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State Legislation For Southampton-Tuckahoe School Merger Passes

Bottom line Southampton school district tax payers will be stuck paying higher taxes with no extra benefits. Vote NO!" Mar 19, 14 12:47 PM

Not much will be saved by combining schools, staff, equipment etc. If the districts merged all the schools buildings would need to be used." Mar 19, 14 7:19 PM

Taxes will go up, guaranteed." Mar 20, 14 9:13 AM

State Test Opt-Outs In Eastport South Manor, Hampton Bays Exceed State Cutoff

These tests are useless. The tests are not graded & results not given back until the summer. The only score that is given back is 1, 2,3 or 4, that's it, no other info given to the teachers. Over 400 minutes of testing & that's the only feedback! These tests do not mean anything, it is not used to promote/demote or help get a child into college, there is no value to them. Then there are the horror stories of the children when they are taking these tests, some of these children are pulling out their hair, vomiting, many children did not having enough time to finish each section, wordy questions beyond their ability, not understanding questions, feeling deflated, exhausted & hopeless. Then there are special needs children that are so overcome with anxiety.
Of course there is the added bonus of product placement, last yr was mug root beer this year is Nike & Barbie.
Southampton had 10 opt out not 8." Apr 8, 14 10:42 PM

Using the 95% participation rate is a bully tactic used by many schools, including Southampton, to get students to take these tests. New York was granted a waiver from USDED so it has flexibility with implementing NCLB. NY is required to identify all schools as priority, focus or in good standing. Most schools on LI are in good standing. "Focus Districts will be required to set aside specific funds for state approved programs & services" -NYSED. Setting aside funds is very different then losing state aid. The schools standing cannot be changed until 2015-16. So if a school is in good standing, that district has immunity from consequences of not making AYP until 2015-16. So it does not matter how many kids take these tests or how well they do on the tests, there is NO consequence for less then 95% participation." Apr 9, 14 6:21 AM

How Southampton deals with children that "opt-out", in other words students that "refuse" to take the test: a letter or email can be directed to the principal & teacher which must state that you "refuse" to allow your child to take these tests. Do not use the terminology of " opt-out", this district likes to play word games and it will not be accepted. The day of the test your child will never have to verbally refuse the test, they will be taken to the library, there they can read, do work or go on the computer. This district unlike other districts on Long Island, does not have their policy in writing, each parent is expected to speak to an administrator to get specifics on the policy. Sample refusal letters can be found at New York State Allies for Public Education or Diane Ravitch has posted a sample too." Apr 9, 14 6:51 AM

Regarding the upcoming math test, 4th graders will sit for 100 minutes on the 3rd day." Apr 10, 14 7:01 AM

13 yr old Sierra Olivero was suspended from school last week after telling classmates they could opt-out of taking the test. Gag orders given to teachers that administer these tests. Anyone still want their kids to take these tests?" Apr 11, 14 7:59 PM

"Time will tell whether the current mix of measures- from state tests and regents exams to graduation rates and student portfolios - provide the best indicators of college and career readiness." - NY State Education Commissioner John King 4/10/14
Huh? the state is pushing full force with these assessments but doesn't know if it really works?!" Apr 11, 14 9:22 PM

Tuckahoe School Board Adopts $18.8 Million Spending Plan

Only cutting $60,000 from their budget, seems like they are really hurting for money." Apr 13, 14 7:46 PM

State Test Opt-Outs In Eastport South Manor, Hampton Bays Exceed State Cutoff

The federal take over of our education system (AKA Common Core) is not the answer." Apr 13, 14 7:49 PM

How could you possibly know how the U.S ranks? The members of the CC validation committee were not told which countries we were ranked against." May 2, 14 8:17 PM

State Legislation For Southampton-Tuckahoe School Merger Passes

Speaking of Core testing who will be paying for it when RTTT $ is gone in 2015. The merger study does not address common core at all, which means it also does not address the extra cost involved. The merger study should not be valid at this point." May 2, 14 8:27 PM

Man Charged In Noyac Home Invasion Takes Plea Deal

Why is a convicted felon attending Southampton High School?" May 17, 14 5:42 AM

UPDATE: Bridgehampton Budget Defeated By Voters On Tuesday; Other South Fork Budgets Approved

