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Zeldin Joins Hampton Bays Family In Quest For Justice In Sons' Deaths

And what came of Bishop's resolution? I feel terrible for the family. That's why it bothers me when politicians exploit their tragedy for PR. Zeldin is a republican. Bishop is a democrat.
They're all the same. " May 22, 15 10:12 PM

UPDATE: Town Police Searching For Woman Who Robbed Hampton Bays Bank

Another nail in Hampton Bays' coffin." Jun 27, 15 1:40 PM

Family Pulled From Water After Getting Caught In Rip Current Tuesday At Pikes Beach

An early reminder to use caution when swimming in the ocean. Hopefully everyone is ok. Thanks also should go to the lifeguards who protect swimmers all summer. " Jun 30, 15 6:08 PM

Bicyclist Hospitalized After Being Hit By Car In Hampton Bays

I was at the corner of Wakeman and Shinnecock last weekend. As I went to turn left a bicyclist (middle aged man) blew through the stop sign nearly hitting my front end." Jul 12, 15 7:58 PM

Hundreds Decry Montauk Weekend Mayhem

Be careful what you wish for. I would take Hampton Bays as it was 15 years ago versus what it is now." Jul 15, 15 12:08 PM

Hampton Bays Diner Closes After 30 Years

Another vacant commercial building in HB. Just what we need. Hopefully new tenants come in quick and fix up the place." Jul 16, 15 8:41 PM

You deserve a kick in the a**" Jul 16, 15 9:40 PM

Hampton Bays Fire District Won't Say Why It Is Buying Land

Say what you want about the FD, but who comes when your house is on fire? Whatever perks they get are well earned." Jul 17, 15 10:10 PM

Bureaucratic Red Tape Puts Hampton Bays Road Paving Project At Risk

HB getting screwed again....
" Jul 29, 15 11:27 AM

Southampton's Town Justice Court Is The Busiest In The State

There is no way the court handles 300 cases a day. 300 a week seems more accurate. " Aug 3, 15 9:20 PM

Parents Say They Will File Discrimination Suit Against Westhampton Beach School District

I hope the Killorans win big time. It is disgraceful what WHB school district is doing. " Aug 5, 15 7:55 AM

Flanders Man Arrested Charged With Assaulting Pregnant Girlfriend

She will refuse cooperate with the DA and probably say the police forced her to sign a statement against him. " Aug 6, 15 9:09 PM

Southampton Town Rejects Bids For Good Ground Park Phase One

This project is a boondoggle. I can't wait until it's complete and all the homeless and drug addicts have a centralized location to congregate." Aug 12, 15 6:42 PM

Brothers Hired As New Southampton Town Police Officers

Well deserved for PO Schottenhamel. He's a credit to the PD and the Town. Bravo!" Aug 26, 15 9:40 PM

No Lemonade For You; Seinfeld Lemonade Stand Shut Down in East Hampton Village

Ridiculous. The cops should have told the neighbor to quit whining and let the kids stay." Aug 27, 15 10:14 AM

UPDATE: No Restraining Order Issued Between Westhampton Beach School And Killoran Family

The Westhampton Beach School District is acting reprehensibly. They should be ashamed if themselves. I hope that all the students refuse to enter their classrooms until Aiden is allowed in.

" Aug 28, 15 5:10 PM

Former Southampton Deputy Clerk Sues Town Over Termination, Other Issues

She's representing herself? Probably a big mistake. " Sep 1, 15 10:02 PM

Two Workers At Day Care Center Charged Friday With Child Endangerment

Sounds like another SHTPD clusterf**k. They say they want to do a thorough investigation but make an arrest based on the word of one disgruntled ex-employee then plaster the accuseds' faces on the news. Looks like Costa and Ralph are going to cost the Town a few million. Not to mention their own lawsuits they have against the Town." Sep 1, 15 11:32 PM

Marie Mulcahy, Founding President Of Hampton Bays Beautification Association, Dies At Age 85

A truly beautiful human being. God bless her!" Sep 29, 15 8:16 PM

Hampton Bays Man Arrested In Pennsylvania, Charged With More Than 30 Offenses

Why is he described as a "Hampton Bays man?" I am fairly certain he is not "from" Hampton Bays." Oct 20, 15 7:25 PM

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