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Zeldin Blasts Obama For Putting Politics Before Policy In Iran Nuclear Talks

razza - No I personally will not be donating money to the Clinton Foundation but then again I am not being forced to and neither are you. On the other hand your claim that 90% of the money goes into the pockets of the Clintons and their cronies just doesn't hold up to scrutiny. When a simple delivery of services charity like Heffier International takes my money, buys a cow and gives it to a person in another country it is easy to follow the money, deduct overhead and deduce what percentage of my money went directly to aid. The Clinton Foundation(CF) doesn't work that way. One initiative I am somewhat familiar with the CF partnered with other NFPs and FPs to build an enterprise park in Hati. So to do this they had to aquire land and get permissions from basically a country that is corrupt at every level. Then they had to build an infrastructure and then the park and then get buisnesses to come in and open there. So was there a lot of traveling going on? Yes. Was there a lot of back room brokering going on? I'm sure there was. Did the businesses that came there come to make a profit? Absolutly. But the people that work there now have jobs that they didn't have before and they can work their own way to a better life. So can you now directly track the dollar going into the CF to the hands of those people? No you can't because there was no direct hand out. Did some other people make money along the way? I certianly hope so because that will incentivize them to do it again. And hopefully again and again and again so that I don't have to keep giving money to Heffier so they can keep giving away cows. The right should be thrilled with this model for a foundation. It promotes capitalism at all levels. It's market based and gets people off handouts. The real reason the right is piling on this is because they hate the Clintons. They hate the Clintons for being successful. And they REALLY hate the Clintons because they have been successful while the right has ABSOLUTLY NOTHING to offer as an alternative. " Apr 29, 15 12:22 PM

Bernie Sanders is the Scott Walker of the Democrat party. He hasn't got a chance in hell of becoming president." Apr 29, 15 12:28 PM

razza - more truth:
1. Yes. 6.4% direct aid. We know that. The Clinton Foundation(CF) does not work like a typical direct aid charity. See Hati example from my post above.
2. Charity Navigator did not refuse to give the CF a rating. They dropped the CF saying they were unable to give it a rating based on the CF's model. Direct quote from CN's website: We had previously evaluated this organization, but have since determined that this charity's atypical business model can not be accurately captured in our current rating methodology. Our removal of The Clinton Foundation from our site is neither a condemnation nor an endorsement of this charity.
3. "Times went on to say she hid a 2.35 million from the head of the Russian GVT's Uranium company" Google was unable to verify this.
4. Yes, Bill got $500K per speech. Compare this to the $1million Regan got after leaving office atleast 12 years earlier. Based on the offered logic if Clinton is corrupt than Reagen must have been a despot.
5. Tony had a position as a board member for a short period of time with said company and has not been on their board in quite some time. Additionally as the Post article states the mining permit was granted before Tony became a member of the board. Did Bill & Hillary hand out taxpayer dollars or CF dollars? You seem to have switched which organization you are attacking. At no time was the mining company ever a Rodham owned company.
6. This story seems to come from an article in the NY Times. Yes it appears she did not abide by an agreement she made with the Obama administration.
7. Times did not claim any such thing. Takeover was approved by the state department as well as the Canadian government and other entities. Hillary's signiture is not on it.
8. No information here to check. What company, how much, how was this related to state department business?
9. They are refiling because an error was made when grants and donations were lumped together and reported as a single number. They should have been reported separately. The actual totals were reported correctly.
10. Yes they get paid a lot of money to speak as do many others. Your point is?
11. And this means what in relation to the bashing of the Clintons.

