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Supreme Court lifts injunction on use of Aldrich Park

You are, of course, correct Jane Q. Not everyone at 7-11 is "illegal". As a matter of fact, many of them are not citizens but still carry tax payer ID cards because they know if they want to become citizens one day, they have to pay taxes.

What angers me most is the very same people that want to blame everything on immigrants are the same people who stand up for corporate America and big business who are robbing them blind every day. You cannot talk to these people about immigration, they are simply too bull-headed. I do, however, find comfort that there are some people out there like yourself who choose to embrace human decency instead of hatred and fear. Thanks." Nov 24, 09 4:51 PM

I did not say visas I said "Tax payer ID's" You are filled with such vile hate and prejudice, INS. To refer to humans as "these people" and to try and generalize all of them as thieves and forgers is really disgusting and NOT what this country is about. I notice you like to talk about the constitution, but do you have any idea of the real principals upon which this country was founded? You don't know what it means to be an American. Undocumented workers contribute more than they cost. That has been proven over and over again. I am just as proud to be an American as anyone else, but this country was not built on hatred and bigotry. By the way, I cut my own lawn too." Nov 24, 09 7:26 PM

INS, please stop accusing people of lying or misrepresenting the facts. The following is from a wonderful article in NewsDay. You could learn much by reading it.

"immigrants are crucial to the New York economy. First-generation immigrants - documented and undocumented combined - are responsible for 22 percent of the gross domestic product in New York State, slightly higher than their 21 percent share of the state population.

Let’s get real about addressing the issues, rather than fanning the flames of intolerance. New York is already in a downturn, and a recession is no time to throw a damp rag on nearly a quarter of the economy.

A real solution would have three parts.

One: Raise the wages and improve working conditions in low-wage jobs, expanding opportunities for both immigrants and Americans who are citizens by birth.

Two: Create an earned path to citizenship, so that undocumented immigrants who are here today can move out of the unregulated economy and into regular jobs.

Three: Revise our immigration so there’s more opportunity to come to this country legally and less pressure for people to find unauthorized ways in."

I agree that it takes courage to try and resolve an in issue in a humane, tolerant, and successful manner and that a hallmark of hate and bigotry is cowardice." Nov 25, 09 10:36 AM

Where do some of you get the energy to fuel such hatred and ignorance. I am constantly astounded by this race to the bottom. You have a right to believe and feel a certain way but how about doing something positive to help instead of spouting such vile and ignorant nonsense. And at the holiday season no less? If you are miserable go out and find a way to turn your life around instead of trying to place the blame on someone else. " Nov 25, 09 10:41 AM

When was the last time that one of these day laborers attacked someone at the 7-11? Why is it not safe for your daughter to go there? You of course have every right to try and protect her, but do not invent a danger that does not exist. " Nov 25, 09 10:43 AM

Trespassing charges dropped against East Quogue woman arrested near ANG base; wrongful arrest lawsuits filed

Nancy, my advise to you would be the same as bigheadsize, but I would encourage you to stop posting for different reasons. Your posts only serve to confirm what some have believed from the beginning and that is that you were not held because you had guns and ammo, but because your ideology combined with guns and ammo were perceived as a dangerous combination. " Dec 1, 09 12:41 PM

Ah, INS, your rhetorical brilliance really shines through. " Dec 2, 09 12:52 PM

Kabot takes down press release after town attorney files complaint

Cannot wait until she is finally gone. " Dec 2, 09 2:03 PM

Wind turbine hearing is pushed back to January

You should listen to INS, folks. He is an expert on hypocrisy. " Dec 2, 09 3:34 PM

Shinnecock Indian Nation wins preliminary federal recognition

You are linking Native Americans to crime in response to an article about them receiving long overdue recognition. Why? What is your point?" Dec 16, 09 3:44 PM

East End still digging out after record snow

"Kenya Native" you are a complete and total jackass " Dec 20, 09 7:56 AM

Actually, by taking core samples from the ice scientists can determine what weather patters have been for the past 740,000 years - just have a read here http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2004/06/040611080100.htm

Of course, you'll probably dismiss it because you don't believe in science. " Dec 21, 09 7:42 PM

