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Stinchi steps aside, Wruck takes reins of town GOP

Good luck Ernie!, I know you will be a real positive asset to the committee." Sep 24, 09 9:12 AM

Eastport South Manor voters approve $61 million school building project

I agree with diogenes. I was able to view my upcoming tax bill which has been increased this year by almost 900 dollars. That is insane. I am not sure if the young upcoming families are aware of the implications of every yes vote given as per the schools "sake of the children" campaign. Yes , we all want the best for our children, but there may come a time when their children will not benefit from attending the school because high taxes will force them out of the district. In these hard times taxpayers should have been given a break from the onslaught of new projects that are consistently shoving down our throats. Voters should be prepared to receive their new tax bill this weekend. Maybe then they won't be so impatient the pull the yes lever." Dec 10, 09 10:46 AM

POSTPONED: Levon Helm keeps coming back strong

I've been to several rambles. Its the best ticket your money can buy. " Apr 9, 10 8:51 AM