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Tim Bishop Named Distinguished Professor At St. Joseph's College

Shannon Coffin is either an idiot or just another crackpot right wing muck raker with no regard for the truth. By using her own e-mail Hillary broke no laws. At best she showed extremely poor judgement and at worst she showed a premeditated effort to maintain absolute control of e-mail that was not appropriate for her to control. At some level I don't blame her considering all the BS investigations the republicans have put her and Bill through. It does however bring into question if her level of judgement is suitable for a president." Mar 12, 15 10:51 PM

Please ask Mr Coffin to produce the actual law that required Hillary to use .gov e-mail at the time she was SOS. It doesn't exist no matter how much wishful thinking there is on the part of Hillary detractors." Mar 13, 15 1:44 PM

Actually I apologize for calling Mr Coffin an idiot. I went and read Mr Coffin's comments and at no point does he state Hillary broke the law. And the best sentence in the whole thing is "As a result, her emails were at no time during her tenure in office subject to the Federal Records Act."" Mar 13, 15 8:22 PM

Undocumented & Joe - This does not mean I condone what Hillary did. As I stated in my earlier post I believe it showed poor judgement. The problem is the right is so afraid of Hillary that they will say or do anything to try and discredit her and they just come off as desperate. Instead of making up and repeating lies they should focus on facts." Mar 13, 15 8:48 PM

As a Hillary agnostic here's what I think she'll run on: Republicans can't be trusted to be in power because:

*they constantly try to cut programs for the poor while adding entitlements for the rich.
*the last time there was a republican in the White House the country went from a budget surplus to a huge deficit and with the help of Wall Street he crashed the economy of the world.
*they want to repeal the ACA throwing millions of people off medical insurance with no reasonable plan to replace it.
*the economy has come roaring back under democrat leadership. Do you really want to give the republicans another opportunity to tank it?
*the republicans want to ram their religious views down everyone else's throat.
*they want to replace science in schools with religion.
*they will roll back environmental law so the greedy corporations that own them can rape the planet for profit.
*as recent events in the Senate show they can't be trusted with foreign policy.
*etc, etc, etc.

Remember: Democrats don't win elections. Republicans lose them.
" Mar 13, 15 9:57 PM

Pretty much the same I would expect. Keep in mind that this story was first broken by that liberal bastion, the NY Times and has been kept alive in what the right would normally call the liberal press albeit without the factual fabrications we get from the right's talking heads. I suspect this story is not going away soon and that Hillary will have to do some additional damage control." Mar 14, 15 2:38 PM

No, I sometimes vote democrat because it appears to be the lesser of multiple bad options. As for the free stuff, nobody gets more entitlements than the wealthy elite who own both sides of the isle in congress." Mar 14, 15 3:01 PM

Unfortunately the right is equally guilty in all the above." Mar 14, 15 3:09 PM

Highly unlikely. The right just wants to go on a fishing expedition so they can fabricate more nonsense about Hillary. We would all be a lot better off if the right would just tell us exactly what they want to do and why the country would be better off if we let them do it." Mar 14, 15 5:03 PM

Last set of numbers I saw showed top 5% controlled 95% of the wealth while the top 1% controlled 90% of the wealth. Based on that information the top 1% are still not paying their fair share.

Warren Buffett: There's something wrong with a tax system where my secretary pays a larger percentage of her income in taxes than I do." Mar 15, 15 12:10 PM

Forget about the emails. The right should just tell us what they will do if they are allowed to run the country and then explain to us why the country would be better off. The problem is that the right, so far has nothing to offer. No platform that will hold up to scrutiny so instead they grasp at straws and try to turn nothing into a scandal." Mar 15, 15 12:20 PM

Amagansett Man Dies In Single-Car Accident

Having through something similar personally I can tell you the tragedy has just begun. When our son died it nearly destroyed his mother. It took almost ten years before she began to return to being the person she was. A mother should never have to bury a child. My heart and prayers go out to the family." Mar 16, 15 8:20 AM

Officials Concerned About Plan To Pull Desk Officer At State Police Barracks In Riverside

Interesting. We have the SHTP, the RHTP and for some investigations the SCPD and yet, according to elected officials, the people of Riverside need the State Police to "feel a sense of security". The duplication of services is costing the taxpayers fortune. Perhaps we could just get rid of the SHTP and contract with the state and save a ton of money." Mar 16, 15 11:36 AM

You're by far closer than anything East of SH village." Mar 16, 15 8:20 PM

You eliminate the multiple bureaucracies and the costs associated with them not to mention the ridiculous salaries and pensions of local police." Mar 16, 15 8:25 PM

You would have to contract with the state for local coverage and the state would have to provide additional coverage." Mar 16, 15 8:32 PM

East Hampton Airport Opponents' Lawsuit Dismissed By Appellate Court

adlk... - Please read #'s 6 & 7 above. Solusipse offers some posssible solutions." Mar 19, 15 8:01 AM

UPDATE: Attorney for Owner of Destroyed Mansion in East Hampton Says Fire Was Horrible Accident

Wasn't really hearsay. There were numerous people on site who knew the fire was started by the flashing worker's torch. Keep in mind the soldering irons used by flashing mechanics still have an open flame. Very sad. It was a beautiful old house.