In the end all you have is partial truths and misdirections, and unsubstantiated allegations by right wing hacks. I would be far more impressed if you also expressed your disdain for those on the right doing pretty much the same thing. But then again this is not about the abusses of power of the well connected is it? It's simply about bashing the Clintons because unless the right can find a candidate that actually has something to offer, Hillary will likely be the next president of the United States and the right's heads are going to explode if another liberal democrat takes the presidency." Apr 29, 15 2:41 PM

Please identify said charity. Without that information this is just more sour grapes." Apr 29, 15 2:44 PM

I have no problem with the model the Clinton Foundation uses for projects like the one descibed above in Haiti. As explained above it does not result in direct aid to individuals but does hopefully result in permanent jobs for many. Let me give you the scenario again: In a poor, rural part of the world there is a population of able bodied workers but no jobs, no infrastructure and no education. In a different part of the world there is a company that needs workers to assemble widgets but there are no workers available. In steps the Clinton Foundation. They partner with a for profit development company and aquaire land and build industrial space. To get the permits they need from the various levels of sometimes corrupt government they hire former goverment officials, do a lot of shmozing and give some somewhat shady characters some small amount of legitimacy. Now they need an infrastructure so again another partnership. The work to get another NGO to provide schools and at long last find that company wanting to assemble widgets and convince them that coming to this broken down part of the world is a chance worth taking. So now people can get these jobs making widgets and hopefully this will better their lives. Perhaps an industrious soul among the workers will save their money and decide to open a sandwich shop next to the widget factory using the now available electricity to provide cold drinks. This is how a local economy can be kickstarted. It's capitalism at it's best. But the scenario shows no money going to direct aid. Why? Because there are no handouts, only a hand up. So yes I support the model." Apr 29, 15 3:16 PM

As for all the alleged corruption, please show me some proof. Not a bunch of unsubstantiated allegations by a bunch of intelectually dishonest right wing talking heads. Show me something you can take into a court and get a conviction. The Clintons are the most investigated family in the country. The republicans have spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars investigating and trying to convict them of all kinds of bogus garbage without ever once succeeding. And now because they have been unable to convict them of anything in a real court the right just continually repeats lies and innuendo to try and convict them in the court of public opinion. Keep repeating the lies often enough and you will get a certain group of ignorant people to believe them. This is commonly known as the republican base." Apr 29, 15 5:02 PM

razza -
1. Yes you did site several credible sources but unfortunately you didn't actually check those sources to see what they actually said. Instead you quoted dishonest right wing talking points sites which put forward false information and attributed it to said credible sites. I refuted your "facts" in my post "more truth"" above.
2. Should some large group of people slander Jeb Bush in these posts I would hold them to the same level of accountability for their statements.
3. At no point did I say I would give money to the Clinton Foundation. In fact, 5 posts above I specificly said I would not be giving money to the CF.
4. I am sorry my widgets story made no sense to you. I thought it was a fairly good analogy for how some of the CF initatives work.
5. No one is requiring you, me or anyone else to donate to the CF.
6. Thank you for your recomendation. I have a few charities which I deal with. Heftier International and Doctors Without Borders are among my favorites. They are not changing the world but I think they make a difference.

As interesting as this has been, perhaps we could get away from the Clintons for awhile and you could post on something the right is actually offering that would be of a benefit for the country as a whole. Or maybe a post on which of the republican candidates you believe would be a good challanger for Hilary and why. I would enjoy that discussion and you might even find I am not the liberal you think I am." Apr 30, 15 9:22 PM

1. We will have to agree to disagree on this.
2. Time will tell.
3. What I said was I have no problem with the model that creates the measured 6.4% direct contribution scenario.
4. I see the value of the model and you don't. Once again we will have to disagree on this.
5. Once again, show me the corruption.
6. Great!
7. The election process is basically a debate between the parties and candidates. In the end the electorate decides who won the debate so it is hardly a waste of time. I too find the two party system to be corrupt but I am sitting on the fence as to weither I would prefer a full open democracy or a return to the original electoral college. I would prefer ZERO entitlements and a flat tax. I think we differ here in that I would eliminate entitlements for the wealty and the corporations first and then work my way down instead of starting with and ending with the poor. I would love to see the size of the government reduced by ⅓ in the next 5 years. Reign in the Defense Dept and totally revamp Social Security. Unfortunately a candidate who would do any of the above could not make it thru the nominating process of either party so I am once again stuck with the task of selecting the person who I believe will do the least amount of damage. Since you don't want to pick names, I'll pick 2 from the right who, of those who appear to be running, I think might have a slim chance of beating Hilary. Marco Rubio may have a message that sells. Too early to tell. Jeb Bush. If he is the right's candidate it will just be about who does the electorate hate/distrust more.

