interested in my town, though, and try to stay informed. " May 17, 10 2:07 PM

I think you're being a little dramatic about being able to afford to live here.... we live in a town with one of the greatest disparities between house value and property taxes. Granted, we get damned little for our taxes, but at least, I feel the school taxes are worth it. The county and, of the course, the town taxes and benefits from are quite dubious.

I am not a union member, and I feel unions hurt our country, but voting against the school budget will only hurt the kids. I highly doubt the teachers will take a pay freeze. why would/should they? Are they well-paid, including benefits and pension, sure! But, they are educating the future. The normal mantra is "Teachers are underpaid" and now a measly 4 percent raise is treated like they are being paid with blocks of gold. A 4% raise for a $90,000 salary, over a 52 week year, works out to 70 dollars a week. Thats 14 dollars a day, before taxes. A net around ten or so dollars a day. Big deal.

Also, your facts are so mixed up it is difficult to respond. Unions inherently look out for their members. That is the history of organized labor. In their desig, they are not looking out for the taxpayer or the children. They are for their own self-protection and workers' rights and to protect against unfair labor practices. Did the MLB union look out for the fans? Next year, will the NFLPA look out for the fans or taxpayer during their negotiations? Of course not.

knowledge is power, get your books go read em----BTW, taxes don't go to feathering re-election campaigns. Also, you have to ask yourself, what kind of society do you want to live in. Shouldn't our money be used for educating our kids? What greater purpose is there? Maybe everyone voting down the budget should re-examine their values." May 17, 10 2:25 PM

Also, montauket, I would bet you did not raise your kids here, if you have them. " May 17, 10 2:33 PM

I understand how teachers' salaries are added up. The 4% is the increase to the base salary. The rest is something they choose to do extracurricular. And teachers do pay alot of taxes. Not a lot of cash floating around the schools, as in most businesses. The whole problem about voting down the budget is that it will come at the kids' expense. I be willing to bet my last dollar that the teachers are not going to vote down their pay increases to save programs. Just my opinion.

As for the school board, I wholeheartedly agree with you. I know each board member. The million dollar playground IS nuts. That person should be gone...One member, who is an administrator at another school, and is in contact often with the Mtk superintendent, and whose husband benefits from the pay increase (and her by way of that), should in no way be allowed to serve on the Board. It is nothing but a total conflict of interest. To be dramatic, it's a trite Shakespearean, really. Please FOIL the minutes. Pass around a petition. I will sign. The contractor? ....it would be pretty obvious if there was something going on there. The neighbor to the school is a little more assertive than just ahving the school always remain a school.

They haven't been fiscally responsible....They didn't stand up to EHUFSD....East Hampton's taxes DECREASED by 1 percent....Our increase was due to EH passing the tuition hike onto us, while theirs dropped. They have been totally gutless and so eager to just cut at the expense of the kids'. (BTW, I do not have kids at the school) Clubs, and their costs, are not at the heart of this matter but they are where the cuts are being made. It bothers me that the kids will. no pun intended, end up paying." May 18, 10 1:41 PM

I'd like to know who you are....I have a feeling I know and we'd get a laugh if we confirmed each other's identity....maybe one day....over a Dewars or something" May 18, 10 10:32 PM

East Hampton Town government will move into "new" digs next month

Voter---couldn't agree with you more. They should put it out for referendum to use CPF funds to help with the fiscal mess... Let the taxpaying public decide... We approved the CPF in the first place. If taxes keep going up, CPF will probably be voted down next time... Would be a great use of these funds...and we live a very " preserved" area... Out in Montauk it's already around seventy percent preserved land...." Aug 4, 10 2:49 PM

Controversial Montauk 7-Eleven to open on Wednesday

What's funny and ironic about the " situation" is that when the most recent comprehensive plan was being discussed, the Town of EH acquiesced to the Montauk business community and kept the zoning laws/ site plan reviews as they were and didn't make them more stringent. In other words, threy gave the people what they want... and it came back to bite them.... These readers that blame the zoning laws don't understand the complex nature of said legislation and to restrict businesses they don't like, I. e. 7-11, would more significantly affect the local business owner. While I'm not a proponent of white trash chain stores, I do see how they have every right to enter the marketplace. It's a shame but it's all legal..." Aug 30, 10 11:31 PM

Project Open Vista: Clearing For A Clear View

OMG LOL.... Fiscal crisis... Cutting homework clubs...selling preserved land...but let's protect the view corridor of rich...how about taking that money and saving a town job or two for those who can least afford to lose it.... " Dec 12, 10 1:10 AM

