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Waiting game continues for McGintee

Ms. Annanomous Board Watcher,

Yes, the Annex that is being built for the Town does not have a predetermined use. Yes, it is being worked on by Christopher DiSunno Architect and ARB member. I am being paid directly by Adelaide deMenil, my client whom I have been working for for years and my father before me. We worked on the buildings that were given to the town for the town hall complex on their previous site on Further Lane. I have nothing to do with the new own hall complex. Nor have I been asked. It has nothing to do with my position on the ARB. The annex project construction is not costing the town a dime. It is privately funded and when complete will be given to the town." Sep 10, 09 4:01 PM

In Sag Harbor, A Mr. Fixit From Yesteryear

He is supposed to be a secret! He has fixed all sorts of metal parts for me. Thanks a lot Press now he's going to be too busy..." Dec 15, 11 11:02 AM