" May 1, 15 11:01 AM

Hampton Bays Citizens Group Targeting Another Illegally Converted Motel

The real problem is the violations and summonses amount to nothing more than the cost of doing business. Code Enforcement comes, writes a few things down and off they go and nothing changes. How about this: Code Enforcement comes, a citation is issued and the premises has to be imediatly vacated. If the occupants have no place to go they can be put up by the town for up to sixty days with the costs plus a service fee assessed as a tax lien against the property. If the occupants are upset enough they can sue the owners in civil court for breach of contract. If the laws had some teeth the problem would come to an end. " May 1, 15 11:45 AM

So your logic is that unless people are allowed to develop property any way they want regardless of zoning, the community is doomed to illegal use of existing properties. Using that logic we should just get rid of zoning, building inspectors and building codes. Hell, while we're at it let's just get rid of cops and laws also. Then the economy should really be booming!" May 3, 15 4:10 PM

This may come as a suprise to you chief but the building industry is booming. It's not actually needed to approve every PDD and variance to keep the building industry going. There is so much work companies are coming from Connecticut and New Jersey to work here. I'm not saying stop all construction, i'm saying build and use property within the zoning code. If you don't like the zoning code then have the discussion and work to have it changed. Unlike Queen Anna I don't endorse the conncept of turning Southampton into Levittown East. What's happening here is that thru the use of PDDs and variances, the Queen and friends are bypassing zoing all for the excesive additional profit of developers. It's basically the same thing Obama is doing with immigration. Don't like the laws, just go around them by royal fiat." May 7, 15 7:55 AM

Zeldin Blasts Obama For Putting Politics Before Policy In Iran Nuclear Talks

Please site the source of your information...." May 7, 15 8:45 AM

Democrats See Strong Challenge For Congress With Throne-Holst On Ticket

So this fully explains the passage of every PDD and pro development proposal to cross the town board. It wasn't about her new real estate career, it was about money for her congresional campaign. Local Dems shouldn't be so thrilled with their choice. She's an unknown once she's out of the local area and the locals are fully aware she sold us out for money. She's not even a democrat. I don't see her inspiring anyone." May 29, 15 9:55 AM

Simple, repubs would be expected to vote with the developers, Bender is ATH's patsy. There ya go: super majority." May 29, 15 3:14 PM

You are correct. They should be held accountable in the next cycle." May 29, 15 4:16 PM

Spurned Sagaponack Developers Plant Trees Blocking View

And now they can get free money from the Peconic Land Trust to help with their Xmas tree farm." May 29, 15 4:22 PM

Bunker Die-Off Investigated In Peconic River, Reeves Bay In Flanders

My memories also. First house my parents had in Southampton had belonged to an old fishing family. The lady of the house had an amazing garden fertilized by the unmarketable fish in the family nets. Also the driveway and walks were crushed clam, scallop and oyster shell. A different time when we didn't just throw things in the dump." May 30, 15 8:14 PM

Bicyclist Injured On Highway Exit Ramp In Hampton Bays Friday Afternoon

Think I'm with VOS on this one. Rider was probably on the shoulder heading down towards the diner. Had to cross the ramp. Better reporting would be helpful." May 30, 15 8:31 PM

King Kullen May Be Out Of Tuckahoe Project; Vote Still Weeks Away

How's this for an idea: The voters should go to the next round of meet the candidates meetings and ask all town board / supervisor candidates if they will sign a commitment to propose and vote for a new law requiring that any PDD passed by the board must then be approved by the voters during the next general or school budget vote before it can take effect. Anyone who won't sign that commitment should not be elected. I cannot take credit for this idea but I do strongly endorse it. Any thoughts?" May 31, 15 3:11 PM

Jay Schneiderman Will Run For Southampton Town Supervisor

So true.