Fifty people run from Red Creek Park to Southampton for the Feast of Guadalupe

People like faceless and ins have turned these boards into nothing more than a place for them to spew their vile hatred. Faceless is so repugnant that he actually used to use Josef Stalin as his avatar and I believe INS actually defended him. INS is in the habit of making despicable comments and then trying to backtrack and make excuses. Thank you Mr. Shaw for removing his hateful comments. " Dec 22, 09 3:34 PM

Parties gear up for nominating committees

Sounds like the local Dem party is at odds with their choice for Supervisor. She wants consensus and they want a dem to balance the board. Herr is right - this is for the voters to decide." Jan 6, 10 10:10 AM

U.S. Representive Tim Bishop details new initiatives

crankinstein, bigfresh, and the rest of the teabaggers on this site, are typical republican dittoheads. "Class envy?" Give me a break. You guys have been used by the republican party to promote the interests of corporations. The saddest part is that you right-wing extremists have no idea you are fighting against your own best interests. " Jan 6, 10 10:15 AM

Glady, Mr. Teabagger, let's start here: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/12/business/12scene.html

How about this? http://www.faireconomy.org/research/TrickleDown.html

Of course I already know how you anti-intellectual, right-wingers respond to any facts - you simply call them "liberal" or question the source so how about this one from the ultra-conservative Wall Street Journal http://blogs.wsj.com/economics/2009/06/30/trickle-down-economics-fails-to-deliver-as-promised

Wake up and smell the new century. Any other questions?" Jan 6, 10 1:11 PM

Read the articles, they are not region specific. Trickle down is a fallacy no matter where you live. " Jan 6, 10 2:14 PM

I know a lot of contractors and small business owners out here who would be the first to tell you that, despite the great success of the wealthy wall streeters and bankers, they are experiencing one of the worst years in over a decade.

There will always be some that do well even in the worst economies, but, again, trickle down is not the answer and, again, it does not work." Jan 6, 10 5:03 PM

Excuse me, bigfresh, but I offered actual FACTS, not talking points. I quoted the conservative rag Wall Street Journal. You just keep spouting "Trickle down" "Trickle Down" and have no real idea what that economic philosophy really means. You right wingers always want to talk about "bitter liberals". I am not bitter, I am simply sick and tired of teabaggers speaking from their _____ instead of using their brains. You asked me to rebut facts, I did so. Your anti-intellectual babble helps on one, and that includes yourself." Jan 7, 10 9:39 AM

Former Southampton Supervisor Linda Kabot writes to state comptroller about maladministration

Mr. Wheeler, temper tantrums are uncalled for. Can you at lest take your own advice and comment on the story itself? " Jan 14, 10 12:27 PM

Lt. William Hughes named Republican nominee for vacant Southampton Town Board seat

We're waiting for an answer, Frank. Tell us who you are." Jan 15, 10 10:13 AM

Former Southampton Supervisor Linda Kabot writes to state comptroller about maladministration

Who said I was an Obama supporter. Unlike the right wing ditto heads, I do not blindly support any candidate.

Besides, you quote the Allstate/National Journal poll? The Allstate/National Journal poll is conducted by Ed Reilly and Brent McGoldrick of FD, a business and financial communications company. The national journal is a conservative rag. What would you say if I quoted stats from the Huffington Post or The Nation Magazine? Please." Jan 15, 10 10:22 AM

Suffolk County Republicans are screening candidates early to prepare for Bishop race

yours is an extreme right wing view and antithetical to the principles upon which America was built. Ignorance and bigotry are the biggest threats to our future. " Jan 15, 10 12:13 PM

Election date set; nominees lining up

All of you complaining about Bridget Fleming - do you feel you are more qualified? " Jan 15, 10 12:15 PM

Suffolk County Republicans are screening candidates early to prepare for Bishop race

Coming from you, Razaa, I definitely take that as a compliment. Don't stop hating." Jan 15, 10 1:48 PM

What I am saying is that America is built on principles of intellect over fear, compassion over hate, acceptance over bigotry. This country was built on the sweat of "illegals". Why are you deserving of American citizenship and someone else is not? I would rather be a neighbor to a sea if immigrant workers (documented or otherwise) than one of someone like you. Immigrants get nothing free. In fact, if it weren't for undocumented workers paying into social security (not a dime of which they will ever see) it would already be bankrupt.

