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Two Southampton Schools Flagged For Improvement By State

I'm more concerned about a long hidden issue. Each year there are kids who move into high school with very low reading skills which sets them up for academic failure. These kids were born here, speak English and are smart, but come from troubled homes or homes where they do not get the support needed to do well in school. Some just get socially promoted each year, others are shunted off to BOCES and a few drop out. None of this is good for their future abilities to earn decent livings, or to stay out of trouble with the law - I've seen their names in the police blotter many times. Teachers know this, the school knows this and it's time the practice was stopped. Kids with reading difficulties in elementary and middle school - for any reason - need one on one tutoring to get them up to reading speed or they can not succeed in any of their classes. " Nov 25, 11 12:28 PM

Some kids, who's families have been here for generations, are being allowed to exit our school system with very poor educations. They never learned to read well in elementary school so could not do the school work expected of them each year. According to teachers I know, some actually enter high school reading on a fourth grade level. They bump along barely getting by until graduation or get moved to BOCES. Some drop out.

I like the premise of No Child Left Behind, but the problem is that some ARE being left behind when they shouldn't be. That needs to stop. Moving kids up based on their age without the educational foundation to do well at the next level is wrong.

Reading problems have to be dealt with early. Kids who can not read well by third grade can not do well in fourth, fifth and above. Consider the importance of being able to read well to doing well in history, science and math classes and it makes sense. Specialized tutoring to help with reading at the Elementary or Middle School levels, along with an ongoing support system to keep an eye on kids who have had problems with it as they rise through the grades, would make an enormous difference in their success rates - and their self esteem levels. There would be a lot less acting out for attention.

Kids that lack even a basic education can't get jobs that pay a living wage and will not be able to support themselves, much less a family. Some turn to drug dealing or other illegal means instead. I have seen their names in the Police Blotter all too often.

" Nov 29, 11 1:24 PM

The Fresh Market Is Store Interested In Southampton Village Site

Hey, Glennons! Have you approached Stop and Shop to see if they might be interested in your location? Before you sign anything, do us a favor as fellow community members and talk to them. Not all of us are rich or want fancy foods. We could really use a small, carefully edited Stop and Shop to serve the village and surrounding areas. Point out that they would make a bloody fortune with their Pea Pod home delivery service to seasonal residents.

" Nov 30, 11 11:59 AM

Cyber Attack Targeted Optimum Online Internet Service

Someone's mad at Cablevision. I wondered what was going on when nothing would open. I checked my airport and tried again, no improvement. I finally gave up and closed everything down in frustration. Hope they've figured out where the attack's coming from. " Dec 1, 11 5:04 PM

Town Will Go To Court, If Necessary, To Stop Homeless Shelter At Hampton Bays Motel

Homeless people may not be who you think they are. Many are families much like our own who have fallen on hard times. I helped deliver several truckloads of new warm clothes to homeless families living at two motels out here years ago, one east and one west of the canal, and was surprised by what I found out.

The westerly motel had extended families living in very crowded conditions. Their kids were being bussed over an hour and a half to the Wyandanch School District each day, just to keep them in their home school district. Those poor kids had to sit on a bus for three hours every day. How their parents managed to turn the kids out so neatly each day amazed me. It was clear they were doing their best to maintain standards and their kid's pride, even if they didn't have a home.

A few of the adults in each motel seemed to have substance or phycological problems which is probably why they ended up there, others seemed very ordinary and just down on their luck. They probably became homeless the way many of us without a lot of savings in the bank could - their job was eliminated, they had medical bills, a fire burned them out, a spouse left them.

All of their belongings and extra clothes had been put into free storage bins by the county when they lost their housing. When the seasons changed before they could find new permanent housing, they were unable to get their winter clothes out as they were not allowed to access the bins until they found a new home. They were very anxious the get some clean and new, warm clothes as it was about this time of year and getting nippy.

I came away quite disturbed by what I had seen and very grateful for my own home and my good luck that I was not living there with them. I hope each found better housing eventually, but decent affordable housing is hard to find on Long Island." Dec 3, 11 6:16 PM

Cyber Attack Targeted Optimum Online Internet Service

Interesting you mention the slowdowns. I've had them too, even called Cablevision twice to complain only to be told they were probably caused by my wireless connection. But, I'm not so sure as the TV picture goes off randomly and IO struggles to change channels sometimes, sticking on the same channel for minutes at a time then jumping forward a dozen when it finally succeeds. Never used to do that. I had to get help from Cablevison to reset it two weeks ago when it wouldn't work at all.

I thought it might be residual damage to the lines from Irene but, it might be cyber attacks. " Dec 3, 11 7:11 PM

New Brand Of Politics In The Future For Southampton Trustees

It's time for you to relax, Bobalooey, or you'll develop an ulcer. The campaign's over.

Highhatsize has it exactly right. Kudos!
" Dec 4, 11 2:04 AM

Southampton Town Board Discusses Historic Preservation Initiatives

Ignoring public objections, Skip Heaney charged the Sebonac developers a $1 million to create a PDD for their golf resort plus the right to demolish the stately mansion on the property, not $500,000. It set the bar for what zone changes cost. Where's the rest of the money?

