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Supervisor Kabot will fight DWI charge, stay in race

THE ARREST IS ON VIDEO. She can say anything she wants, the video has already been sent to the DA's office. Video tells it all. Can't understand how she plans to plead not guilty with a daming video as it ts." Sep 11, 09 10:22 PM

Arrest tape could be used in Kabot DWI case

Linda, you just should have come out and said, "Sorry, I made a mistake and I will go to classes and fix the problem" INSTEAD......you blame everyone else and you look terrible. The cops were just doing there job, they didn't make you drink & drive. You made that decision. Now live with the results instead of pointing fingers." Sep 18, 09 4:03 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Kabot, attorney give first interview on DWI arrest

Do you people really think that a Police Officer would put his career and family on the line to falsy arrest a person ? Some of you people need to get out more. A Police Officer makes the same paycheck if he makes 10 arrests a month or 0 arrests. And, some of the traffic stop is not on tape because, the camera does not roll until the overhead red lights are turned on. Listen, she was at a party, she drank too much. Most of us have all been there. Instead of pointing fingers,,,,,Ask for forgivness....... " Sep 23, 09 12:50 PM

Sam, how do you know what was in the mind of the arresting officer ? That my friend is a childish remark. If in fact, her eyes were glassy, speech was slurred, she was unsteady afoot and her breath smelled strongly of an alcoholic beverage. Along with her failing the field sobriety tests, THATS ENOUGH. What more do you need.???" Sep 23, 09 1:39 PM

highhatsize, not you again, get your facts befor posting. Alcohol has no smell, what you are smelling is the alcoholic beverage. A breathalyzer shows BLOOD ALCHOL LEVEL. How can you say, that's nothing. Do your homework." Sep 23, 09 3:09 PM

Matt your post is interesting. "She's Innocent" were you there ? Were you with her at the birthday party ? Do you know her Blood Alcohol Level?
"I'm voting for her" Based on what? her record or that she wasn't drunk ? GOD BLESS AMERICA" Sep 23, 09 3:48 PM

Southampton Village replaces Crown Victorias with Chargers

radio 186,000 ft per second, gotcha" Sep 24, 09 1:08 PM

Southampton Town deputy supervisor confronts, shoves PBA president over comments about budget

I am in fact a retired Southampton Town Police Officer and have worked with both Mr. Aube and Mr. Guinn. They are NOT aggressive in any way. They are charged as officers of the union to best represent the members. And, they do a wonderful job. If you take the time to look at your tax bill you will see that the POLICE BUDGET costs less then a cup of coffee a day. The person with interest in Suffolk County Police Dept. taking over for the town,,, SCPD submitted a model of coverage years ago and where STPD had 5 cars west of the canal SCPD advised thet needed 16. SHPD had 4 cars east of the canal SCPD needed 12. Do the math. You have a GREAT police dept that you should be very proud of and stand behind. I think Mr. Jones should attend an anger management class." Oct 3, 09 9:50 PM

A Little Dinner at Jack & Diane's serves American classics

Best of luck to Jack &n Diane. You are in a very tough business." Oct 17, 09 9:14 AM

Kabot's court date is pushed back to December

Well now THERE"S A SHOCKER" Oct 29, 09 3:50 PM

Southampton Town Highway Superintendent candidate Alex Gregor (I,D)

Peoplw forget that Alex Gregor was fired from the Highway Dept after working there for a year and suddenly stopped showing up. He said that it was for health problems, Asthma. How can you lead a unit if you can't go to the site??
Check the education levels of both people running for the office. Also, John McGann has supervised a unit of more that 80 persons. What has Alex done. IS ALEX IN FAVOR OF DRUG TESTING ??????????????? " Oct 30, 09 10:16 AM

SHNative, are you kidding me ? WHAT HAS HE DONE? Other than run for office ? He got fired from the job is running to be in charge of. I'll ive you something to read>>>>>

