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Keeping fingers crossed when it comes to hurricane preparedness

Flashlights, lanterns and a battery powered radio. Canned food and water enough for 10 days should always be on hand according to the head of emergency preparedness in Suffolk County - winter or summer. Plan for pet food too. And, skip the mayo, it's bad for your heart." Aug 23, 10 10:44 AM

Mill Pond fish kill not caused by runoff; coincidence and longer term problems blamed

Lake Agawam does have bubblers and there haven't been fish kills. ICE is correct in his thinking. There are about a dozen of them. Try looking from the south end parking lotto see a few. No solar bees anywhere there. And, the Mill Pond homeowners did indeed pay for their solar bees because the Trustees didn't think they would work. Interestingly, one of the homeowners stands to make money if they were successful and could be sold nationally. A bit like the guy who wants to set up a wind turbine on his property next to the pond south of the college. Neither is so interested in going green as in green that can be made from their product. " Aug 23, 10 2:46 PM

Rogers Memorial Library budget passes

That's a great idea. Public notice is the big problem with many of them. On the other hand, a lot of people might simply vote against everything because so much of the tax budget would be up for vote at once." Aug 23, 10 11:59 PM

Congressional candidate Cox joins anti-abortion activists in protest at Bishop's office

Such an opportunist. Grabbing at every straw just to get to Washington. Privileged up bringing, knows nothing about grassroots people, does know his father is NY state GOP chairman. Family's probably a friend of local billionaire David Koch who is pouring millions into tea party coffers - see this week's long New Yorker article. Nothing like big oil money to fuel a tea party." Aug 27, 10 11:11 PM

Heart attack victim's brother doesn't miss a beat

Where can we take a CPR course? " Aug 28, 10 11:53 PM

Models show possibility of hurricane impacting East End

He's right: "...but it's important for everyone to realize that a storm of any magnitude turning north has the potential to be a problem, and everyone should be prepared for the worst, just in case."" Sep 1, 10 11:50 PM

Porch living offers a mix of indoors and outdoors

We lived on Mom's spacious side porch. It was far more private than a front porch and could be enjoyed almost nine months of the year. Screened by flowering shrubs, it allowed us to be outdoors to hear the birds, feel the breezes and smell the flowers while being sheltered from the sun or rain. Lovely for reading quietly or catching up with each others news." Sep 7, 10 10:43 AM

Some already have eyes on November 2011 races in Southampton Town

Should be interesting to see where her loyalties will lie. My vote, too, will hinge on that point. She's uncomfortably cosy with more than a few developer/donors across the township. " Sep 17, 10 11:48 AM

Court clerk celebrating 80th birthday has no plans to retire

Nice lady. Nice story. Hope we all are able to live as busy and full a life as she does when we are her age." Sep 17, 10 11:51 AM

Southampton Town bracing for stingy 2011 budget

"But teachers are over-paid and over-benefited, too, and protected by a tenure system that is like hitting the lottery." Very true, Noah Way. Few others have their gold plated protections and it's time that ended. My kids were good students, but definitely encountered a few teachers who did not do their jobs well and should have been let go. Tenure protected them and our local taxes paid their salaries. " Sep 24, 10 12:38 PM

Feds side with Shinnecocks in federal recognition

Wasn't she actually your gr, gr, gr, gr, gr, gr, gr, gr, gr aunt?" Sep 24, 10 10:31 PM

Condominium plan for Rambo site gets thumbs up from Southampton Town Planning Board

I thought there had been some talk about including some affordable units. Has that been given up?" Sep 27, 10 12:49 AM

Couple stalls wind turbine plans

That thing looks like a bird killer. The big three bladed wind generators move so slowly birds can easily get past them. This little twisty one looks as if it will spin too quickly for birds to avoid. It should not be allowed to be built. I have solar panels and am in favor of renewable energy - but not turbines that chop up birds." Sep 28, 10 3:16 PM

Congressional race kicks off; candidates trade blows

I just hate the robo calls. We already got two today. I rushed up from working in the cellar only to hear a recording of one of the candidates complaining about the other. UGH. During the primary we were deluged with calls. One night I found six messages on our recorder. Sooo annoying, and no way to stop them." Sep 28, 10 10:20 PM

The minority party has tried to block all forward movement by being the party of NO. It's disgraceful. It's been pandering to the loudest elements of its own fringes. The ones who can not get over the fact that we have a man of color in the White House. I know lots of them. They go on endlessly about his being a Muslim or being born elsewhere, but it boils down to race. The GOP's been ignoring moderates within itself, leaving us wondering where to turn." Sep 29, 10 12:45 PM

Shinnecocks get final word, become 565th recognized tribe

Congratulations! Good for you for staying with it until you earned the federal recognition that was your birthright. I wish the tribe all the best in the future." Oct 2, 10 11:47 AM

Throne-Holst: No layoffs in 2011 tentative budget

Interesting. Word was that lots of jobs were to be terminated. There was a good deal of angst and wrangling behind closed doors." Oct 2, 10 11:50 AM

The Press might want to look into who's being pushed into unwanted retirement so ATH doesn't seem to be "firing" anyone. Not good." Oct 4, 10 10:09 PM

Unwanted retirement is the accurate term here. Nothing to do with incentives." Oct 5, 10 12:00 PM

Saks Fifth Avenue closes Southampton store this past weekend; Water Mill's Citarella also closed

Saks didn't have a good selection. I never could figure out its buyers thinking. This is a resort community bursting with parties and entertainments of all types yet it often didn't carry clothes for them. I am very sorry for its employees though. Won't be easy finding work out here. As for empty stores, blame greedy landlords for upping rents to impossible levels." Oct 5, 10 11:26 PM

Then you have local oil billionaire David Koch and his brother giving $200 million to fund tea party organizations because he wants less restrictions on business. He knows that if their candidates get in he and others like him will be free to run their expansive empires without restraint. Very scary. http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2010/08/30/100830fa_fact_mayer" Oct 7, 10 7:29 PM

Clashing ideas about jobs dominate congressional race

Bishop is out of touch. Outsourcing can also create jobs. My cousin has been able to add more Long Islanders to his staff this year because of the affordable cost and efficiency of using a call center in India for his mail order business. He'd struggled financially before outsourcing and might have had to close shop and let his long time staff go if he hadn't. Outsourcing saved their jobs, plus created new ones." Oct 14, 10 10:12 AM

Silly razza, you are so wrong. You do not understand how businesses work. He almost went bankrupt trying to save his company - and his longtime employees' jobs. Outsourcing enabled him to take in more orders 24/7, and keep all of his staff through the frightening downturn when so many others were laying off workers. Lately he's been able to hire more full time people, here - so there are less unemployed folks on Long Island. That's a good thing. " Oct 14, 10 11:53 PM

Raucous Meeting Focuses On Fights At Southampton High School

What is going on at the school? This wasn't happening a few years ago. Something's changed. The administration seems to have lost the respect of the students who now feel that anything goes. I've been hearing that the school's been having serious internal problems. Perhaps the school board was too hasty getting rid of Dr Bruno." Oct 19, 10 8:53 PM

Southampton School Officials Call Meeting For Parents To Discuss Recent 'Incidents'

Not necessarily punishment, perhaps anger management would be better. Clearly these girls have zero skills in that department. What will happen when they are out in the real world and get mad at some slight at work? Too many kids waste their time watching idiotic reality shows and get their values from them, rather than from their parents - who, come to think of it, might not have very good ones themselves." Oct 20, 10 12:18 AM

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