Vote "NO" on Southampton school budget. Pork like prom busses should never be paid by the taxpayers.
Vote "NO" on bus replacement- BOE will not justify the busses that are already in their fleet." May 20, 14 11:42 AM

Southampton Launching Summer Academy For Students

There are hardly any fiield trips for these kids as it is. The elementry school favors "seat time" rather then real hands on experiences. This years 4th graders were denied this trip too. No mention that half of the students are getting 1s & 2s out of 4 on tests. There is something terribly wrong with such a high percentage of children need remedial help. How exactly are they planning on making this common core program personalized? It's not designed to be personalized. The school will be "tracking" the children- no mention of this either." Jun 26, 14 12:50 PM

Southampton Contemplates Accepting Grant To Extend School Day

1st step is to protest this crap! No mention of the proposed schedule in the article. SES would be 7:15-4:03. This is even for the Kindergardeners! Although the district does not have to include the Kindergardeners in this program. The district was forced to make a statement at this point because of all the negative chatter amongst parents & community members. This will go done in flames as it has in Kingston. Our children's childhood is not for sale!" Jul 2, 14 10:46 PM

The schedule is from the application. How do you think the state decides who gets the grant?
" Jul 3, 14 12:35 PM

There is not a possibility of this making sense. Let's see, does it make sense to: have kids go to school so early so that they don't have time to eat & get to have a buttered oroll for breakfast at school, go to school so early & get home so late that they never see the light of day, get home so late that it's too late to play outside after school, get out so late that after school activities are compromised for the children along with the local business that serve them, kids get on the bus at the time when they are normally having their afternoon snack then have another 40min on the bus until they get home to have their snack. Kids are suppose to start school the hour when they are normally getting up, depriving growing children of sleep is perfectly acceptable, right? Anything to improve test scores. " Jul 3, 14 1:14 PM

Pointing out what would be reality for our children on a daily basis is not short sighted. The US is behind China in adolescent suicide, should we try to catch up on this too? Your looking for more points that you can't shoot down. Great! Here are some more: if my child will not get home until 5pm , when are we fitting in swim lessons & cooking dinner? Should I start listing all of the children that have died of drowning in our district? How about piano lessons, the district does not provide that either? In March 2014 parents & residents of Kingston upon finding out that their district applied for the same grant, pushed back and was able to get their district to withdraw their application. Notice they are not one of the 9 districts getting the grant. Wonder why these people wanted nothing to do with this grant? What is short sighted is to believe that this government wants to "close the achievement gap"." Jul 4, 14 2:39 PM

Southampton School District Considers Declining Extended-Day Grant

Decline!!! In the future the district needs to be upfront on the grants it applies for." Jul 9, 14 4:42 PM

This grant is coming from the state via the Feds, education secretary Duncan. Any teacher I have come in contact with does not want this. Better education? More like setting the elementary school age children up for meltdowns." Jul 9, 14 9:38 PM

Governor Signs New Bill To Facilitate Merger Of Southampton And Tuckahoe School Districts

Unbelievable! Only now the Southampton press is going to cover this! Way to keep everyone in the loop. The press has never covered Senate Bill 7133 or the same as bill.
" Aug 6, 14 8:17 PM

Southampton school district has an outstanding debt of 48million according to the merger study. We should take on more debt?!" Aug 6, 14 8:41 PM

This is wealth redistribution at a local level. Tuckahoe has no real reason to convince the Southampton tax payer to go along with paying their bills. All they have is the emotional vote. The " we all one community" nonsense. " Aug 9, 14 9:53 AM

Summer Cooking Class A Success At Southampton Intermediate School

Looks like Southampton Schools needs some "good news" to distract us from all the bad happening in the district.
Trying to shove the tuckahoe merger down our throats. Now the extended learning time grant. The district is a mess." Aug 9, 14 9:58 AM

Southampton School District Presents New Projections For Tuckahoe Merger

How many times of voting "no" will it take for Southampton to drop the merger idea. The price of homes in Southampton school district is aleady extremly high do we really want to add high taxes to the expense of living here too? Vote no on the merger!" Aug 16, 14 8:58 AM