To the Editor,
I have kept silent for far too long. I am writing to you to dispell one large myth who has been crusading like Don Quixote for the Office of Superintendent of Highways. While campaigning for this most important position, Alex Gregor has betrayed the voters with numerous distortions of the truth. First and foremost for me as President of the Southampton CSEA, he has asserted that here is no training for CDL licenses for upgrades to AED or HED. This is an absolute untruth. In 2007, I was able through the Long Island Federation of Labor, to secure a grant to pay for such training. To date, six individuals have received said training at a savings of $12,000.00 to the taxpayers of Southampton.
Next, he claims to be able to conduct training through Local 138 for free, this is not true. Local 138 has an apprentice training program for their members, not ours. There is no free lunch with Local 138, there would be a charge for any training they conduct, which won’t be happening as we use different equipment. Once again, Mr. Gregor goes unchallenged on these points.
Mr. Gregor states that he doesn’t need $50 million dollars to fix roads (as approved by voters in a bond) ,
How does he intend to fund this activity, through donations and bake sales?
Listening to Mr’ Gregor speak of his vast business acumen, I wonder where does it exist? Is it in his mind? I know he worked for the town for a year or so, why is he not expounding on that? In his verbose resume’ he touts his last attempt at this position. He is a “Jack of all trades, and master of none”. Hardly the type of individual we need in this spot. Let us address the “vast municipal experience” he claims. He would have you believe that he blasted out of the womb driving a bulldozer, he started this campaign with 20 years experience and at this point claims 30 years experience, by the end of the campaign in two short weeks he will be up to 40.
Southampton town has enough problems to overcome. Please ladies and gentlemen, don’t add to the problems by electing someone who has nothing to offer, can’t produce and must embellish his past to reach his own selfish goals because of a need to be vindictive.
I will add in closing that while I find Alex to be entertaining, he is lacking in substance, qualifications, and experience. He is not what he portrays himself to be.


Pete Collins" Oct 31, 09 9:47 PM

Southampton Town Highway Superintendent candidate John McGann (C,R)

The research is complete, John McGann served the people of Suffolk County for at least twenty years with the Suffolk County Sheriffs Office. While there, He rose to the rank of Lt. and was in charge of at least 80 persons. Upon his decision to retire, his bosses tried to talk him out of leaving and his workers begged him to stay. When your Bosses and your workers both ask you not to leave, you must be doing something right. WHAT HAS GREGOR DONE BESIDES RUNNING FOR ALL OFFICES IN THE TOWN AND LOOSING ALL THE RACES. Everytime he ran (for Office De Jur) He stated he was highly quilifed for that office. How can one man, who has done nothing, think he can run any office in our town ? ELECT A DOER NOT A DREAMER" Nov 2, 09 8:12 AM

Oddone trial nears conclusion; defense witness challenged

When I attended the Suffolk County Police Academy in 1978 we were taught to use the "Choke Hold" in self defense class. It was sometime in the early 1980s that we were informed we were NOT to use the "Choke Hold" any longer, as it is now described as "Deadly Physical Force" The arguement is that Mr. Reister was in poor health. The truth is, if not for the actions of Mr. Oddone, Mr. Reister would have gone home to his family at the end of that evening." Nov 25, 09 5:07 PM

Restored Quogue landmark makes its return

How about, Hats off to the Quogue Village Police Dept. for getting the ball rolling. " Jan 13, 10 2:09 PM

Organizers postpone Westhampton Beach St. Patrick's Day parade until Saturday, March 27

What an ignorant statement....I applaude Tim for making this decision, sure it creats some hardships on local venders but, as someone who both owned an Irish pub in the village and someone who has played in a pipe band in the parade, a parade in heavy rain is NO FUN. In the rain, vewing attendance and parade and float attemdance would suffer. Would you want your child marching in the cold pouring rain ? OR would you allow your child or family member to stand in the cold pouring rain to watch a parade. I think not. Good Job Tim, Buddy" Mar 13, 10 9:24 AM