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Southampton Village police officer files $1.5 million lawsuit

I am amazed that this poor fellow has the balls to speak out against any official in this county, maybe that $1.5M is a good incentive to get anyone talking. I feel that the police should be a little more cautious with the use of their guns and tasers. I seen a youngman that this paper accused of being drunk, tackled by an officer in Sag Harbor then I guess when he didn't fall the officer yelled out "Get in the car Mother F***ker or I'll taser you" I have to ask if two well built officers couldn't get a youngman in a car that she claim was driving DWI, is that statement of the use of the taser part of protocal. I have to ask is this what our forefather came here for. It is one thing to be conservative but another to be ignorant. The police out here should go through a little more training to deal with every situation you never know it is the Hamptons and there are other sources of media in this county and it happens to be the place where most ot he media people come out with their family to spend time. So not only be on your best behaviour, make sure you have a damb good probable cause. Be well and do good deeds." Sep 9, 09 1:20 PM

Cocaine rings busted on East End

I speak on behalf of a few that cannot be mentioned but the drug ring, market and going ons are a lot large than two street thugs. In times like these when everyone is going down remember no one wants to go down alone." Sep 9, 09 1:22 PM

Traffic stop nabs alleged drug dealer

No officer is that lucky." Sep 9, 09 1:23 PM

Waiting game continues for McGintee

The Hamptons us to be a great place to raise a family, build or grow a business. It is true that the crime was done to cover another area that was lacking but why was the other area lacking. I was brought up thinking that if you steal you lie if you lie you steal. I think it sad that becuase of a few our taxes have gone up. In today financial time it is understandable but 26% aweful aweful aweful. It time to expose the truth about everyone and everything. In regards to the Ms. Kabot, she is right not to take the test, I don't want to say it but it "seems" that some of these law enforcers try to get on the winning side and this is sad." Sep 9, 09 4:38 PM