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Report says anti-immigrant atmosphere in Suffolk County fuels violence

The sad part is that too many people automatically assume that illegal and Hispanic are interchangeable and also that non Hispanic means not illegal. Some of the complaints made have legitimacy as far as the congregating and some of the trash issues, however, do I need to point out the slob in the car in front of you who is white and has a job who throws out his McDonalds garbage as he drives down the highway? And what about the employer who is also white who hires as many "illegals" as he can and pays them with cash to avoid the taxes and the law, and then complains about all the "illegals" who aren't contributing to the tax base?

As for the Press one for English" problem, the United States never declared a national language so we're kind of stuck with that one." Sep 16, 09 1:45 PM

New businesses are helping redefine Eastport's downtown

I would love to see Eastport stay pretty much as it is. I DON'T like the idea of a Starbucks or any other mainline store opening in town. I live in Patchogue and my wife and I often drive east on Sundays. Eastport is one of our stops primarily because it has remained quaint. Greenport has managed to maintain its independence from most of the big stores. I realize the two towns aren't the same, but Greenport manages to pack its streets in the summer and even does pretty nicely in the winter. Eastport can do the same. Antique stores, luncheonettes, LOCAL coffee shops, perhaps with low key live music and above all perseverance. I'm glad to see that Todd English has the faith in the town to give his shop a go. Hopefully his decision will draw others to do the same." Feb 18, 10 2:44 PM

Officials want to use Southampton Town's Community Preservation Fund to save Stony Brook Southampton

If the state cut the budget to operate Southampton due to fiscal issues, what makes anyone think that the campus could become a SUNY school on its own? Isn't that state money too?" Apr 23, 10 12:06 PM

When It Comes To Sewers, Municipalities Look To Patchogue Village For Inspiration

The other reality is that the bars and restaurants draw in the public who quickly leave when they are done. Living in many areas within the village lines means you get to hear much of the Alive after Five noises from your own backyard and you get firsthand experiences with the traffic and parking problems it creates. And with so many places to eat and drink, you also have a good opportunity to walk a good distance from your parked car to any of those locations, something that older folks and those not in 100% physical condition prefer not to do. Those people go to Bellport or stay home altogether.

Your rant about certain parts of Patchogue are misdirected. The areas East of Route 112 are outside the village limits (Actually Bay Avenue) and are the "responsibility" of the Town of Brookhaven. True East of the PO is flaky, but on the other hand it never was a hot spot in 50 years!

The village business district is much more occupied than it has been in quite some time, but there have been far too many housing projects constructed and far too many bars. the old business district is gone and will never return. Retail is a long lost memory in Patchogue. the few remaining ones won't be around in 15-20 more years." Feb 3, 16 4:20 PM