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Southold Cull Begins After Lawsuit Against Town Is Thrown Out

Sir, please explain why your group is opposed to the deer cull. Obviously, as a hunter, you do not share Wendy Chamberlin's abhorrence to the killing of deer. Are you concerned that the cull will interfere with your sport?" Mar 10, 14 5:54 PM

The hypocrisy of the arguments of the Wildlife Preservation Coalition is astounding. No one disputes that the deer population of Eastern Long Island is out of control. What is their solution? Birth control for the deer! This may work in a zoo, but no reasonable person can say that this is a solution to control the population of animals that are fleet of foot and that live in the wild. Their solution is really just a load of deer poop. " Mar 10, 14 6:05 PM

Summertime, I am a "newcomer", but I agree with you 100%" Mar 11, 14 11:18 AM

Please explain what "humane solutions" are actually available. Don't tell me about birth control for deer, which is a dream." Mar 11, 14 12:56 PM

Isn't the partnership of the Wilddlife Coalition and Hunters for Deer very strange? They are together on opposing the cull, but for very different reasons! In fact, their agendas have NOTHING in common, other than that they oppose the cull. The Wildlife Coalition is opposed to the killing of any deer for any reason, but Hunters for Deer is opposed to the killing of deer by USDA sharpshooters so that they can kill the deer themselves!" Mar 13, 14 1:42 PM

Well written editorial from The Suffolk Times regarding the boycotting threats: "Show Your Face Before Taking a Stand": http://suffolktimes.timesreview.com/2014/03/46703/editorial-please-show-your-face-before-you-take-a-stand/" Mar 14, 14 2:25 PM