The good news:
*Nobody hurt.
*House was under renovation so hopefully most of the owner's valuable possession's were out of the building. (speculation)

Also a hats off to fire departments. Tough road. Narrow. Hard to manuver trucks. They ran two hoses about a quater mile to intersection with Lilly Pond La so they could off load tankers.

Old, dry wood/open flame/high winds = bad combination." Mar 20, 15 11:37 AM

UPDATE: Wednesday Afternoon Crash On County Road 39 Caused By Driver Who Fell Asleep

"when does all this development starting actually "lowering my taxes" like all the pro-development people keep saying ??"

Keep drinking the Kool-Aid. Development raises taxes - doesn't lower them. Keep your hand on your wallet and wait for the tugging sensation." Mar 20, 15 11:42 AM

Tim Bishop Named Distinguished Professor At St. Joseph's College

Z - I think you'll have to give folks a little bit of time to get up to speed on that one. Most probably think it's a secret cousin to the dreaded PDD.

Also where's Philly? He should weigh in on that one. Who is he now?" Mar 20, 15 11:59 AM

Fish Farm Idea Floated For Ocean Off South Fork

The concept has been around for some time. Glad to see someone is trying to move it into production. It will be interesting to see how well it works and if it can be a viable business model." Mar 20, 15 12:14 PM

Based on the large amount of money involved in getting this thing going I'm sure the investors will do their due diligence and take their chances only if they see it being a viable venture." Mar 21, 15 9:30 AM

Southampton Village Starbucks Slated To Open In Late May

There was a discussion of adding a second level to the village municipal lot when I was in high school and that was 4 decades ago. " Apr 2, 15 8:04 PM

Southampton Looks To License Garbage Collectors

Just another unnecessary expansion of government. First it's the fees on the carters, and yes it's OK if we push the little one or two truck guys out of business, then it's"we need more money to hire more officers to enforce the unnecessary license law we passed". " Apr 4, 15 5:03 PM

Hampton Bays Ku Klux Klan Member Claims Town Police Harrassed Him

So much for freedom of religion and free speech...." Apr 6, 15 12:15 PM

ATT Will Test Tower Site Off Spinney Road In East Quogue

Don't worry. Once the NIMBYs, BANANAs, LULUs and NOPEs come out of the woodwork this will get tied up for months past the existing lease deadline. Then without cell service East Quogue will be a much quieter and more peaceful place. " Apr 6, 15 12:23 PM

Hampton Bays Ku Klux Klan Member Claims Town Police Harrassed Him

Thanks for clearing that up....." Apr 7, 15 1:29 PM

Tim Bishop Named Distinguished Professor At St. Joseph's College

"Anarchy is not freedom. Civilization has it's price, and that price is rules and regulations." Apr 7, 15 1:55 PM

"Anarchy is not freedom. Civilization has it's price, and that price is rules and regulations." See Mr.Z's comment above." Apr 7, 15 1:57 PM

Hampton Bays Ku Klux Klan Member Claims Town Police Harrassed Him

But those consequences should not include arrest by the police for that speech.
" Apr 7, 15 7:26 PM

Hampton Bays School Board Looks At Moderate Increase In Spending

The solution is very simple. Vote NO on the school budgets and elect people to the board who actually know the value of a dollar and who understand the money they're spending isn't theirs to spend. Wake up folks. This is your fault. Mr Luce isn't trying to hide anything. He plainly states his plan is to raise taxes the maximum amount every year. Get off your lazy behinds on school budget voting day and vote NO!!!" Apr 7, 15 7:48 PM

Tim Bishop Named Distinguished Professor At St. Joseph's College

Agreed. But the right also believes in crazy rules and regulations. It's how they keep the playing field skewed. The trick is to find a candidate who believes in reasonable rules and regulations. The problem is that candidate can't get thru either parties primary and America burns while both parties pursue their dogma instead of doing what is best for the country. " Apr 7, 15 8:02 PM

Hmmm. That's interesting. Hit submit and it shows up 7 times???" Apr 7, 15 8:06 PM

UPDATE: One Transported To Stony Brook After Cave-In At Water Mill Construction Site

Something is missing from this story. Getting buried to your waist would only be a serious problem if it were concrete or you were upside down." Apr 7, 15 8:18 PM

If you're buried to your waist the trench has already collapsed. What could first responders do that the crew already on site couldn't? And what did the ANG do? Was there a sinkhole and they lowered a sling to get him out? Quicksand maybe? There's still something missing from this story." Apr 7, 15 8:44 PM

All of your points are valid and reinforce my one and only simple original point that there is something missing from this story." Apr 8, 15 9:21 AM

Westhampton Beach Robotics Team Hit Goal, Will Compete In World Championship

Congradulations Team! Well done!" Apr 10, 15 12:48 PM

Hampton Bays Ku Klux Klan Member Claims Town Police Harrassed Him

And a handbill not advertising for a fee service or chattel is a form of speech." Apr 10, 15 12:52 PM

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