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Deer Slaughter Under Way In Southampton Town

It is a slaughter. Any sane, intelligent person could not deny this. A cull is what wild animals do. They take out the old and infirm in a herd and leave the strong and healthy. The USDA just slaughters. Not only deer, but wolves, coyotes, geese, swans, eagles, beavers, Robins, Red Winged Black birds, Great Blue and Green Herons, they don't care, they don't discriminate. It's a war against wildlife. I have no idea why they are doing this but i do know this is how they make money, how they pay their salaries and it is all done secretly, just as it is being done secretly on Long Island. Agriculture on Long Island is the biggest money maker in the state. Don't believe them when they whine about deer. It's all a scam. " Apr 2, 14 9:44 PM

Wow, you are sick. And I feel sorry for someone who laughs at death and enjoys it. And who has nothing else to do in this life but respond to these pages in negative, ugly ways as you have, page after page, after page. Yes, all of your comments are listed here. At the top of this page. You seem to have nothing else to do. That's sad.
" Apr 5, 14 6:09 PM

Hunters And Residents Continue To Butt Heads Over Deer

No, you will not be notified and there will be no posted hunting signs. AND the homeowner that buys into this criminally irresponsible plan is likely to get their insurance cancelled, or at the very least be open to a civil lawsuit if their neighbors child or dog gets killed.

" Jan 29, 15 6:45 PM