The developers also gave 40 acres of marshland they couldn't build on as part of the deal. It was valueless to them. Both the marshland and cash were their "public benefit" as a condition for being given the zoning change and the permit to demolish a historically significant structure to build their high end golf resort with memberships starting at 3/4 of a million and a collection of "rental cottages" for nonresident members to stay in when visiting. Chump change for the 1%.

" Dec 8, 11 11:43 AM

Repeat DWI Offender Avoids Jail Time

DePersia should have gotten six months. She might have killed someone. Being sorry is not enough. I know someone who was very sorry too, and that person is doing six months in jail right now. I bet this woman is very well connected. Money talks. Donations to the right politician's campaigns can buy a lot of support." Dec 14, 11 12:49 AM

Discord Erupts Over Shinnecock Vote On Casino Partner's Future

Are you kidding? Southampton's full of degenerate gamblers - only they're called Bankers and Hedge Fund Managers." Dec 15, 11 10:37 AM

Eastport South Manor Middle School Parents Are Ticked Over Curriculum Changes

Challenging all the kids an excellent idea, I fought unsuccessfullly to get mine into gifted courses in SH middle school, which stuck doggedly to some mindless rubic of its own, because they were often bored in their regular classes. Once they entered high school that changed and they could - and did - take every AP course they could. Southampton Middle School ought to be doing the same thing. Its expectations are too low." Dec 19, 11 12:20 PM

Youth, Town Partner Up To Provide Housing, Jobs

I'd like to see an apprenticeship program started wherein a kid could learn a marketable skill from building, plumbing, electric, heating, etc. experts while earning a wage. " Dec 30, 11 1:11 PM

Nassau Police: Hampton Bays Man Shot And Killed After Robbing Seaford Drugstore; Federal Agent Killed

" ... left both he and ... " Grammar police please!" Jan 2, 12 10:15 AM

Eyewitnesses Share Experiences Moments Before Wrong-Way Driver Dies In Head-On Crash On Sunrise Highway In Westhampton

That poor family. Didn't anybody traveling on either side of the Sunrise see a car going the wrong way? There are usually vehicles on that stretch at that hour. The driver went the wrong way "for several miles", so someone should have noticed it or its head or taillights if there was a heavy fog - if its lights were even on. Did no one call the police to report what they saw? A call might not have prevented the accident, but the information might help the police to figure out what happened.

Thanks to all the gallant emergency responders who sped to the scene." Jan 2, 12 10:43 AM

Shinnecocks Want Grave Protection Plan In Place

Known grave sites should be protected and respected, Native American or colonial. They should be marked on surveys so they don't get lost. There's an endangered colonial era family gravesite squashed in the fork of several driveways 100' back from the South side of Jennings Road, which is between North Sea Rd and Scotts Rd. It used to be marked with Rose family stones. I hope it is on the list to get some protection. Last I saw it, it felt as if cars were driving over the poor people's feet. Whoever subdivided that land should have allotted more to the graves and routed the driveways differently. " Jan 6, 12 12:17 PM

Contractor Claims Southampton Councilman Locked Him In Office After Worker Broke Into Home

He's been double dipping ever since he got into office by collecting salaries for two government positions - one of which he said he'd resign if elected when he first ran. He's rarely at town hall, something voters don't know. No loss if he leaves." Jan 10, 12 2:02 PM

Sag Harbor Considers Using Dogs To Deter Drugs At School

It a good idea, as long as they don't warn the students when the dogs will be at the school like Southampton foolishly used to do. If kids think a dog might sniff out their stash, they will be less likely to bring it into school, and that's a good thing." Jan 12, 12 10:02 PM

Bay Street Says Southampton Is Best Option Amid Few Sag Harbor Possibilities

Samuel Parrish's collection stays with the building as both were given to the village, not to a museum entity. The Chase collection was given to the Parrish Art Museum by Mrs Littlejohn, who had been its president for many years. She never dreamed a future board would ever move the museum that she essentially raised from the ashes - it had been closed - and worked so hard to grow into a healthy organization, so she did not think she had to stipulate that her gift stay in the building she loved so much.

She bequeathed it to the Parrish Art Museum believing that the brick building in the park on Jobs Lane WAS the museum, just like the Guggenheim is the bowl shaped building on Fifth Avenue. She would be turning over in her grave if she knew her treasured personal collection was to be taken out of Samuel Parrish's iconic building where she imagined it would always remain. Probably, the intended removal of the Chase collection and the rest of Mrs. Littlejohn's generous gift could be blocked and challenged on the basis of the intent of her gift. " Jan 13, 12 11:43 AM

Southampton High School Unveils Marine Science Wet Lab

This updated marine science lab seems like a good project that will benefit a large number of kids. The money to build the planetarium years ago was money given by the government to be used for Shinnecock students. There's a plaque by the door referring to where the money came from, though neither they or most other students got much use out of the place, and an unpleasant story is connected with room.

A previous superintendent and several staff members told me the money was spent on building a planetarium instead of a swimming pool, as had originally been the intent, because there had been so much flack - including death threats - from bigots in the community who did not want their kids swimming with kids of color. A planetarium seemed a safer, more neutral project to spend the money on.

" Jan 18, 12 10:46 PM

I stand by my statements because they are true - like them or not. " Jan 20, 12 1:18 PM

Pell Refuses To Recuse Himself From East Quogue Dock Application

This should prove interesting." Jan 25, 12 7:38 PM

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