Marina Owner, Contractors Fined In Lake Montauk Dredging

bilge water=eyeball from above.............btw, all our environmental laws, regulations, and enforcement take a hit when a project like this goes on and all they get is a slap on the wrist........their Town permit was totally violated yet where are the Town fines, Town enforcement, etc.? laughable, really...........its the wild (ea) west again" Dec 20, 10 12:21 AM

Town Clears Way For Music Festival In Amagansett

I cannot wait for this cluster%%%% to happen....I love music and i hope they get Paul McCartney, Bon Jovi and Pearl Jam in the middle of Amagansett in August....It will be fun, raucous and what a traffic disaster.......I'm not a betting guy but after this shebang I bet they"ll wish they gave it a little more thought....I want to be a guy from Hardy plumbing trying to make a service call that day....hope I dont need an ambulette that day" Dec 24, 10 1:12 AM

Montauk Residents File $25 Million Lawsuit Over Erosion

Maxwell....quite opinionated for someone who has these homes falling into the "ocean", it's the Sound....A lot of these houses had 300 feet on beach in front of them in the mid eighties. Whatever the cause, maybe this will help spur a long term solution I.e. sale and leaseback or sand bypass or a sand nourishment program. It's a desperate situation for these people and they don't even get to have insurance help out. The legislative bodies have dragged their feet for so long and I wish them luck and a solution. " Jan 26, 11 4:02 PM

Memo To East Hampton Town Employees Raises Concerns

Let me tell everyone---as someone who has a taste of the 'inside' of EH town government, these two ( and I voted fOr them, to my chagrin) are the most despicable elected officials in recent memory. Sure, there was fiscal ineptitude with the last ( as with every municipality lacking prescience to see the US recession) these guys are off the rails with their respect to anyone they consider their 'subordinates', including the public and town employees. Stop their bullying tactics... Quigley couldn't care less for what's right, Town Code, or the legal system. That is the truth. Her way or the highway! What a fiasco. Wake up EH! " Mar 10, 11 1:13 AM

Obviously, the Town needs some belt tightening. Fiscal responsibility is paramount. But, the gist of this letter is not about town employees doing their job it is about town employees who disagreed with the Wilkinson/Quigley and their opinions being re-classified as insubordination. Wilkinson/Quigley couldn't care less about law and proper procedure, they want things done and done their way, goshdarnit ! Wolfshon and Talmage know the law and policy and disagreed with the careless way Wilkinson/Quigley approved shore hardening structures along Soundview Drive. It is really a shame that in the current climate, unless you do it their way, you are wrong and called insubordinate. It is the extreme of partisan politics and they'll be the first to cry foul when the pendulum swings the other way and stricter environmental legislation is enacted. but, this is their way. we all remember their appointed town attorney Dan Adams who had the unfortunate task of informing them that their proposed sale of the Town Dock in Montauk was illegal and was subsequently shown the door (with an attractive severance---great fiscal responsibility). He was trying to things legally and it didnt jibe with what they wanted, so adios compadre! It is a absolutely horrible situation in EH Town Hall at the current time. All under the guise of fiscal salvation, these two are bulldozing their way across EH with no regard for law or the Town Code. As Councilwoman Quigley once stated at a Town Board hearing, "I don't care what the Code says, I want things done." And even as a fiscally conservative Republican and taxpayer, I would love love to see her get her comeuppance with some sort of judgment against the town due to a lawsuit where they circumvented the law. Both parties (mostly) play by and abide by the law. Except these two ( Wilkinson/Quigley). " Mar 10, 11 11:38 PM

Hey, sure, Town workers could be more productive, friendlier, and more efficient but this letter is about 'subordinates' not 'backtalking' to their '
Superiors'. In other words, don't disagree with the powers that be. No matter how you rationalize it, the letter is condescending and arrogant. Where is their respect for the ' subordinates'? The tone is undeniably disrespectful.

Another point.... Supervisor Wilkinson claims, in the EH Star, we have the highest town employee to citizen ratio, a number he puts at 1 to 6. Yet, it says this letter was mailed to the Towns 425 employees. That puts out population for the Town at 2550 people. I sense a bit of facts skewing here, bub ( that's a local term, mr. Wilkinson :) ).

