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Legislature to consider hotel tax increase on Thursday

This is very one-sided. It is not true that only 2 museums would benefit from this. Why didn't the reporter talk to The Parrish Museum, Guild Hall, the Childrens Musuem of the East End, Bay Street Theatre, Longhouse Reserve, Hamptons Film Festival, Bridgehampton Historical Society, the East End Arts Council, WLIU, and a host of other arts organizations that would ALSO benefit? The reporter should go to suffolkcountyny.gov -> Legislature -> online documents, and look up IR1614. Poor piece of reporting." Sep 16, 09 8:49 PM

Back to the wall, Bay Street prepares an appeal

I am shocked by the ignorance revealed in these posts. Bay Street Theatre is an extraordinary resource for the East End. Job generation refers to those in the reaturants and retail establishments AROUND the theater that benefit from traffic TO the theater. This is exactly the scenario Save Sag Harbor is advocating. Where is their voice in all this?" Sep 21, 09 5:03 PM

Congressional candidate Cox joins anti-abortion activists in protest at Bishop's office

Babies? Babies are born. Fetuses are in utero." Aug 28, 10 11:19 PM

Southampton Town Steps In To Host Windmill Lighting Ceremony

Maybe when the NYS Legislature allows SUNY Stony Brook to charge tuition commensurate with other state universities so that it can deliver on its educational mission, Dr. Stanley will have some pocket change to light a windmill." Dec 2, 10 11:13 PM