A friend used to say "Politicians think of the next election, a statesman thinks of the next generation"." May 31, 15 3:15 PM

In an ideal world you might be right but in reality the incumbants have so rigged the system that it's more difficult to get rid of one of them then than an incompetent tenured teacher. Every aspect of the system is rigged against upsetting those in power, elected and not. Term limits at least force those commited to staying in office to run hard on a past record for a new office. Eliminates the comfort of having a "tenured" position. " May 31, 15 3:29 PM

Southampton GOP Selects Richard Yastrzemski For Supervisor, Scalera And Hagan For Town Board

How's this for an idea: The voters should go to the next round of meet the candidates meetings and ask all town board / supervisor candidates if they will sign a commitment to propose and vote for a new law requiring that any PDD passed by the board must then be approved by the voters during the next general or school budget vote before it can take effect. Anyone who won't sign that commitment should not be elected. I cannot take credit for this idea but I do strongly endorse it. Any thoughts?" May 31, 15 3:36 PM

Democrats Name Southampton Town Candidates; Lofstad, Bouvier Join Schneiderman On Ballot

How's this for an idea: The voters should go to the next round of meet the candidates meetings and ask all town board / supervisor candidates if they will sign a commitment to propose and vote for a new law requiring that any PDD passed by the board must then be approved by the voters during the next general or school budget vote before it can take effect. Anyone who won't sign that commitment should not be elected. I cannot take credit for this idea but I do strongly endorse it. Any thoughts?" May 31, 15 3:44 PM

Southampton GOP Selects Richard Yastrzemski For Supervisor, Scalera And Hagan For Town Board

We do need a representative government. Got any idea where to find one?" May 31, 15 6:04 PM

Southampton School District Is Exploring Options For A New Administration Building

Let's see, if everybody gets their own 12' x 12' office ,that's office space for 110 people. Just how many people work for the administration?" Jun 9, 15 8:46 PM

This story sure got buried in a hurry." Jun 10, 15 7:35 PM

Southampton Town Considers Changing Turning Rules At Flying Point Intersections

The problem is easy to fix. Put CR 39 back to one lane each direction with shoulders and push the traffic back onto Sunrise were it belongs." Jun 14, 15 5:01 PM

Report Shows A Key Role For Immigrants In The Economy

Interesting piece of propaganda. What the report actually says is that most of those contributions were made by legal immigrants with professional degrees and mostly in Nassau. This shamful article would have you believe the illegals who jumped the boarder were the ones making the contribution when all responsible economic evidence shows they cost they lower the quality of life for the average american worker." Jun 20, 15 11:34 PM

Southampton Town CPF Might Purchase Concer Property In Village

Yet another misuse of CPF funds. " Jun 21, 15 12:08 AM

Several Deer From Experimental Sterilization Program Die After Miscarriages

Open the bow hunting season year round." Jun 21, 15 4:48 PM

County Calls For Federal Assistance Following Second Bunker Die-Off

Great. Local polititians screw things up by catering to development intrests and then ask the feds for a bailout. I'm sure the folks around the country will be thrilled to know their tax dollars are going to fix the damage done by the Hampton's McMansions and other irresponsible land use." Jun 24, 15 7:22 PM

Southampton Looks Toward Greener Future With Energy Incentives

While the above is a good first step, residences would benefit far more from a PACE type program then they will from the town helping solar companies getting new business. If the STB can't get Bellone to respond quickly they could put in place their own program using their bonding ability to fund the program. This isn't a new idea, it's been floating around for years. While they're at it, they could put some pressure on or state reps to get a law passed for unrestricted net metering." Jun 24, 15 7:56 PM

Southampton Town To Consider New Formula To Reduce House Size

Linking building size to a percentage of lot size is probably the most inteligent zoning idea I've ever seen come out of Town Hall. It could even be improved on by taking away the review boards ability to overide the restrictions." Jun 24, 15 8:08 PM

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