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Southampton Resident Responds To Trump Criticism With A Bigger Sign

Can ya'll just cut it out about political signage and the PC freedom of speech BS? Kenny O's just ensuring that his side of the street will get plowed in the winter.

Remember Tammany Hall - vote early and often. Make America white and male again.

Wait -- did I mix something up there? Did I not use enough inappropriate initial capitals in my sentences, or enough incorrect punctuation? ***crickets*** " Nov 5, 16 8:13 PM

c.f. Terry Lynn Rote, Iowan who already voted 2x. For Trump.

Maybe you could Google *irony*." Nov 6, 16 12:09 AM

Cleanup on aisle #4 -- bottles of nuanced thought have hit the floor.

If one re-reads this article (and the comments), no one is disputing Kenny O's *right* to post signs purveying his opinions, nor his *right* to having an opinion. The crux of the argument is the *content* of the expressed opinions, not the expression itself.

If we were living in Putingradiskraine, we'd all be pushing daisies at dawn for having this conversation, except for those whose opinions (and signs) were *right*, let alone having a newspaper that had the freedom to even publish this conversation.

And yes, freedom of the press belongs to he who owns one." Nov 6, 16 11:23 PM

New Polling Shows Zeldin Still In Lead But Throne-Holst Closing Recognition Gap

Didn't you get the Donald's memo? Your baby daddy said that Obama was born in the US. End of story." Nov 6, 16 11:34 PM