It must be hard to hate as much as you do, but I know people like you, you'd rather pick on the helpless, the lowest on the totem pole, than to fight the real corporate enemies on wall street. Your hate will eat you from the inside out. " Jan 15, 10 2:24 PM

Southampton Town is prepared to withdraw lawsuit over Aldrich Lane park

Mr. Berkoski's lawyer considers this a "victory"? A victory for whom? Dagdavid is right, this was never about CPF funds this was about a resident worried about a decline in his property values so he sued the village and the town joined in.

And now this very same Berkoski was appointed, behind closed doors, to the Town planning board and there are actually folks out there trying to defend him? He should be kicked off the board immediately for what is a glaring conflict of interest.

Kudos to Mayor Epley for his continued effort to find a solution to this issue, this HUMAN issue. Perhaps Ms. Holst should try doing what is right as well instead of continuing the same old politics as usual." Jan 27, 10 1:03 PM

Broderick to star in Hamptons-based sitcom

Oh, and you don't read this "rag" but take the time to leave comments?" Feb 3, 10 7:56 AM

Turmoil continues in Tuckahoe; commissioner will decide fate of school board

Take a look at the vile, hateful and despicable things Mr. Grimaldi has said on this board and then asks yourself what kind of person would support such a man. What kind of a woman would support a man who feels it is his right to violently yell and scream at another woman or to "put her in a cage." Who says such a thing?

By the way, lablover said his kids are no longer at Tuckahoe and that is a fact. I agree he has a right to speak out as a taxpayer of this district, but he does not have a right to spew such vile lies and innuendos. Nevertheless, I hope he continues to post so the voters of this district can see exactly what we're up against.

" Feb 11, 10 5:00 PM

Hah! Revisionist history at its best. Accuse others of lying and then do the same yourself. Eastendgirl is right, you want to make this about the superintendent but it's not. It is about the future of our school. Besides, parents aren't allowed to express their opinions to the board? Or just parents you disagree with?

" Feb 11, 10 5:39 PM

We are focused on what matters to our children, damn it. YOU want to make this about personalities. YOU want to make this about Rozzi. To me, this is about the future of our school and the education of our children. Tell me what is so awful about increasing the size of this board to five? Tell me. Focus on the issue. That is what the referendum is about, that is what this article is about. Why block it? Especially when you've all be proponents of it for so long. Why not now? Because an agenda has yet to be fulfilled? So many of you are spreading lies about what the referendum will mean to our school - what are you trying to stop? " Feb 12, 10 10:14 AM

Are you freaking kidding me?! Stop lying about what this referendum means. We don't need your phony facts, we will wait and see what the NYS board of ed has to say. Don't explain what democracy means to me. You have no clue, sir. I remember how your wife treated teachers and parents at Tuckahoe and how that attitude of disdain for everyone has continued right through this current board. After the way you behaved at the board meeting and the awful things you have said on this board it is clear to everyone, even us "ladies" what kind of man you are." Feb 12, 10 10:19 AM

Now you want to make this about socialism?! "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."" Feb 12, 10 1:32 PM

This is a complete misrepresentation of the petition and the petitioners. " Feb 15, 10 10:42 AM

Wow! You make some really excellent points. Those opposed to the referendum will not listen, but those with questions should find this helpful. I did. You are absolutely correct - this is about our rights as citizens of a democracy and we should not allow anyone to take that away from us. " Feb 16, 10 1:39 PM

Proposal for a new 7-Eleven on County Road 39

Anger issues? Wow." Feb 24, 10 9:02 AM

Southampton Town Board candidates square off in first debate

Immigration is an issue for the federal government. what we can do locally is call out the lies told by anti-immigrant fear and hate-mongers." Feb 24, 10 10:05 AM

For someone who hates to sound like a conservative, you are doing a great job of it. Thanks, Glenn." Feb 24, 10 10:06 AM

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