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Westhampton Beach trustee, blogger spar over residency issues

The reason the challenge is on election day, is because that is when the person is attempting to vote...it is really right then that he has to be a qualified voter....this seems a lot fairer way to do things then what the East Hampton Republican Party did many years ago, threatening to turn New Yorkers with Rent Controlled apartments in to their landlords for being registered to vote in East Hampton. (they won that election and proceeded to rape East Hampton...those politically connected republicans sure got rich then).

It was a great way for the East Hampton republican Party to make lasting lifelong enemies...people remember that and those still alive always send a check to the Democrats of East Hampton, even if they now live in Florida." Sep 11, 09 9:41 PM

Court Orders Southampton School District To Turn Over Farina Materials For Review In Private

I would suggest that you look more closely at Farina's time at the Garnet Valley School District. There were many strange personal issues there, that were well known within the school community. Obviously SH knew about these issues, or dismissed them when they hired him. The investigation should have been done before he was hired." Apr 14, 17 6:24 PM

UPDATE: Town Officials Respond To Shinnecock Plan For Billboards On Sunrise Highway In Hampton Bays

Very happy to see the Tribe doing this. It is about time. In this way, every single person enjoying the East End will learn that the Shinecock Tribe is a Sovereign Nation. Look at all the negative talk, it would be one thing if building permits for homes over 1,800 sq ft were no longer issued, then you could say something, and there would be a lot of blabbing then about "property rights". Well guess what, the Tribe has the ultimate property rights, going back to the Creator. " May 2, 19 7:04 PM

The Town has no building permit authority over the land which NYS DoT controls, thru their Right of Way, which is in turn owned by the Tribe. If the State decides to build a structure on the Right of Way, the Town is unable to stop it. Obviously, the NYS DoT has already given the green light to the Tribe to build these monuments. They have to meet certain NYS DoT design guidelines and engineering rules for being built where they are. Also, at the time the Town beat the Tribe on the Casino project, the Tribe was not a Federal Tribe. It is now and that is a BIG difference. Every giant sign (billboard) that NYS DoT puts up announcing an exit on the highway is an eyesore. Duh...." May 2, 19 7:58 PM