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UPDATE: Ride To Montauk, Reduced And Restricted In Settlement, Will Take Place Saturday

Absolutely ridiculous. Spending time and money to most likely hire outside counsel and seek an injunction just to stop a bike ridding event. Wouldn't it be a better and more economical use of taxpayer resources to just help this group get the proper permit instead of just saying NO and hiding behind technicalities in the law? And who is this unknown tough guy town attorney threatening contempt charges? Very welcoming for potential event holders. Will he be doing the legal work himself or outsourcing it at more expense to the taxpayers? East Hampton is becoming the land of NO under this board. But go ahead and waste resources and play tough guy on a benign group while actual problems persist. Maybe just reroute it around Amagansett and they will get their permit..." May 28, 14 7:35 PM

East Hampton Town Adopts New Energy Goals; Meeting Slated To Discuss Initiatives

Give me a break. How much nonsense does this Supervisor and Board think the taxpayers can tolerate?. This is the most ridiculous pie in the sky load of crap to come from the always unanimous Board to date. What happens when it doesn't happen? Who do they think is going to pay for it? The technology, provider commitment, and funding doesn't exist - period. This is absolute fantasy and Larry & co are losing credibility fast. " May 28, 14 8:54 PM

UPDATE: Ride To Montauk, Reduced And Restricted In Settlement, Will Take Place Saturday

Whatever the motivation, this was the most ridiculous piece of legal work authorized by this Board so far. The same outcome could have been achieved with a phone call or brief meeting with the applicant. They were never uncooperative or unwilling to work with the Town, but instead the Town hid behind the minutia of the law and felt it was more self serving to haul everyone up to Supreme Court to simply negotiate a smaller event. No matter what your affiliation, this is absurd and defies logic. It is simply an unsound approach and a ridiculous piece of lawyering. Whoever suggested that trying to get a TRO is better than negotiation is a fool, and the outcome proves the folly of this expensive and aggressive approach. Sometimes the Town needs to work with applicants in a more civil say, especially for an event that does not involve alcohol. If this outcome is all they wanted, it could have been achieved at the local level without the drama of yet another orchestrated Press release, and threats of contempt charges by this big shot assistant town attorney who was clearly trying to impress his new boss. The appearance now is that a bike group was targeted (possible because they were "for profit") just to show how tough this Board is when in fact the Board could have achieved this result without the self promotion and legal theatrics. This could have and should have been a non story. How about focusing on the real quality of life issues with such aggression. " May 30, 14 7:02 PM

Montauk Resident Files Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Former East Hampton Town Supervisor

Is this a political press release or a real story because it is grossly misleading to mention only the former Supervisor as a defendant in the suit. Aren't there several other named defendants in the suit? Credibility check ! " Jun 6, 14 9:22 AM

East Hampton Town Trustee: If You See The Kardashians, Call The Police

Whether you like them or not, this is still the United States and they have done no harm and have a right to travel about freely. They also have a right to make a living and owe no one, especially Diane McNally or the other politicos and elitist gadflies of the Emerald City (aka Amagansett) an explanation. McNally sounds like a petty dictator and has embarrassed herself and the Town of East Hampton with her unwelcoming and threatening battle cry. Since her authority is derived from King James II through the Dongan Patent, perhaps she has forgotten that she lives in America and thankfully, there are no kings or dictators here. She certainly does not speak for everyone and has now exposed herself as a questionable leader. Take a deep breath and come down from your soapbox. It's a beach and its summer." Jun 24, 14 9:54 AM

East Hampton Town Board Doubles Airport Fuel Fee Despite Pleas

Will that increase cover the massive spending spree this Board has been on since taking office? Unlikely. Has anyone been paying attention to all the new hiring, the bonding, the nonstop budget modification. This will all catch up with us later in the year when the plethora of funding lines that fuel this spending begin to dry up (especially the health insurance line). Since there is no opposition, no public outcry, board meetings now being a unanimous love fest (Et tu Fredo), and with the local republican party being useless as a countering voice, who will be to blame when the cap is blown and taxes go up in next years budget and beyond? When does the mantra of not being the Wilkinson administration stop being a touted achievement? Wake up board watchers and gadflies - just because everyone is getting along does not mean the right things are being done. This Town needs to get back on the path of fiscally responsible and conservative governing and financial management, or BAM, it's 2009 again." Jun 24, 14 10:18 AM

Zeldin Defeats Demos In Republican Primary Election, Will Face Bishop In November

Let's see if George is a team player that truly cares about the district and conservative principles. Will he now get behind Mr. Zeldin to help take down the true enemy, Tim "Nancy Pelosi" Bishop, or does he engage only in primary activity against Republicans? " Jun 25, 14 12:26 PM

Shinnecock Indian Nation Angered By Kardashian Posing In Headdress

ABSOLUTE SELF SERVING NONSENSE. Shame on these few tribal members for piling on the shameless crusade against these women by creating nonsensical drama to draw attention to themselves. It is doubtful that these few members represent the majority of the tribe who is smart enough to see through this embarrassing grandstanding. There was no insult, intentional or otherwise here, and in fact the conduct these few tribal members are "disappointed" about is constitutional protected and absolutely none of their business. It also happened at a private party in California, nowhere near Southampton, so get over it and yourselves. There are legitimate issues to be disappointed about right in your own backyard." Jun 26, 14 10:48 AM

