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Scotto Honored By Chamber

SIMONE!" Dec 27, 11 9:29 PM

North Haven Mayor Charged With DWI

Alcohol consumption impairs judgement and slows reaction time even for drinkers with a high tolerance. The legislature has decided that a person with a BAC .08% or higher is presumably intoxicated. It seems like you are saying that being an alcoholic is a defense to driving while intoxicated. Are you? " Apr 13, 12 10:13 PM

They must have had a prior DWI (in NY or out of state) b/c it would not have been a felony otherwise." Apr 13, 12 10:15 PM

Police Suspension May Hint At Issues In Department

Actually, the civil service law protects some documents from FOIL requests for such reasons." May 5, 12 12:11 PM

Two Convicted Drug Dealers Released From Prison; D.A. Cites 'Credibility' Of Arresting Street Crime Unit Officer

It depends what they know about this PO. How badly was his credibility affected? If the convictions are based entirely on his testimony and the DA has information that the PO is not believable, for whatever reason, it may be the right decision. We don't know all the facts. This is a pretty extraordinary action, however." May 25, 12 9:11 PM

Police Say 30-Year-Old Hispanic Man Is Being Sought In Fatal Hit-And-Run; Name Still Not Released

It may have to do with tainting an identification procedure with the witnesses who saw him leave the scene. " Jul 18, 12 8:08 PM

Southampton Town Housing Lottery Brings Smiles And Some Tears

Why is Walt a right wing lunatic? Why should taxpayers subsidize a "chosen few" to buy a house? How is it fair to the rest of us who have to pay for ourselves . . . Now we have to pay for someone else's house too? What about all those who didn't get selected, those who were brought to tears? Is it fair to them?

Please explain how it is "good" (aside from it being good for those who were chosen) for the town government (the people of the town) to subsidize home ownership." Sep 21, 12 8:28 PM

Police: Man Stabbed During Brawl At Westhampton Beach Restaurant

I guess Hampton Bays isn't the only community affected by the lawless hordes from down south." Sep 25, 12 8:25 PM

Three Charged With Robbing Riverside Gas Station On Halloween Night; Investigation Into Similar Robberies Continues

Robbery with a gun. Prison time for two of them at least. The 17 year old might get probation depending on his role. " Dec 2, 12 9:27 PM

Judge Denies Town's Request To Remove Storm-Damaged Cars From Speonk Property

Are these cars on private property? If so, the Towns really have no business trying to get them moved absent some grave enviornmental hazard, i/m/o." Dec 15, 12 8:18 PM

Kabot Gets GOP Nod For Southampton Supervisor; Glinka and Mansfield For Council

Kabot was found not guilty, meaning the case was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Thast is not the same as innocent. " May 25, 13 10:57 AM

Suspicious Letters Prompt Concern At Southampton Town Hall

The level of self-importance that many of these petty goverment officials feel is amazing. Do they REALLY think someone was sending a letter laced with ricin or anthrax to them? " Jun 7, 13 12:50 PM

I get unknown packages all the time. The fact remains that this was an overreaction fueled by a feeling of self-importance. Nobody at Town Hall is important enough to be targeted with poisoned letters. " Jun 7, 13 5:12 PM

I see nonsense. " Jun 8, 13 7:33 PM

Complaints Over Volleyball Games In Springs Lead To Proposed New Limit

How is Quigley's proposal unconstitutional?" Aug 17, 13 12:36 AM

UPDATE: Police Correct Identity of Woman Found Dead Along Penny Lane

Brutal murder? Where did you get that from?" Nov 1, 13 9:54 PM

Springs Man Accused Of Burglaries Could Face Life Behind Bars

It's based on his prior record. He either has at least two prior violent felony convictions and this would be his third (a home burglary is classified as "violent") or he has been to prison at least two times before this. It's pat of the "three strikes" law." Nov 18, 13 1:44 AM

UPDATE: Town Says Code Enforcement Action Saved Lives

So the landlord lost 18 tenants and then a few months later the house burned down? Does anybody else find that suspicious?" Dec 11, 13 12:46 PM

Oddone Conviction Overturned By Highest Court, New Trial Possible In 2008 Killing

He was convicted of manslaughter in the first degree. It carries up to 25 years." Dec 17, 13 3:00 PM

Good Ground Park Designer Discusses Potential Features, Including 'New Main Street'

Why build more stores when Montauk highway is full of vacant stores already? This park is a boondoggle. The Town leadership is a joke." May 14, 14 9:56 PM

Future Of Westhampton Beach Police Department Uncertain As Consolidation Talks Swirl

It seems to me that the SHTPD is overextended as it is (one sergeant to cover from Water Mill to Hampton Bays on a Saturday night). How would this help?" Sep 2, 14 9:51 PM

Leaf Pickup Begins Monday In Southampton Town

I have seen numerous instances where loose leaves were picked up from homes I know are not inhabited by a senior or disabled resident. Why have this policy when it seems many ignore it and the highway department picks the leaves up anyway. Anyone? " Nov 21, 14 7:18 PM

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