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Stop And Shop To Buy King Kullen Stores On Long Island

Stop &Shop is owned by the Queen of England and so is Shell Gass Station, we are taken over by foreign Nationalist , eager to lower the population. IN FACT THE QUEENS HUSBAND, PUBLICLY HOPED FOR A. REAL GOOD PANDIMC TO HELP LOWER THE POPULATION ! We are on barrow ed time, wise up,stand up ,people. " Jan 18, 19 3:32 AM

STOP & SHOP (The Queen of England ), is not U.S.'s Parent and the Stock market is a PONZI scheme for sure to crash soon, all the while debasing the value of the U.S. debt. derivatives that are really only worth 3 cents for every worthless 1 dollar debt certificate. To buy into the queen's corporation and subsequent Parent Corporation's are stealing the working stiff's sweat, blood & tear's, only to manipulate and steal, wealth from the masses.
Is this your JOB with (5097) trollish responses? at .03 cents per dollar?" Jan 18, 19 7:35 AM

the staff at KK many of them have been there since High School must be given Job SECURITY/RAISES/PENSION and KK has the obligation to make this a part of the purchase agreement or else no deal!!,
STOP& SHOP is foreign corp. Owned byThe QUEEN OF ENGLAND.

" Jan 18, 19 7:52 AM