Things can be done in a professional manner. Condescending, threatening, and arrogant should not be mistaken as professional. Any moment now, I expect the supervisor to , a la the Nicholson portrayed colonel in A Few Good Men, whip off his glasses and admonish the public et al that " you don't understand how municipalities work, you're all mindless sheep, and you can't handle the truth. We're the grown ups in the room, so sit in your seats and do as we say!" and then the supervisor and deputy supervisor locked arms and skipped merrily down the yellow brick road bathed in glorious sunlight which culminated in a twirling dance to " nobody does it better". The rich are gettin richer, the poor are gettin drunk . Bye for now" Mar 11, 11 10:59 AM

I don't even work for the Town. No relatives or friends work there. But I know for a fact what is going on. " Mar 11, 11 8:52 PM

Yes I do. I wish I had an act for las Vegas. I am a republican, too. But , I am so apalled by the actions and total disrespect of people by these two that after over a quarter century of republicanism am considering changing my orientation. This memo, and I GUARANTEE this, is solely based on disagreeing with the powers that be. Don't disagree with these two, especially the deputy supervisor. And, this is also a fact, they have no regard for law or the Town code. :)" Mar 12, 11 1:30 AM

Way off base... Dont understand your vitriol. I do know what is going on and I do know it is about disagreement with the might duo as opposed to improving morale and efficiency. I know of other recent incidents that would apply to the tone of this memo. Insubordination was a key aspect of this memo. NOT job performance enhancement. :)" Mar 12, 11 11:52 PM

Nothing personal... Just observations on how she conducts herself and the way she handles the business of the Town. " Mar 14, 11 1:15 PM

School Results: Tuckahoe Is Only District On South Fork To Reject Proposed 2012-13 Budget

EastEnd.... Your attitude confuses me. Why be anti education and kids? In the East End, our taxes are a third of what Western suffolk and Nassau pay for similarly assessed valuations. Why not spend the money on education? The 2% cap is unfair to the schools. The County and Town have other fees which they can raise to keep themselves within the 2% cap. Schools don't have that luxury. Also, teachers usually get a 2-4% salary increase, so down the road, with expected increases in fixed costs, the 2% cap can only lead to cutting spending on supplies or teacher layoffs. Will never understand the mentality of people like you who anti education and kids. Especially in the Hamptons, where we are subsidized by the second homeowner. " May 15, 12 9:34 PM

I have to agree with beach girl. The problem with education cuts is that people wind up with poor grammar and math skills. Your post illustrated this fact beautifully." May 15, 12 10:48 PM

My comments were in regard to finances and the reality of the 2 % cap. I totally agree the tenure/ pay for life (including pension) needs to be addressed and re-evaluated. As a parent of school age kids, my comments reflect the drawbacks of the 2% cap and how it unfairly burdens schools and how by the nature of it and how most teacher contracts call for a yearly increase will eventually cause the schools and kids to suffer because long term cuts will have to be made to teachers ( causing larger class sizes) and supplies. " May 16, 12 8:30 AM

You are comparing apples and oranges. A private college with its own fundraising and endowments cannot be compared with a public school. Sure teachers on the East End are paid above average but say a teacher out here is paid double the national average, houses out here are probably 3-4 times the national average for similar houses. My $750000 house is probably $225000 in Fla, or Pa or Arizona. I'll be the first to say the system is too heavy and needs to be overhauled, in terms of tenure and lifetime pay, but salaries aren't the culprit. 5 years ago ( pre Recession) the common mantra was "teachers are underpaid", then the Recession hit, people became unsure of their job status, and teachers, cops, and firemen (people with union protected tenured jobs) became the bad guys. And maybe it's good because it brought light to systems that maybe need to be reviewed but coat per student argument isn't really the correct argument. " May 16, 12 10:34 AM

Sag Harbor Adopts $8.78 Million Budget, Lays Off Police Officer Of The Year

Absolute BS. Costing a guy a job when the effect on the taxpayers would be like $20 a year at most. "Officer of te Year" and they can't find a way to save him. I am so sick of all these greedy East End officials who upend families and lives to save nickels. I watch many of these people driving around in expensive cars and drinking $14 martinis while they cry fiscal prudence when they ax jobs and hurt lives. Look at the numbers in the article---w live in a low real estate tax area. Gutless." Apr 19, 13 9:42 AM

Made most DWI arrests. Not just "giving out tickets." Not just hiding in bushes catching speeders. DWI arrests. And, by if you extrapolate that point, probably offsets a lot of his salary with the revenue created. I hope the taxpayers enjoy the $20 saved by him losing his job. Shameful" Apr 19, 13 10:17 AM

East end 2... What I meant was they probably saved like $20 per tax paying household" Apr 20, 13 7:51 AM

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