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Bishop will vote yes on health care reform bill

That makes absolutely no sense, but it is clear that you cannot answer the question nor point to any actual legislation that would back up your claims. You are simply parroting falsehood you've heard spewed by other right-wingers." Mar 22, 10 10:04 AM

You made ludicrous accusations that you clearly CANNOT defend. Period. Thanks for the last word!" Mar 22, 10 10:24 AM

Local stationery and office supply shops react to Staples planned for Bridgehampton Commons

No grounds? What if they determine that it will have a negative impact on the environment, traffic, quality of life . . .? If you think turning this area into Riverhead is a good idea, I challenge that assertion. " Mar 24, 10 10:16 AM

A negative impact on environment, traffic, quality of life . . . " Mar 24, 10 10:17 AM

He is right about you, reg rep. You are a far-right talking point aficionado. Are you beholden to Glenn Beck?" Mar 24, 10 10:18 AM

Developers present new plans for Tuckahoe hamlet center

Will we ever stop over developing!!??" Mar 24, 10 10:19 AM

You are oh so right, Turkey Bridge. What is amazing to me is how many people on these boards SUPPORT big franchises coming into the town! Enough is enough. The Berkoski appointment was a disgusting show of disdain toward constituents! Erase this planning board and start from scratch with PUBLIC hearing!" Mar 24, 10 3:27 PM

President signs historic health care legislation into law with Bishop's support

It is not if you are "under the poverty level"! If you are a family earning less than $66,000/year you will be paying appx $5,900 a YEAR as opposed to the $1,200/month those of us in that bracket pay NOW. If you are considered below poverty, your insurance will be subsidized and those people will, some for the first time in their lives, actually have affordable health care options. Where did you look it up, glennbeck.com? Why spread your vile lies? Is it because you are too ignorant to argue the facts? " Mar 24, 10 3:34 PM

Congressman Bishop prepares for difficult race but remains hopeful for outcome

To all teabag enthusiasts: Why do you call mandating the purchase of PRIVATE INSURANCE by 30 million people a "government takeover"?! " Apr 14, 10 10:04 AM

If the shoe fits . . ." Apr 14, 10 10:05 AM

Your childish sarcasm is quite unnecessary. You and your cohorts have been jumping up and down about "socialism" and "government take over" yet you refuse to acknowledge that this health care legislation keeps PRIVATE INSURERS in control. " Apr 14, 10 12:11 PM

You can not reduce the cost of care until you take profit out of health insurance - i.e. SINGLE PAYER like every other industrialized democracy in the world ALL of whom provide better care at up to 40% less." Apr 14, 10 12:13 PM

?? " Apr 14, 10 12:13 PM

Again with the personal insults? Is that all you are capable of? Not only do I pay taxes, but I am self-employed and purchase my insurance on the open market from private insurance companies who have raised my rates over 40% in the last five years all the while providing me worse service. I would GLADLY pay an increase in taxes of a few hundred a year to save a few thousand!!

All your side knows is childish insults and ignorance. Despite the fraud which needs to be addressed, Medicare spends 30% less for the same care than private insurers. Get a life, Razaa." Apr 14, 10 12:35 PM

IRS says Southampton Town comptroller owes $650,000 in back taxes

Innocent until proven guilty " Apr 14, 10 8:31 PM

East Hampton ESL program enhanced by new grant

One of the greatest thing about our country is that we will educate any one with the desire to learn. We need to welcome these kids, make them feel at home, and give them the skills to succeed - they are our future." Apr 14, 10 8:35 PM

Bishop asks EPA to delay lead paint legislation

Mr. Bishop is being very practical about this. An extremely common sense approach that should satisfy even the right - though I doubt it." Apr 15, 10 1:48 PM

Local Tea Party movement holds two rallies on Tax Day

Hey, Captain America, don't tread on US." Apr 25, 10 3:13 PM

Hampton Bays school budget includes 18.5 percent tax hike

You're anger is misguided and your racist sentiments are disgusting. " Apr 25, 10 3:15 PM

Hey, Joe Hampton, these people of Latino descent you refer to so derisively are, in many many school districts, performing better than 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation Americans. Why? Because they know, like all children of immigrants have always known - to survive here as the child of immigrant parents you must do better than everyone else. Or let's put it in terms you can understand - the brown kids are doing better than many of the white kids" Apr 25, 10 3:20 PM

My last comment was intended for joe hampton aka Joe Hatred" Apr 25, 10 4:29 PM

Local Tea Party movement holds two rallies on Tax Day

You are so completely clueless." Apr 26, 10 8:05 AM

Hampton Bays school budget includes 18.5 percent tax hike

You are exactly right, hblawgrad. Thank you." Apr 26, 10 8:08 AM

A quick read of this article and you will have no choice but to conclude that SH Press has resorted to sensationalist journalism. " Apr 26, 10 9:29 AM

Tuckahoe School Board adopts budget

Flyonthewall, You are like a fascist in the last days of Franco - desperately trying to cling on to your tyrannical rule while unsuccessfully attempting to glorify an ugly past. It is people like you who refuse to admit problems that are the real danger to this district. I like Mr. McCarthy too, but so what, he is only an interim superintendent hired at great cost to the district and, besides, many of us liked our last superintendent as well and "you can't put a price tag on that!" either- although I bet that taxpayers without children may disagree.

I hope the new board member will see the importance of increased representation and support a five person board. This board has been a disaster and torn apart this district in ways that even lifelong residence have never before experienced. We will move forward, but not by denying the past." Apr 28, 10 8:32 AM

Local Tea Party movement holds two rallies on Tax Day

So, Captn Anti-American, stop trying to project your paranoid, antisocial, narcissism on to perfectly sane people." Apr 28, 10 8:45 AM

Publisher of Dan's Papers files for Chapter 11

Dan's ad rates are, quite frankly, outrageous. Perhaps if they were more affordable for small businesses, they would have sold more." May 3, 10 5:47 PM

Excuse me, but I do not post on this board for your benefit. Speaking of complaining, do these sound familiar to you? "The CPI is nothing more than a magnet for bringing people with no class into this town. " "hey faceless... you seem to have a problem with capitalism. no one told them to come here and sleep in the woods." "The UPS guy just left my package in the snow on the street by my entrance and ran" "It seems dissent is only patriotic if you have the same view that the editor has" All you, not to mention your overtly racist rants and teabagging, anti-science nonsense. You don't like my comments, don't read them.

By the way, the fact that I annoy you gives me even more motivation to keep doing the same! HAH!" May 3, 10 6:56 PM

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