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Southampton Village sets date for vote on new firehouse

Why dont all of you volunteer and maybe you will see how much a new firehouse is needed. With new technology and regulations these days, the fire Equipment and Apparatus is getting much larger and needs more room to accomodate them. This building was sufficient several years ago but now with new equipment and apparatus, it cannot hold as much. This firehouse used to hold 5 trucks at one time. Today, because of the larger apparatus, it can only hold 3 trucks. What does it take to make you all realize the fire department needs it? If your house was on fire, you would want the fire department to get there as quick as possible to put it out. With the current firehouse, firefighters are crammed together and struggle when there is a call to put on all their equipment and get in the trucks. This just delays the response time.

It always amazes me how many people criticize the work of the VOLUNTEER fire departments and Amblance Corps. These people are the first to shoot a project down and last ones to want to spend more money for these departments and are the frist to complain about the departments when their house or family member is in need.

My suggestion is, why dont you become a volunteer and give up your time and actually see why a new firehouse is needed. Just because you dont wake up in the middle of the night or give up part of your work day to help sommeone else doesn't mean you should complain about the volunteers work." Sep 14, 09 12:50 PM

Public meeting on new Southampton Village firehouse is Wednesday

Instead of complaining endlessly and saying you will not support the new firehouse, why dont you go to the information meeting at the firehouse and that way you can see the problems up close. Then you can make up your mind. Many of these problems, you cannot see from the outside and wouldn't even know about them unless YOU volunteered and saw them up close. The vounteers are the ones who save YOUR property and the ones who give up their time for YOU, so why not give them a fair chance. If you are so concerned, come join and volunteer and see for yourself. Also if you are soo smart, you would know the OSHA requirements and know that this firehouse does not meed the codes. I think building a new firehouse is alot easier than handling a lawsuit if someone gets hurt in the existing conditions." Sep 20, 09 4:31 PM

Southampton Village sets date for vote on new firehouse

The material that the current firehouse is made of does not comply under the new codes and requirements. Also with new apparatus and equipment, the new firehouse needs to be a lot larger...not just "a little larger" Why dont you go to the meeting on Wednesday and voice all of your concerns instead of bickering on here. Dont just make up your mind and say 5.9 million is too much money, go and hear what the village and contractors have to say and look at the problems yourself! Hey you could always make a donation towards it and the price would go down !" Sep 22, 09 4:00 PM

Public questions the need for new firehouse

This firehouse is certainly needed. SFD deserves it and the new firehouse is relatively cheap compared to what other fire departments have spent on new firehouses recently. The Chiefs and SH Village have done alot of homework and research to bring the cost of the firehouse down as much as they could.

27 East- In your pictures, you have Dennis Roy named as "Captain Dennis Roy". That is incorrect, he is now the 2nd Assistant Chief of Southampton Fire Department" Oct 5, 09 12:53 PM

Suffolk County honors five Westhampton Beach firefighters

Congrats to everyone!" Oct 6, 09 3:23 PM

Robert Paul Jeffries, first black Quogue firefighter, dies at 63

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Bob and his family." Oct 29, 09 12:19 AM

Southampton Village moving forward on new ambulance corps headquarters

Yes the ambulance does need a new barn and no, the new firehouse is not more important. They money for the new firehouse is already approved of. Yes the fire department needs a new firehouse, but the ambulance also needs a new headquarters. Think before you say things.

" Nov 22, 09 12:08 PM