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Future Eagle Scout Restores Dory

Nice job!" Sep 28, 11 11:52 AM

Town GOP Shuns Two Of Its Own In Campaign Push

Well, well, now everyone can know for certain who's promised to do exactly as they're told by the Republican leadership. It's no longer just an insider's secret. Those that won't agree to follow orders got "Photoshopped" out of the group picture. Seems standing up for the public's rights over private interests has become a liability to local GOP leaders. They have no shame." Sep 28, 11 12:35 PM

Ernie, you know better. Now, in desperation, you and your operatives are are going to try to trash Schultz and Havemeyer. Afraid to tell the public what really happened? Eh? " Sep 29, 11 12:11 PM

Public Criticizes Southampton School District Over Student Bullying

With over 500 kids in the high school, all trying to cope with hormones and growing up, there will always be some who will make wrong decisions and act badly. School representatives absolutely need to take any calls for help from a parent seriously to avert possible danger to a student. I have seen the school go well above and beyond in situations that never appear in the paper. I have also seen it do some spectacularly dumb things. Unfortunately, one of those was to suspend a group of kids after an incident in which no one was hurt. In a similar incident the year before someone did get hurt, but no one was suspended. Care to guess the race of each group?" Oct 6, 11 12:08 AM

Police: Woman Dies Following Car Accident In Hampton Bays

Perhaps contact Fred Theile. He's helped get changes made out east. At the least, his office could point people in the right direction to get a light. Poor woman. How sad." Oct 6, 11 12:28 PM

Hundreds Turn Out To Say Goodbye To 15-Year-Old Westhampton Beach Student

I wondered about that... I am so very sorry for this family. Reading this story brought tears to my eyes. Such love, and such sudden loss.
Poor things." Oct 8, 11 10:14 AM

Bay Street Theatre To Close In 2013, Seek New Location

Would the Parish building offer the Bay Street Theater the space they'd need? If they came, would they be willing to do theater workshops for local kids and teens? And, give scholarships to some who could never afford to pay? Perhaps offer internships to older ones? There's real need for activities for under-privileged kids here. I'd love to see some beneficial givebacks in return for 'favorable terms" no matter who ends up with the space." Oct 12, 11 4:06 PM

Kabot: Throne-Holst Contributions Violated New York State Election Law

Local campaigns are so small that a contribution over the limit would have been noticed immediately... that raises the question: Why did ATH accept several of them?" Oct 15, 11 2:47 PM

In A Reversal, Southampton Town Board Converts Budget To Preliminary Spending Plan and Adds Another Public Hearing

Malone and Nuzzi need to step away from their full time day jobs for a while and put in some serious hours at Town Hall. They were elected - and are being paid - to serve us. Now is the time.

ATH's lopsided budget needs to be studied and discussed thoroughly. Pressure is clearly being put on certain departments and not on others. This could backfire badly in the future. The cuts, like last time, are not fair-handed and across the board. What is she trying to achieve? Departmental dismantlements? It's going to be a bloodbath. Thiele, ATH's mentor, tried that years ago when he was supervisor - what happened? A guy shot himself, that's what.
" Oct 15, 11 3:57 PM

Developers Ready To Submit Application For Canoe Place Inn Project

Outside labor has always been cheaper, just look at the trade parade from up island each day. Clearly price is why they are hired. We certainly have the skills and talent locally, but their prices are sky high and remain so even when work is scarce. It's a pity as I know construction related firms have been letting people go lately. " Oct 16, 11 3:52 PM

In A Reversal, Southampton Town Board Converts Budget To Preliminary Spending Plan and Adds Another Public Hearing

It is intimidating - and meant to be - when off duty police officers show up enmass in uniform. They have the right to go to any open meeting. However, wearing their guns and uniforms when not on duty, anywhere, is totally inappropriate. Doing so at Town Hall has always been a not-so-subtle threat. Shame on them." Oct 18, 11 11:17 AM

Teenager Stabbed After Party in Bridgehampton

News flash to tm: A lot of us keep close track on our kids and do not allow them to stay out so late at 16, much less walk home in the dark at almost 1am. It's called doing our jobs as parents. "just breath" is right on target. So's pstevens, why weren't the police called immediately? Every kid has a cell phone." Oct 18, 11 11:29 AM

Study Discourages Shoreline Hardening Efforts

Robert Young knows his stuff. He works with Orin Pilkey who is one of the world's expert on beach erosion. To understand why shore hardening is such a problem read "The World's Beaches". Pilkey was one of its authors. A review of it in the NY Times this summer caught my eye, and really got me thinking. The Town Board ought to read it to understand what is actually happening to beaches world wide. The waters are rising." Oct 20, 11 12:11 PM

Public Asked To Be On Alert Following String Of Car Break-Ins Across Southampton Town

Jeez, where are the grammar police when we need them? Off with the local ones?

Shouldn't it be "... were leaving for work."? Or am I mistaken?" Oct 24, 11 10:54 PM

Glad to see it was corrected. Thanks." Oct 25, 11 11:12 AM

Camp Developer Files $65 Million Lawsuit Against Project Critics

Jay Jacobs is trying to intimidate and destroy the opposition to his project by hitting its leaders with an enormous SLAPP suit. He's obviously scared he's losing. The small homeowners association has been using facts to battle him in the press and at town hall meetings, so he's decided to try to silence them by crushing them with an expensive lawsuit. When the rich arrogantly abuse their power like this, it makes me understand the frustration of the Occupy Wall Street crowd. I'm sending pizzas!" Oct 25, 11 11:37 AM

Southampton Village Drafts Law To Allow New Supermarket

Southampton village certainly needs a second food market, but one with affordable prices, not everyone is rich. " Oct 27, 11 5:06 PM

Throne-Holst And Team Release Campaign Video

Anna did indeed throw Bridget under the bus. She's cut a deal with the Conservative & Independent party leaders that stinks sky high. Many saw her smiling at and clinging to them like a limpet just before the endorsements were announced, endorsements which by custom should have been Bridget's as she's done a good job and should have had them again.

She's aiming high, is our gal Anna. She's known to have been been job shopping upstate for about a year now. Look for her to be appointed to her good buddy Theile's position when he gets his long waited-for judgeship. She can hardly wait to leave town... " Oct 27, 11 5:22 PM

SayWhat: You are a complete innocent, bless your heart." Oct 28, 11 4:25 PM

Youth Group Wants To Cater To East End Kids

This sounds like an excellent program. Good for Richard Blowes and Bonnie Cannon. Kids DO need a second chance, especially if the first one they got was not a good one." Oct 29, 11 1:06 PM

Residents Post Survey To Spur Action By Southampton Town Trustees

Committee lap dog is more like it. Don't need that." Nov 1, 11 11:01 PM

Anna Throne-Holst Unopposed For Second Term As Southampton Town Supervisor

Pretty is as pretty does... applies to women as well as small children. NTiger has described the Supervisor very accurately, if not flatteringly." Nov 1, 11 11:17 PM

'High-End' Supermarket In Agreement To Move To Southampton Village, Pending Zone Change

Citarellas was mentioned in the original article, so is probably the one. Too bad, sooo many people here could use an affordable market. Not everyone in Southampton is rich." Nov 4, 11 10:25 AM

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