Selfish?! the only people who are being selfish are the tuckahoe residents that want Southampton's $ to bail them out. High school programs will not fold. Stop buying what the Southampton administration is selling you. Southampton High school has function very well with significantly less students and it can again. Southampton is $48 million in the hole and we should take on more debt, pay for more busses, standardized tests, free lunches. Not to mention throw away $9million tax dollars we have already paid to save tuckahoe. Southampton does not Need Tuckahoe." Aug 17, 14 7:21 PM

Lamm-9 million refers to taxes already pd to the district that they want to use to "equalize" the taxes between the two districts. A total waste. I get conflicting info regarding a very high tuition. Some people in tuckahoe say it's high, while other tuckahoe residents say the opposite. When the Southampton school board was asked directly how much $ Southampton is profiting off of tuckahoe they would not answer the question.
The reason the govt is getting involved is for their own selfish reasons, look up what Cuomo has to say about school mergers. Funny the state just hired a merger expert, wonder why.
Time to sponge off someone else." Aug 19, 14 4:35 PM

Southampton Outlines New Plan For Merger With Tuckahoe

The press never disappoints with spinning this in this in favor of the merger." Aug 20, 14 6:23 AM

Southampton school district has NOT declined the ELT grant. They are now looking into implementing it." Aug 20, 14 10:58 AM

I'm so sick of hearing "we are one community" bullcrap. The nerve of these people griping because we don't want to pay their bills." Aug 21, 14 4:43 PM

Southampton School District To Take One Year To Study Extended-Time Grant

Southampton School District thinks that a 9 hr school day would be in the best interest of children. SICK!" Aug 22, 14 1:38 PM

Southampton School District Presents New Projections For Tuckahoe Merger

Since when is being good neighbor include paying your neighbors taxes, buying more busses to accommodate your neighbor, and maintaining your neighbors school building forever, not to mention the house across the street that no one ever mentions. Time to complain to Cuomo, the 2% tax cap is bringing this district down and don't think that wasn't intentional on his part." Aug 24, 14 11:13 AM

Southampton School District To Take One Year To Study Extended-Time Grant

This grant would start July 1, 2015 so studying this for a year is completely misleading and an impossibility. Time to get the district to lock down a correct deadline." Aug 24, 14 11:16 AM

Tuckahoe Appoints Sixth-Grade Teacher As New Principal

The superintendent is not willing to do both jobs to try to save the district some money? But Southampton should pay higher taxes for this fiscally irresponsible decision." Aug 27, 14 8:14 PM

It is my business if Tuckahoe continues it's reckless spending and passes the debt on to me to pay with a merger. If a superintendent can legally oversee multiple school districts up to 1000 students why can't Dr. Dyer oversee a couple hundred students & assume both roles?" Aug 28, 14 8:10 PM

Looks like Chris is more then capable of performing both jobs, just like when he was hired. http://www.27east.com/news/article.cfm/Southampton/292220/Tuckahoe-hires-new-superintendent" Aug 30, 14 7:25 PM

How is tuckahoe helping themselves save money? If tuckahoe is in such a dire situation shouldn't there be steps taken to keep the school running other then involving Southampton. Saving $60k on field trips is not impressive. Please tell me there is more then that." Aug 31, 14 4:31 AM

Members of your own community refer to tuckahoe as a country club school, why would that be? Yes your district is wasteful, paying a superintendents salary for an entire year when that person is not even working in the district is complete waste. The tuckahoe community keeps telling us that you are subsidizing our taxes. I would like to know in what amount. How much is Southampton school district netting each year from tuition? The golf courses are a win-win for your district. They pay a ton in taxes without any burden to the district and the district can use the golf courses as a way to promote the school. The question still remains- what is tuckahoe doing to save money?" Sep 1, 14 10:44 AM

Southampton Expresses Doubt Over Merger With Tuckahoe

Double check but I'm pretty sure that districts can only merge if they border each other." Sep 3, 14 10:00 PM

Southampton School District To Host Meeting On Thursday To Discuss Potential Merger With Tuckahoe

Repackaged tax increase for Southampton, no thanks." Sep 9, 14 3:43 PM

That's the absolute last thing the state would want is an entire district to be taught by their parents. How would the state track their BMI, what they ate? The state needs to continue their influence over these little minds and continue with indoctrinating them with common core and the state mandated "social & emotional" learning. " Sep 10, 14 8:46 AM

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