Summer's Arrival Raises Questions About State Of Electricity In East Hampton

Didn't realize that the Supervisor was qualified to render a power demand analysis. Last week he didn't care for the quantitative analysis of the U.S. Census Bureau and this week he is challenging the engineering decisions of PSEG. Perhaps he is omniscient, but what is more likely is that since nobody is challenging anything that is said or done by this Board, he is empowered to make such bold and arrogant assertions. Although he probably means well, the Supervisor has no knowledge, training, or expertise in these areas, so his posturing, however well intended, is pure political theatre. What we should be concerned with is if he is wrong? What does "immediate support" mean and how will it translate in an actual crisis for a power interrupted citizen who is dependent on power for their medical devices? How cavalier to play roulette with the lives of the 90 life support and 684 special needs citizens. Let's pray that a natural disaster does not occur this summer to test this irresponsible seat of the pants style of disaster planning. God help us if the Supervisor is wrong. " Jun 27, 14 4:11 PM

Southampton Town Will Post Armed Security Guard At Public Meetings

An absolute ridiculous waste of taxpayer money. The Board has never been in any real danger and maybe Anna needs to relax with the drama and respect the taxpayers right to be vocal at meetings they pay for without fear of oppression from rent-a-cops. (That their tax dollars ironically now pay the salary of). This certainly destroys the rural and welcoming aspect of the east end municipal hearing room and requiring attendees to sign in is just ugly. Thanks for nothing ATH!" Jul 22, 14 7:50 PM

In East Hampton, Comments Largely Split On Proposed Truck Law; Workmen Argue Hardship

How long has Buda lived in Springs and what is his background? The illegal population has little recourse to stand up to this and may actually be the root of the actual problem of overcrowding , but I doubt those true long time locals that are being photographed and privately investigated by him will continue to be so tolerant and silent once they are impacted financially by his carpetbagger self righteousness. Is he a licenses investigator? Licensed anything? Does the Town sanction his investigative activities? Glass houses Buda! This isn't New Jersey. " Jul 22, 14 8:02 PM

Southampton Town Will Post Armed Security Guard At Public Meetings

Ross, you should know there is a big difference between a Sheriff and an armed "private" security guard. It is extremely irresponsible to hire private armed security to guard the taxpayer's room. Will they be authorized to use deadly force? I doubt it, so what is the purpose of being armed? Can you imagine the liability to the Town (taxpayers) when one of these guys draws or discharges his weapon? Nothing good can come from this and the insult to the taxpayers can't be justified. Your comment seems like an attempt to justify this nonsense which is typical of a longtime government employee who has lost touch with the taxpayers. Glad you're gone. Maybe you could suggest placing armed guards outside hospital rooms ! " Jul 24, 14 11:09 AM

Tribute To Slain Nun Is Flash Point For Southampton Town Officials

Maybe ATH can post an armed private security guard to make sure the sign doesn't return." Jul 31, 14 9:35 AM

Hampton Bays Schools Continue To Receive Refugee Children

Before we fall off a cliff here, let's recognize the most glaring problem here -- the fact that average HB taxpayers, the true stakeholders and funders of the school district, had to learn about this serious and disturbing development from this article. Where is the transparency of the HB School Board or the always politically correct Superintendent? We have now essentially announced that HB is fully equipped to take on more and you can bet that message will be heard loud and clear in Washington, and HB will be a further dumping ground. And secondly, I know I speak for many when I say I don't appreciate Sister Moore's warning, and no doubt facilitating of, a "dozen" more in entering HB in the coming weeks. Neither she personally, the Church for which she is subordinate to, or the her not-for-profit agency she works for will ultimately be paying for this, and although obviously compassionate and well intentioned, she does not represent the best interest, or the will of the taxpaying homeowners of HB whose money she seems so willing to spend. The bottom line is, those true and legitimate stakeholders will have to pay and should see this as an urgent crisis that will quickly and without a doubt, blossom into tax increases. The plight of these children is certainly noteworthy and obviously sad, but wanting to protect one's tax dollars does not make someone unsympathetic, or a racist, and it is NOT the job of HB taxpayers, or other hardworking American communities to absorb Central and South American poverty. It is hard enough to get up every day and support ourselves, and we don't all have the luxury of such a liberal financial philosophy. And lastly,even though Bishop agrees that the federal government should assist HB financially if needed, let us not forget, those funds are our tax dollars also, not some magic federal money tree. This is a big problem created by the federal government which needs to be addressed in this fall's midterm elections and beyond, and maybe even through change in our own local school districts. Nevertheless, Immigration reform is needed immediately. This article was an alarm !!" Sep 29, 14 10:33 AM

East Hampton Camp Relocates Counselors From Three Houses After Court Order

"RAIDED" the house! That's dramatic. Hopefully they were invited in or had a warrant. This is still America." Aug 6, 15 3:16 PM

Former Hampton Bays School Board Member Charged With Looting Scholarship Fund

Maybe so Mrs.D, but the fire department, school district, and water district may want to do some internal auditing, because a thief is a thief, and this may not be an isolated incident. Clearly this man has no integrity and should not be trusted around taxpayer funded organizations and departments. Certainly if found guilty he should be terminated from all municipal employment. " Dec 11, 15 4:43 PM

New Head Of Southampton Town Public Safety Appointed, With Some Dissent

There is 0 code enforcement currently happening regarding overcrowding in single family homes in Hampton Bays also, particularly south of the highway. Basement apartments, packed bedrooms, too many cars (on lawns); not too mention the strain on the septic systems designed for lesser occupancies, all easy cases to make if someone from code enforcement were to just drive around and actually do some investigative work without waiting for a complaint. Obviously stronger (or any) management of this department is needed, but not at this cost, which could have been used to hire 2-3 more code officers. Code enforcement is political will, and it seems that the Board should be directing the Town Attorney to administer the resources of Code enforcement to be effective and serve the needs of the taxpayers who are suffering. And by the way, how did Jay bypass civil service in making this wasteful appointment? Good luck with that one. Shame on you Julie for your silence. " Aug 24, 17 5:35 PM