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County Calls For Federal Assistance Following Second Bunker Die-Off

Great. Local polititians screw things up by catering to development intrests and then ask the feds for a bailout. I'm sure the folks around the country will be thrilled to know their tax dollars are going to fix the damage done by the Hampton's McMansions and other irresponsible land use." Jun 24, 15 7:22 PM

Southampton Looks Toward Greener Future With Energy Incentives

While the above is a good first step, residences would benefit far more from a PACE type program then they will from the town helping solar companies getting new business. If the STB can't get Bellone to respond quickly they could put in place their own program using their bonding ability to fund the program. This isn't a new idea, it's been floating around for years. While they're at it, they could put some pressure on or state reps to get a law passed for unrestricted net metering." Jun 24, 15 7:56 PM

Southampton Town To Consider New Formula To Reduce House Size

Linking building size to a percentage of lot size is probably the most inteligent zoning idea I've ever seen come out of Town Hall. It could even be improved on by taking away the review boards ability to overide the restrictions." Jun 24, 15 8:08 PM

Southampton Volunteer Ambulance Headquarters Now A 'Safe Haven' Location

SVA is rarely unmanned. The volunteers do a lot more than just answering calls. Between training, officers duties, maintinance, etc, etc,etc, there is more often than not someone around. And don't forget the paid day staff." Jun 29, 15 4:31 PM

UPDATE: Town Police Searching For Woman Who Robbed Hampton Bays Bank

So why isn't there a picture of this woman with the article? Did the bank not have cameras or is the STPD giving her a 2 week head start." Jun 29, 15 4:35 PM

Cuomo Signs Law Aimed To Prevent Sexual Assaults On College Campuses

I'm surprised sexual assault wasn't illegal before this." Jul 8, 15 2:11 PM

Zeldin: Anti-Semitism On The Rise In United States

Perhaps what is happening is that the kids in school today are young enough that they look at WW2, the Korean War and Vietnam as history. Because of that they don't buy into the line that anyone who points out something wrong with what a Jew or Israel is doing is automatically an anti-semite. Instead they are aware of world events and they see Israel as routinely engaged in genocide and crimes against humanity, all the while backed in their actions by the government of the USofA. All these problems started in the 40's when, with the help of the West, the zionists stole a country.Since that time there has been a continuing pattern of theft and ethnic cleansing by Israel. When the Palestinians fight back they are called terrorists. When Israel murders children in their beds they are just protecting themselves. In 2003 Bush used the excuse that Iraq had not complied with 3 UN mandates as reason to invade and bomb the country. Meanwhile, the last time I looked, Israel had not complied with more than 60 and the US had vetoed many more for them. Based on the Bush (and US Congress) logic for attacking Iraq, Israel should be a smoking hole in the ground but of course that will never happen since Washington is run from Tel Aviv and any politician who speaks out will find his career over in a heart beat. And now we have Lee Zeldin, wanting to make it illegal to think or speak of the crimes of Israel and the Zionists. 1984, here we come." Jul 8, 15 2:49 PM

Zeldin: Anti-Semitism On The Rise In United States

Sorry Razza. Didn't get to see your reply before it was censored." Jul 10, 15 11:11 AM

UPDATE: County Road 39 Reopened; PSEG Working To Restore Lost Power

Sorry Chief but this happened on a 4 lane section of the highway. Perhaps had the highway still been 2 lanes with a shoulder on each side the accident, like so many others on 39, would not have happened." Jul 10, 15 11:31 AM

Zeldin: Anti-Semitism On The Rise In United States

Biba - Thank you for the many suggestions on reading material. I have a couple for you: Against Our Better Judgement by Alison Weir. It's about how the CIA and State Dept and others all warned that supporting the idea of Israel has not in the best interests of the United States and how the wholly owned subsidiaries of the Zionists, commonly known as Congress overrode those concerns. You can also search Google or YouTube for "USS Liberty". A US Navy vessel which Israel attacked, killing 32 sailors and injuring 170 others while the ship was monitoring Israeli military activity in 1967. The attack was later covered up with the help of LBJ and Robert McNamara, among others. The survivors of the attack have since been referred to as jerks by none other than John McCain when they demanded an investigation." Jul 13, 15 2:39 PM

And now we have both Lee Zeldin and Hilary Clinton wanting to make it illegal to question the actions of Israel. What strange bed fellows Zionist money makes." Jul 13, 15 2:49 PM

July 2: In a letter to pro-Netanyahu billionaire Haim Saban which was made public, Hillary Clinton denounced human rights activists and BDS supporters who are working to end Israel's illegal settlements and occupation. So much for the 2 state solution not to the mention her endorsement of censorship.
" Jul 13, 15 7:51 PM

Hampton Bays Village Exploration Pushes Ahead With Incorporation Plans

HB shouldn't take it personally. The SHT Board hasn't been looking out for anyone except themselves and the developers. The real solution is not to add another expensive layer of government but to instead throw the bums out and put all new blood in town hall." Jul 14, 15 8:56 AM

Zeldin: Anti-Semitism On The Rise In United States

Lots of people have been fighting for equality, justice and the right to live all their lives and they haven't used it as an excuse to steal someone else's home or livelihood.

No, the Zionists don't strap bombs to their children. They strap them to the bottom of US supplied F-16s and drop them on other people's children.

Are the Israelis sick and tired of this? I'm sure they are. I'm sure they wish everyone would just go away and ignore their theft and genocide but I don't think it's going happen.

Your justification of Israeli actions is the same justification Hammas has for theirs. The difference is the Israelis have the U.S. to run interference for them and protect them at the UN when the world condemns their actions.

The problem is that since it's cheaper to buy a congressman than a Cadillac we can't get a rational policy in Washington towards Israel's actions and as long as things remain that way more American soldiers will die. I frankly don't believe Israel is worth one more American life." Jul 15, 15 7:54 PM

Southampton Town Approves Road Improvements For CPI Project

and who is paying for the road changes Ms Holst? Will this be another gift to the developers at taxpayer expense?" Jul 15, 15 8:40 PM

Study: Riverside Footbridge Would Cost Double Original Projections

Let's see: If it's 6' wide thats $827.00 per square foot or roughly the same price per foot as a Hampton's McMansion. Another way to look at it would be that it's a little less than double what Southampton Village is paying for their new ambulance building. Perhaps the towns should have published their budget and asked for proposals." Jul 15, 15 9:44 PM

Zeldin: Anti-Semitism On The Rise In United States

And this has what to do with Zeldin (& Hilary) endorsing censorship?" Jul 16, 15 5:56 PM

Hampton Bays Diner Closes After 30 Years

Tough crowd!" Jul 17, 15 2:25 PM

UPDATE: Man Who Fled Scene Of East Hampton Village Accident Turns Himself In

Forget it folks, he's an illegal and long gone." Jul 17, 15 2:29 PM

That he's illegal? - No. That he's long gone? - Yes. Guess the lawyer he called from the "Bilingual" told him not to worry. The courts here are toothless if you're illegal and don't have a license, registration or insurance." Jul 18, 15 7:22 PM

East Hampton Airport Curfew Violations Climb In Second Week

For the corporate jets, the fines are just part of the cost of doing business and a tax write off. For many of those who arrive by those jets the fines represent just a few minutes income verses sitting in traffic for three hours. It's not really about being above the law, it's just a simple financial decision." Jul 18, 15 7:48 PM

Zeldin: Anti-Semitism On The Rise In United States

Now there's an interesting piece of revisionist history." Jul 21, 15 8:03 PM

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